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    2018 Topps Parallels & Inserts FT/FS

    Hi everyone, looking for Machado, Bundy, Sisco, Schoop stuff that I don't have or RCs I suppose. Topps Black /67: #105 Daniel Murphy 12/67 #278 Lucas Sims RC 11/67 Purple Toys R Us: 334 Rosario 322 Bridwell 302 Tulowitzki 289 Villar 278 Sims 272 Blackburn 267 Moncada 266 Lester 256 Hosmer LL...
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    WTTF/WTT 2014 Topps Archives Deckle and AS Needs

    Hi everyone, I do have a bunch of SPs too, but I'm really looking to only deal the below for the set needs. If you have Tanaka Deckles, I will gladly trade SPs etc. NEEDS: AS: PG, GG, FH Deckle: RG, MTK, MCx3, DW, BHx2 Would also take Gold or Silver O's that I don't have. I'd also take a...
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    WTTF/WTB 2013 Topps Chrome Refractors, XFractors, Purple and Orange, Huge List Inside

    (22) Refractors Needed: (62) Xfractors Needed:
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    WTB Current O's Autos/Parallels/Lots

    I really need '13 Topps Parallels, specifically the orange ones (that's the only one that I'm missing for my Miguel Gonzalez rainbow). I also need a 2012 Topps Orange O'Day or Platinum if it's out there. If you want to trade, I've opened cases of 2013 stuff. So let me know what you seek.
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    2013 Topps A & G Allen Ginter Insert, Mini Base, A&G Back and Black FT/WTTF Full List

    2013 Topps A & G Allen Ginter Insert, Mini Base, A&G Back and Black FT/WTTF Full List I think that I'm just going to go for the base mini set. This means that I'm going to trade my A&G backs and Blacks to complete the set. Let's try to be fair when trading. Obviously some players are more of a...
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    WTTF 2013 Topps Series 1 Walmart Blue

    Please help me complete this set! I only need these 6: 108, 116, 158, 180, 261, 286 I have boxes full of other 2013 releases. I do have the following dupes from the Series 1 Blue as well: 5, 9, 24, 36, 45, 48, 60, 106, 129, 134, 147, 213, 222, 229, 237, 281, 318, 320 Thank you!
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    WTTF 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen Base

    Hi everyone, Just finished organizing all of my 2013 base. I have about 60% of the set as dupes for trade as well as inserts and stuff from other 2013 releases. I need the following: 11, 41, 64, 91, 106, 110, 150, 235, 259, 287 Thank you!
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    WTTF 2013 Topps Heritage Base

    Hi everyone, I need the following, and I have a couple of sets worth of dupes to trade as well as base/inserts from many of the 2013 releases. Needed: 11, 20, 36, 43, 48, 54, 74, 78, 88, 97, 122, 125, 130, 140, 146, 149, 172, 178, 185, 187, 199, 212, 215, 227, 241, 248, 259, 263, 264, 302...
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    2013 Topps Archives Base HUGE list FT

    I'm really, really trying to close the book on these (at least mentally). I need to finish parts of 8 sets, so this is my last ditch effort. Don't wait too long, cause I'm just going to sell my dupes in bulk shortly. I prefer a minimum of 10 to trade, but if we're dealing bigger names or ones...
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    2013 Topps Archives FS/FT and Wantlist

    If you've already made a trade with me, look again, as my have and needs have drastically changed over the past month. Here's what I have to offer: SPs: 202, 204, 206 (2), 208, 209 (2), 214, 215, 222 (2), 226, 228, 229 (2), 234 (2), 241, 244 (2), 245 (3) 83 ASs: AD (6), AP (5), BH, CF, CR, DS...
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    Please HELP! Heritage and Topps Series 1 Needs. WTTF/WTB

    I'm in a time crunch at work so I won't be able to list what I have to offer until Wednesday, but I have thousands of Heritage and Series 1 to you can expect with my limited needs for these big sets. I need to get these cards ASAP...Heritage is a bit more pressing. Here are my...
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    2013 Topps Heritage

    Thanks for looking. Want to trade SPs for SPs, inserts for inserts, base for base. Only want to do base in decent quantities unless it's the #201. Need: SP's: 490 New Age Performers: AM-McCutchen BP-Posey DP-Price MC-Cabrera Memorable Moments: As many Machado's as you have Blue Borders: 450...
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    WTB/WTTF 2013 Topps Emeralds, Blues and The Greats, Out Of Bounds

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be aboard! Have quite a bit of 2013 inserts to trade so let me know what you have and your want list and I will check it. I've been outta the hobby for awhile, so I also have a bunch of old RCs, Griffey (primarily Mariners) and Puckett stuff. Emeralds: 55, 64, 75...