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  1. 3greyhounds

    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Posted, Jack, and thanks!
  2. 3greyhounds

    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Jack, if those are the micros (about the size of a stamp), I can use them - BVs are $2 each on the '92s, $1.50 on the '93. I have the I-Rod ($4) pulled for you - need something else to even it out so I can get all three? Thanks, Dan
  3. 3greyhounds

    Welcome to the New Bench!

    Not just a sticky - we should Gorilla Glue it! :cool:
  4. 3greyhounds

    set complete

    one more card...
  5. 3greyhounds

    Topps Online Offerings

    I was able to get Finest Flashbacks (what a nice set that is!) and have gotten a couple Project 2020 and Topps Now cards, but the bulk of my buying is still from the (not-so-local) LCS.
  6. 3greyhounds

    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Works for me - I'll post. Thanks for the trade!
  7. 3greyhounds

    WTTF Cal Ripken I don't yet have

    Ed, I sent you an email - easier that way. Thanks, Dan Have the blue Starquest, need the red and the other two. What can I dig up for you? Still need the two minis? Thanks, Dan
  8. 3greyhounds

    COMPLETE!!!!!2020 Topps Chrome Set needs

    Billy, I have #169 to finish you off - need #195 to finish me off! PWE trade OK with me. PLMK, thanks, Dan
  9. 3greyhounds

    2019 and 2020 Topps Chrome Pink refractors

    I have 2020 #s 43 and 47. Looking for help with this 2020 Chrome: Future Stars: FS18 Means Otherwise, Ripkens/Poseys/Goldschmidts. PLMK, thanks, Dan
  10. 3greyhounds

    set complete

    Trade posted, Ray. Thanks for the help!
  11. 3greyhounds

    2020 Topps Chrome-Set Complete

    Confirmed and thanks for the trade!
  12. 3greyhounds

    set complete

    Hi Ray, I have a #49 base. Also have sepia refractors 49 (Arozarena), 135 (Flaherty), 178 (DeJong) and 180 (Mikolas). PLMK, thanks, Dan
  13. 3greyhounds

    WTTF 2013 Topps Heritage Card #41

    Dale, I have one - want to work it into our current trade? Thanks, Dan
  14. 3greyhounds

    2020 Topps Chrome-Set Complete

    Hi Benny, I have the DOD-13 Rodriguez. Can use any help on my Chrome needs here: PLMK, thanks, Dan
  15. 3greyhounds

    set complete

    Got it posted, Dale. Thanks!
  16. 3greyhounds

    set complete

    Set complete - have lots for trade: FOR TRADE: Base: ask, have a bunch Refractors/Prism Refractors/Sepia Refractors - ask '85 Topps: 3 Soto WAS, 5 Lux LAD, 7 Ohtani ANA, 10 Luzardo OAK, 11 Jimenez CWS, 13 McKay TB, 14 Puk OAK, 15 Yelich MIL, 18 Alonso NYM, 20 Hoskins PHI, 21 Aquino CIN, 23...
  17. 3greyhounds

    Updated Set Building Wants

    Great! If you have any 2020 Chrome, I'm posting my want list now. Thanks, Dan