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  1. krunchtyme

    Mark Wing's Condition Guide

    Very Fair Guide
  2. krunchtyme

    I trade from my site

    My site has the stuff for trade. If it has a price, I can't trade that, but everything with no price or under $1 is for trade.
  3. krunchtyme

    Carolina Panthers Autographs obtained a mini camp

    As a season ticket holder and North Carolina resident myself and others in the area have been able to attend various events, games and training camp. So here are a few items that a LCS picked up recently...
  4. krunchtyme

    For Sale - 2015 Topps Heritage Set 1-500 (w/Short Prints), Trout, etc..

    Comes in Binder. Photos available. Some photos can be viewed at Asking $250.00 obo
  5. krunchtyme

    1974-75 Hockey FS/FT

    More added.
  6. krunchtyme

    Combined '60's and '70's Baseball Want and Trade Lists

    I have a LCS that has a ton of Vintage, Unfortunately in order to get it, I have to buy it. If interested, here are some 1965's I located for someone else. LMK if interested. I can possibly...
  7. krunchtyme

    Wanted: 1954 Topps in EXMT or better

    My local store had some 54's in stock, if you want to send a wantlist. I look for cards for others too. Unfortunately, I would have to buy from the LCS, or I could front the money and trade for something I could sell. Keeps my wife happy that way!!! LOL LMK I go to the shop on Weds.
  8. krunchtyme

    Vintage Needs 1960-72; willing to take lower condition

    Ok.. I may have a few personal ones that I can trade. I'd be willing to trade for baseball (refractors, prizm, memorabilia) if interested. Thansk Rich
  9. krunchtyme

    1974-75 Hockey FS/FT

    If interested, please check the cards at ( I try to add cards every night. I would like to trade Vintage Hockey for Vintage Football, but newer Cowboys is cool. I'm pretty easy. Been a member for a long time, but do most of my stuff on another...
  10. krunchtyme

    Vintage Needs 1960-72; willing to take lower condition

    I have access to a ton of these through a local card shop, but it would have to be for sale only. I have pics of 1965's on my site. I do have some vintage for trade as well. I collect football mainly. If you have vintage football or even on-sports vintage that would be cool. Thanke Rich
  11. krunchtyme

    Huge Refractor Lot $20 dlvd

    Neeman..You willing to drop the price? Or take trade bait in trade?
  12. krunchtyme

    Gold, refractors, and serial # for trade.

    I have a Limas Sweed Stadium Club rookie Jsy 2008 serial numbered 7/10. I also have some other Rookie cards, Emmitt Smith, and newer for trade. I rade for large lots of base/near base. Refractors of commons are not anywhere near book value. Let Me know if we can work something out.
  13. krunchtyme

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS from 1977 to current for trade

    Next Team?????? BEARS - Working on second batch of 300 with ToyCar, Packers and Vikings are limited.....Anyone need Raiders, Bengals, Browns.....?
  14. krunchtyme

    Want to trade your team for any combination of the following Team/players

    Packers, Vikings and Bears went out in bulk. I might have 100 of the Packers and Vikings. Lions cards go back to the 70's Not sure how many from the last couple of years.
  15. krunchtyme

    Tons of Football Base Cards to Trade

    Would you be interested in a few hundred Seahawks for a few hundred Cowboys? Any years, any players just no more than two of any specific card unless its approved first...?
  16. krunchtyme

    Anyone interested in any of the following Game Used FS/FT of some future HOFers

    OK, most of these guys have a great shot (except Johnathan Franklin, Mike Anderson and Fleener) lol Redskins 2004 Fleer Genuine Genuine Article Clinton Portis BV $12.00 2007 Prestige Prestigious Pros (Red) Clinton Portis BV $8.00 (Have two) 2009 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads...
  17. krunchtyme

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS from 1977 to current for trade

    Bears gone....Which Team is next?
  18. krunchtyme

    Book Value HELP

    Beckett has it $5.00 to $10.00 but you can get it on COMC for $1.05
  19. krunchtyme

    Thread closed--cards gone

    Interested in Dallas Cowboys, Drew Brees and other single players (Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, Gronk, refractors, ...)
  20. krunchtyme

    SEATTLE SEAHAWKS from 1977 to current for trade

    Dale, I'm ready for 300 Bears for 300 Cowboys when ever you are. I have more Bears, I just haven't got to those boxes yet!. Let me know and we can kick in into the trade manager.