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  1. mm1sub

    1983 Topps Glossy Send-Ins

    Picked up a partial set of 1983 Glossy Send-Ins. There are 27 of 40 cards. Looking for maybe 5.00 in trade. Or if anybody is looking for specific numbers let me know and we will work something out. Thanks, Bryon
  2. mm1sub

    A few vintage FT

    I picked up the following vintage for someone and later found out the did not need them. If anybody wants to trade for the following let me know and we will work something out: 1971 Topps #85 1975 Topps #205,601 1978 Topps #7,184,282,375,665,721 All are at least exmt if not better. Thanks, Bryon
  3. mm1sub

    2020 Topps Update FT

    I have the following 2020 Topps Update for trade: All Star Stitches GU Jersey Brandon Lowe '85 Topps Certified auto Sheldon Neuse #U-166 Adolis Garcia#'ed 45/69 I also have a little over 100 base cards for trade. I would love to trade these for some 2020 Topps Update inserts but I will also...
  4. mm1sub

    Beckett #3

    I just picked up issue #3 of Beckett from January 1985. I was wondering if anybody else looks for these older magazines. I have issues 3 thru 266 except for 20 issues that I am missing. I was just wondering if I am the only idiot who looks for these kinds of things and keeps them. I actually...
  5. mm1sub

    Canton, Ohio show

    There is a card show in canton, Ohio this Saturday at Tozzi's on 12th Street (4210 12th St NW, Canton, Ohio) from 9:00AM to 4:00 PM. Admission is free. I will be there and plan on being one of the first people in the door. I will have a blue masonic pullover on if anybody is going and would...
  6. mm1sub

    1971 Topps #674

    I picked up a 1971 Topps #674 Expos Team Card. If anybody wants it let me know and you can have it for free. As usual with these 1971's the corners are a little soft but there are no creases. Just let me know. Thanks, Bryon
  7. mm1sub

    WTTF 2017-2019 Donruss base cards

    I am looking for the following Donruss cards: 2017: 1-21,23-45,49,50,51,58,62,63,65,66,76,77,78,80,81,82,85,91,92,97,100,104,108,109,119,120,121,123,124,125,135,138,139,142,148,149,151,157,158,159,161,162,163,164,166,167,173,175,177,178,183,184,185,187,189,191,193 2018 Donruss...
  8. mm1sub

    World Series and Super Bowl Programs

    I picked up a pretty nice lot of these programs recently and think I might try and pick up a few more. The list below are the ones that I HAVE: World Series (HAVE LIST): 1975,1978,1980,1984,1985,1986,1987,1988,1990,1992,1995,1997,2000,2001,2004,2007 Super Bowl (HAVE LIST)...
  9. mm1sub

    Partial sets FT

    I picked up quite a bit of stuff in the last couple of weeks and I am finally beginning to get organized after the move. I have the following partial sets FT if anybody is interested. I am just looking to get rid of this stuff so you can determine trade value: 1985 Fleer 1987 Fleer 1987 Leaf...
  10. mm1sub

    Some random cards I picked up

    Bought some cards at an auction and the following cards were in the lot: 1986 Donruss #33 Andres Galarraga rookie 1986 Leaf #27 Andres galarrage rookie (x9) 1985 Leaf #234 Dwight Gooden rookie 92/93 Fleer Excel #2 Chipper Jones (x12) 2001 Topps Archives #197 Don mattingly 2010 Topps CYMTO...
  11. mm1sub

    Some nice vintage pick ups

    Picked a few more vintage cards: 1959 Topps #468 Baseball Thrills Duke Snider (looking for 10.00 in trade for this)(soft corners) 1960 Topps #1 Early Wynn (looking for 45.00 in trade for this) (sharp card but a little off center top to bottom) 1960 Topps #73 Bob Gibson (looking for 85.00 in...
  12. mm1sub

    A few vintage pick-ups

    Hit up the flea market today and picked up the following cards: All cards have been traded I am open to just about anything in trade for these. The corners are a little soft on the 60's cards but there are no creases on anything. The Maricahl is reaaly nice (in my opinion) I can send first...
  13. mm1sub

    92/93 Fleer Excel Jeter

    I have (13) 92/93 Fleer Excel #210 derek Jeter cards for trade. I think they book for 20.00 each. If anybody is interested in one or more let me know and we will work something out. Thanks, Bryon
  14. mm1sub

    1997 Fleer and Donruss

    I picked up a starter set of 1997 Donruss (440/450) and a 1997 Fleer (probably at lest 90% of the set). Looking for 40.00 in trade for the Donruss and 30.00 for the Fleer. Thanks, Bryon
  15. mm1sub

    1972 Topps #667

    Picked up a 1972 Topps #667 Ray Newman. It grades at least exmt if not better. I would love to trade it for another high number but I will also look at trade lists. Thanks, Bryon
  16. mm1sub

    2011 Topps old logo

    I bought a box of about 5,000 cards and there were some 2011 Topps with the old logo on the front. The backs are darker and the cards are a lttel thicker than regular ones. I cannot find any info in my Beckett Almanac. If anybody has any info, please let me know. Thanks, Bryon
  17. mm1sub

    Random bunch For Trade

    Picked up the following cards here are there: 2019 Topps #336 Corey Kluber #'ed 09/99 2019 Topps Archives #81 Dylan Bundy #'ed 068/175 2019 Topps Update '84 Chrome #T84U-20 Walker Buehler #'ed 16/99 2012 Topps orange #654 Yovani Gallardo #'ed 131/190 2019 Topps archives #204 Jeff McNeil 2019...
  18. mm1sub

    1983 Topps Traded Strawberry

    I thought there was someone who was looking for a 1983 Topps traded ##108T Darryl Strawberry. If so, please let me know. I picked one up today. Thanks, Bryon
  19. mm1sub

    Another bunch of vintage for trade

    I have another handful of vintage cards for trade: 1971 Topps #380 T. Williams 1975 Topps Mini #463 1978 Topps #'s 32,34,119,135,161,350,384 1979 Topps #'s 211,251,320,358,430,457,469,512,585,695,724 If anybody wants them let me know and I will mail them to you and let you detrmine trade...
  20. mm1sub

    Stuff on my desk

    Looking to trade the following cards before I move: 1992 Upper Deck #HH2 Ted Williams 1992 Upper Deck #CP1 David McCarty 1992 Upper Deck #CP2 Mike Kelly 1992 Upper Deck #SP3 Deion Sanders 1993 Upper Deck #SP4 Tom Selleck/ Frank Thomas 1992 Upper Deck #SP1 Magic Johnson/ Larry Bird If anybody...