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  1. Tony Kozelichki

    Davenport, IA card show

    The semi annual Davenport, Iowa card show is on this weekend. Details: Sunday, November 2 Davenport Elks Lodge 4400 West Central Park Davenport, Iowa Show starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs until 3:00 p.m. I will be there with a table loaded with Chicago Cubs material, including autographed 1969...
  2. Tony Kozelichki

    Walmart Official MLB Baseballs

    rl16: That was my first thought. I usually bought a few at Target just a few days before the Cubs Convention in January at $18 apiece. With no convention this year, I've probably stockpiled three years worth given my recent purchases and those I had left over from last year.
  3. Tony Kozelichki

    Walmart Official MLB Baseballs

    Just returned from Walmart in Galesburg, IL. They have official MLB baseballs in cubes for $11 each. Located in sale aisle. Bought eight and there were another ten or so available.
  4. Tony Kozelichki

    WTT 1964 All-Star Coins for 1973 Topps

    Have a 73 Fergie Jenkins. Interested in Santo coins.
  5. Tony Kozelichki

    WTTF Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa

    If you want to plow through a list, is a list of Cubs cards I have available. Look under Cubs Tradelist and scroll down for Sosa. These cards were my late son's, who amassed a large Sosa collection at one time. Much has been sold off to fund a college scholarship...
  6. Tony Kozelichki

    WTTF Rizzo/Torres/Alonso and More...

    This is a list of Sandberg cards. Not sure how current, but most are certainly available. I'd be interested in other Cubs and older Blackhawks or Bulls. 84 Donruss Action All-Stars #4 84 O-Pee-Chee #64 84 Topps #596 85 Donruss #1 DK 85 Donruss #67 85 Donruss Wax Box Cards #PC2 85 Fleer #65...
  7. Tony Kozelichki

    Anything on my page for Banks/Santo

    First time posting in several months. I'm looking to trade as much as I can. Anything on my website is available (Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, other cards, publications, gloves, etc.) for ANY Ernie Banks or Ron Santo cards or items, incuding newer; older Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks or Bulls (pre-mid...
  8. Tony Kozelichki

    2020 Cubs Convention report

    Thanks for the replies and the expressions for my son. As for Champaign, we haven't tried pizza there. I've probably been there a half dozen times to date and we've tried a couple of BBQ places, a local Chinese buffet and my daughter's favorite, Pandamonium, a fantastic donut shop. Oh, and my...
  9. Tony Kozelichki

    2020 Cubs Convention report

    I don't know how many years I've been doing this, but here's another. Went to the Cubs Convention this weekend and came away with only two autographs. I had plenty of opportunities, but I've shifted my collecting interests and came looking for only three autographs from this year's crop of 50+...
  10. Tony Kozelichki

    Ryne Sandberg for trade

    Sorry, but I'm looking to trade off my Sandbergs, not acquire any.
  11. Tony Kozelichki

    Chicago Bears for trade

    Updated 10/27/19
  12. Tony Kozelichki

    Chicago Cubs IP for sale

    Updated 10/27/19
  13. Tony Kozelichki

    Blackhawks and Blues for trade

    Updated 10/27/19
  14. Tony Kozelichki

    Ryne Sandberg for trade

    Updated 10/27/19
  15. Tony Kozelichki

    Nov. 3 Davenport, IA card show

    I'll once again be setting up at the semi-annual Davenport, IA card show this Sunday (11/3). The show runs from 9:00-2:30 and will feature 25-30 tables. The show will be held at the Elks Lodge, 4400 West Central Park. Always looking for Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and other quality Chicago Cubs...
  16. Tony Kozelichki

    Brian Urlacher for trade for commons

    Everything I have is listed
  17. Tony Kozelichki

    SSPC Bill Madlock

    In need of a single 1975 SSPC: #309 Bill Madlock It's only a 50-cent card, but I need it to finish off a set. My entire tradelist available at
  18. Tony Kozelichki

    Ryne Sandberg for trade

    List updated, 3/8
  19. Tony Kozelichki

    Blackhawks and Blues for trade

    Ahead of a show in Davenport, Iowa in November, I'm still looking to build my inventory. Will trade for pre-75 Cubs, Bears or Blackhawks, and pre-80 Bulls. Commons are okay. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS ED BELFOUR 94-95 Upper Deck 290 99-00 McDonalds 8R DOMINIK HASEK 91-92 Pro Set 529 91-92 Pro Set...