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  1. DenMan24

    My football Wants With 2012 Bowman/Score/Prestige/Topps traders.

    Hi, I have 55 of the 1989 Pro Set you listed: 378.394.396.436.437.455.460.461.482.518.520.522. 530.536.538 Looking for anyone in my sig. Thanks
  2. DenMan24

    PSA/DNA question-Is it worth it?

    I think it would be worth it. You could always start with the most popular players and work your way through as time/spare cash permits. I think the process is slow enough that a few at a time won't hurt the wallet too much. There used to be - I only say used to be because I couldn't easily...
  3. DenMan24

    Ever get asked to check someones old cards...

    Wouldn't it be nice to be "Mr. Mint" for a day or two? Is that guy even around anymore?
  4. DenMan24

    Ever get asked to check someones old cards...

    Sure it's happened to many of you - someone hears you collect and then pulls out the old box of cards. You end up explaining how condition is important, etc. Happened recently where a father still had his kids cards. Mostly mid-70s Topps and a lot of 90s hockey. What was funny was the story...
  5. DenMan24

    When is a good time to stop?

    Wow, what a timely thread... I'm easing myself back in after the better part of a 2 year break. Just got to the point where I bought too much which overwhelmed my obsessive need to organize, categorize, etc. Sometimes its also a good thing when other priorities take over as well like family or...
  6. DenMan24

    Check Out This Sick AP Auto!

    I love the part where he says "POSSIBLY THE GREATEST CARD EVER MADE!"
  7. DenMan24

    Excel Sorting Help

    Have you tried: right clicking on the column header with the numbers, select format cells and in the number tab, select number and set the decimal to 0. Now try sorting on that column.