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  1. gwynn_fan

    1st Sept Contest for Tony Gwynn auto serial to only 20!

    Hi David Obviously, have to go with number 19, the odds of it being that are astronomical, but don't try.another and have that show up. thanks Bob
  2. gwynn_fan

    Boxes 2020 Allen & Ginter & 2020 Bowman Chrome

    Hi guys... Jerry has a limited number of boxes in. tell him I refered you! I have Allen & Ginter at $110, Bowman Chrome BB Hobby at $255 and HTA at 295. Can ship Monday. Have a great weekend and stay safe!
  3. gwynn_fan

    2020 Stadium Club

    Second Break going on. Won a second Means auto. Pack 9 Power Zone PZ Gleybar Torres Pack 10 Trevor Bauer Red 167 Sheldon Neuse Auto ASN Oakland RC Pack 11 Bash & Burn Fernando Tatis Jr. BAB 7 Pack 12 Aaron Nola Red 243 Pack 13 Joey Gallo 46 Black Pack 14 Bash & Burn Rickey Henderson Pack 15...
  4. gwynn_fan

    2020 Stadium Club

    Hi Got my box of 2020 TSC in from Jerry Lazarus<> for $100...$30 less then the LCS. Have opened the first four Packs and received 4 red parallels. As always, great looking pictures...better than the Ginters in the break I'm watching on the other screen...Have won a Means...
  5. gwynn_fan

    2020 Panini Absolute...So So

    Hi Bought a box of Panini Absolute from the LCS, because you can't find a blaster, or even a sports card, at Walmart and Target in San Diego County! Was in a break for Absolute with the Cardinals and didn't hit anything good. So... Autos Absolute Ink Nathaniel Lowe 28/99 SEA Bobby Bradley...
  6. gwynn_fan

    WTTF: 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects Base

    Hi I could not pull any numbered cards, much less a gold. Now if you need Purple...lots of Purple...lots of autos. Aaron, the four cards will complete the prospect set! But, if you have a Tatis Jr auto to we're talking ;) Bob
  7. gwynn_fan

    Wttf 1958 and 1968 topps baseball. Singles.

    Looking for ... Autos of Gwynn, Tatis Jr., Paddack, Gore and Machado, as well as Padre first rookie autos Also, some Prizm/OPtic gold #/10 Have a whole page of older autos on my freewebs page...also on Beckett as expediter. Bob
  8. gwynn_fan

    Wttf 1958 and 1968 topps baseball. Singles.

    Hi If you can hit my needs, I have the following. 1958 Topps #25 Don Drysdale Los Angeles Dodgers $30.00 $80.00 55/45 off centered no creases good corners 1958 Topps #400 Nellie Fox Chicago White Sox $12.00 $30.00 centered no creases good corners Have a bunch of 68, put there mixed in my...
  9. gwynn_fan

    1984 Fleer WANTS----7 cards to go

    Hi Probably have a ton in the garage, unfortunately no real time to search for them. I saw Jflan has 77. If this helps: 1984 Fleer #91 Alan Trammell 1984 Fleer #338 Bruce Sutter 1984 Fleer #542 Julio Franco 1984 Fleer #596 Doug Sisk 1984 Fleer #629 Rod Carew IA 1984 Fleer #654 CL...
  10. gwynn_fan

    WTTF: 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects Base

    Hi All I need just four cards to complete the 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects Base Set, any help would be appreciated. 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects #PP8 Adeiny Hechavarria $1.00 $0.40 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects #PP19 Austin Romine $1.50 $0.60 2010 Bowman Platinum Prospects #PP29 Tyler...
  11. gwynn_fan

    WTTF Tom Seaver Mets Ser# / Game Used / Autos

    HI Have these two on ebay, have more on my freeweb page if you need any. LMK Bob
  12. gwynn_fan

    Special Labor Day Contest for Ken Griffey Jr. auto! Winner is sgbt4! Contest is over!

    HI David All my other numbers were taken, so I go with Nolan Ryan #34. Thanks Bob
  13. gwynn_fan

    2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Box Video

    These are the cards.... Alec Marsh KC Royals 2nd Round Nick Lodolo Reds 1st Round 7th Overall Josh Jung Rangers 1st Round 8th Overall Ryan Garcia 2nd Round Drew Waters Braves 2nd Round Nasim Nunez Marlins 2nd Round
  14. gwynn_fan

    Montreal Expos Autos

    Hi All looking for Montreal Expos Autos...especially from 2019 Archives. LMK Bob
  15. gwynn_fan

    Montreal Expos Autos

    HI Looking to trade for Certified Montreal Expos Autos, especially 2019 Archive. Have Fassero and a Laboy #/50 LMK Bob
  16. gwynn_fan

    Montreal Expos Autos

    Hi looking for certified Expo autos, especially from 2019 Archives LMK Bob
  17. gwynn_fan

    Contest is over...gwynn_fan is the winner!!! Guess The MLB Team Contest

    Thanks for the great card, Bob
  18. gwynn_fan

    My Massive Baseball complete wantlist

    Can't get potlucks to open
  19. gwynn_fan

    My Massive Baseball complete wantlist

    Have you checked on You can get a ton for just $0.18 each, plus shipping and the more you get from dealer, the more you save. You can check out what I have there on my link and also see my free web page for older cards. LMK if you have autos and gu'd, low numbered of current...