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  1. Beachbum

    NASA cards from the 60s

    For trade, focusing completely on my 1973 topps set. My wantlist is posted in this thread.....
  2. Beachbum

    WTTF or WTB 2008 Topps Complete set

    I'm curious if anyone has a 2008 Topps Baseball complete set for trade or sale. Factory or Hand, no SPs or SSPs necessary. If opened and hand collated, would like NrMt condition, not a beater set. Thanks.
  3. Beachbum

    WTT 1964 All-Star Coins for 1973 Topps

    1973 Topps wanted in Vg condition (no tears, holes, writing) Soft corners and light creases ok *** = trade pending 12a Don Zimmer MG (Garcia w/o ear) 116b Ralph Houk MG (coach backgrounds natural) 142 Thurman Munson 170 Harmon Killebrew 179a Dick Williams MG (Hoscheit with left ear) 180...
  4. Beachbum

    Liquidating in 2020 - are you downsizing or upsizing right now?

    I have sold almost 20,000 cards, years ranging 1981-2002, in the last 3 months for a grand total of $83 in 4 separate monster boxes. It kinda feels good. LOL
  5. Beachbum

    All of my DONRUSS needs in one post (1981-1991)

    THIS IS A WANTLIST, thanks for looking. 1981 Donruss 164a Del Unser ERR (VAR: No 3B in stat header) 601b Checklist 1-120 COR (#51 spelled "Donohue", not "Donahue") 1984 Donruss 1a Robin Yount DK, ERR (Steel no "e") 2a Dave Concepcion DK, ERR (Steel no "e") 3a Dwayne Murphy DK, ERR (Steel no...
  6. Beachbum

    2014 Topps Heritage Mini Mike Trout 82/100 BV$350

    Not sure what I want to do with this, maybe eBay, maybe grade it, maybe trade it to a Benchie? In response to "whatcha looking for?"......primarily I want big hits against my set wantlist, I will entertain offers if serious and legit and in the same league as this card and is in my interest...
  7. Beachbum

    WTT Vintage HOF Philadelphia & Topps for baseball

    I need the higher booking and star cards in 1973 Topps. These are some of my best vintage cards to trade, these are from my PC but willing to part with football right now. These are at least EX in condition, I remember one of the Browns having a wrinkle in it . I will relook at these and give...
  8. Beachbum

    What Happened to The Bench?

    I've been gone for a few years raising kids and fighting my now ex-wife in a divorce but I'm trying to rekindle my hobby. I noticed so many things are missing from the Bench, our trader points are no more? How do we gain access into the various halls of the HOF if we don't get trade points...
  9. Beachbum

    WTTF large lots for set building, all makes 1973-2016

    Too many characters to put in a post but this is updated and I would like to try for larger trades. At the risk of turning some away, I must say I don't want to trade a couple star, RCs for stacks of commons. I'm just trying to find anyone else doing sets in these eras interested in larger...
  10. Beachbum

    The Minnesota Twins AA is my new home town team

    The Pensacola Blue Wahoos lost the Reds to Chattanooga and the AA Twins are now in Pensacola. I like to do IP graphing so if anyone wants some AA guys signed let me know I will do 50/50 on cards graphed with SASE and I keep half of what is graphed. If I only get 1 auto, you get it but I keep...
  11. Beachbum

    Trading 2017 and 2018 Bowman Platinum base and inserts for 2018 Base

    FOR TRADE: 2017 Bowman Platinum David Dahl RC 35 Rockies 2017 Bowman Platinum Raimel Tapia RC 47 Rockies 2017 Bowman Platinum Stephen Piscotty 54 Cardinals 2017 Bowman Platinum Joe Musgrove RC 55 Astros 2017 Bowman Platinum Kenta Maeda 60 Dodgers 2017 Bowman Platinum Gary Sanchez 65 Yankees...
  12. Beachbum

    2018 Bowman Platinum TOP-8 Luis Robert AUTO F/T

    Would trade for a 2018 Bow Plat Reds auto prospect
  13. Beachbum

    WTTF 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly #248

    Tell me what it would take for you to trade a 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly. I will try my best to make a fantastic trade.
  14. Beachbum

    Kyle Waldrop - returned in 18-20 months

    This autograph has changed a lot between when I used to see him in person almost 3 years ago to what it is now TTM. Only my 3rd success through TTM but I don't send much out.
  15. Beachbum

    Wttf 1984 donruss

    Trading in your favor!!!!!!! Inserts, select autos, game used, rookies, etc. My site has over 10,000 cards listed for trade or send me your wantlists and I will search. NOTE: The DK errors are the ones found in packs not the factory set, these are easier to find. NRMT only please. *** =...
  16. Beachbum

    Barry Larkin Lot FT/FS (90 cards)

    $8 delivered or send trade offers. Some dups, last number is row is the quantity. Thanks for looking! 1988 Donruss 492 4 1988 Score 72 4 1988 Topps 102 3 1989 Donruss 257 1 1989 Topps 515 6 1990 Bowman 50 1 1990 Donruss 71 5 1990 Fleer 423 3 1990 Score 155 1 1990 Score 689 2 1990 Topps 10 3...
  17. Beachbum

    WTT 2016 Topps MLB Debut Medallions, looking for Heritage

    Would like to trade for 2016 Heritage SPs or some other SPs I need. Of course if you don't have those, I always entertain offers. I also a Craig Biggio that is not pictured. 2016 Topps Heritage wanted: 429 Jake Odorizzi 430 Dallas Keuchel 433 Prince Fielder 435a Chris Archer 446a Troy...
  18. Beachbum

    WTTF Star Wars Cosmic Shell cards by Winn Dixie

    Probably a Southern thing but I am looking for some of these cards that Winn Dixie gave out in January promoting the newest Star Wars movie. They are octagon in shape, I am listing what I have for trade too. Wanted: R2D2 3 Maz Kanata 14 Slave I 34 Jawa 52 Kylo Ren 64 Snoke 69 For Trade...