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  1. ripahl

    Hitmens 2020 Topps Update Traders and Needs

    Lots of inserts available... My guidelines Base for Base, Insert for RC (base), Inserts for Inserts. TRADERS Base: U-6,U-7,U-22,U-25,U-31,U-36,U-37,U-47,U-62,U-87,U-92,U-97,U-108,U-135,U-147,U-175,U-220,U-224,U-237,U-267,U-272, 1985 Topps: 85TB-5,85TB-19,85TB-21,85TB-36,85TB-41, 20 Years of The...
  2. ripahl

    Topps Update Red Sox Wanted

    Please check my extensive trade lists for cards you need. I am interested in Topps Update Red Sox Insert, hits and parallels TRADERS Thanks RIP
  3. ripahl

    2006 Bowman RCs and First Bowman Cards FT

    bdp2 Napoli Angels 2x RC bdp28 Either Dodgers 2x RC BDP54 shields Devil Rays 3x RC BDP43 Aybar Angels 3x RC BDP19 Kubel Twinkees RC 3x BDP8 Weaver Angels RC 3X BDP10 Jay Cardinals 2x 1stB BDP13 Russell martin Dodgers RC BDP50 Anthony Reyes Cardinals 2x RC BDP44 Anibal Sanchez Marlins 2x RC BDP10...
  4. ripahl

    2001 Upper Deck Tiger Tales FT/FS

    let me know which of these you need TT- will consider BO dlvd.
  5. ripahl

    2 Cards.... Quick Strike Trade M9WF-9, Stadium Club Koufax

    1) 2020 Allen and Ginter M9WF-9 Ball his the runner 2) 2020 Topps Stadium Club Koufax base #299 TRADERS Have other minis and or comparable cards to trade for these two I need that I need to thought I had of course, I have thousands of needs as well NEEDS
  6. ripahl

    2020 GINTER Hot Box, Inserts and Minis Needs, traders

    Here is a quick list of Needs and Traders for my 2020 ginters. I also am still working other 2020s (see Traders), but hopefully I can knock these 8 cards out soon. GINTER NEEDS 2020 TOPPS ALLEN AND GINTER - A Debut to Remember [0]: DTR-19, 2020 TOPPS ALLEN AND GINTER - Buggin Out! Minis [0]...
  7. ripahl

    Baseball Cards For Sale.

    I usually trade cards, but from time to time I put some cards out so I can gain some change to purchase for my set needs. Send me a PM if you are interested in any of these cards. I will certainly include all cards from a sale in a USPS first class bubbler. all ship is $4 unless you want a...
  8. ripahl

    Lots of Stadium Club, Prizm, Ginter and other S2 Needs

    Update 11-08 2020 BOWMAN 1ST EDITION - Bowman First Edition Base Prospect [0]: BFE-8,BFE-25,BFE-33,BFE-57,BFE-77,BFE-85,BFE-103,BFE-108,BFE-113,BFE-114,BFE-133,BFE-139,BFE-145,BFE-150, 2020 BOWMAN CHROME - 2019 Arizona Fall League AFL Fall Stars [0]...
  9. ripahl

    RCs for Sale... also free cards

    all cards with RCs are available for sale. Prices are notated. Minimum $1. Ship will be $1 for the first 4 cards plus .25 every two cards after that up to $5.00. All cards will be PWE unless there ship goes over $4. Paypal F&F or hidden cash expectable 2016 Topps Series 1 Stephen Piscotty...
  10. ripahl

    2020 Stadium Club Wanted \ color to trade

    In my hobby box I got the follow color will look for comparable Red Sox Color in return Box Topper Kris Bryant - Cubs Black 248 Darvish - Cubs 106 Ripken - Orioles Orange Matsui - Yankees Red 217 Webb - Giants 263 Seager - Dodgers 230 Yamamoto - Mariners 25 Grandal - White Sox 82 Yates -...
  11. ripahl

    2020 Series 2 Home Run Challenge Trout For Trade

    For a 2020 Series 1 Home Run Challenge Trout? I have others for trade for other needs Series 2 (Betts, Belliinger) and Series 1 2020 Topps Home Run Challenge (CMP953) #HRC-13 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 2020 Topps Home Run Challenge (CMP953) #HRC-14 George Springer 2020 Topps Home Run Challenge...
  12. ripahl

    2020 Score FT and WTF

    2020 Score traders 5,16,17,18,24,39,61,62,69,80,114,154,162,184,193,201,208,226,235,237,246,254,257,264,265,268,282,284,295,299,305,306,310,314,318,340,345,355,380,385,426 2020 SCORE NEEDS...
  13. ripahl

    Looking to Trade for S2 needs or sell cards I have listed.

    Last weekends extra haul of current cards I picked up for traders or for sale. Its takes a bit of work with shows these days because its about the highest of dollar cards or vintage. New stuff is not something more dealers lug around. I dont have BV right now so let me know if you do. I will...
  14. ripahl

    2020 S2 Turkey and Decades Chrome

    Have These 2020 Turkey Chrome -Gwynn TRC-70 -Story TRC-36 2020 Topps Decades Best Chrome Series 2 -DBC-27 Willie McCovey Other Chrome 2020 traders 2020 Topps Decades Best Chrome #DBC-10 Phil Rizzuto 2020 Topps Decades Best Chrome #DBC-18 Monte Irvin 2020 Topps Decades Best Chrome #DBC-19...
  15. ripahl

    2020 Diamond Kings Traders

    * Pending discussion\trade 2020 Panini Diamond Kings BASE: 5,8,9,16,25,29,34,36,39,41,46,53,54,56,66,69,74,82,84,86,89,91,92,96, SP: 102,104,107,108,121,124,124,127,133,140,142,145,148,153,155,165,167,169,170
  16. ripahl

    End of the Month Special Now through 6/30 10 cent 2020 Bowman Prospects - Clearance

    2020 Bowman Prospects BP-4,BP-6,BP-9,BP-11,BP-14,BP-15,BP-16,BP-18,BP-20,BP-22,BP-26,BP-27,BP-30,BP-36,BP-37,BP-38,BP-39,BP-49,BP-54,BP-56,BP-61,BP-65,BP-67,BP-69,BP-75,BP-101,BP-102,BP-106,BP-110,BP-111,BP-121,BP-124,BP-127,BP-128,BP-130,BP-133,BP-135,BP-147 Any card 10cents $1 dollar whip...
  17. ripahl

    2020 Diamnd Kings, Finest,Prizm,Pro Debut,Bowman, S2 Traders

    Lots of new releases out. I will attempt to try and build most of them. In doing so, I will have a number of traders. I will update this as frequently as possible. If you need any of these let me know and I can provide you a list of what I need at that very moment (or if you have trades I...
  18. ripahl

    2020 Bowman Traders (and 1st edition)

    Will consider all offers, Have a STG-JA only stipulation would be that a trade would include the Topps 100 as a card on the others site... otherwise, just looking for cards I dont have or need... PWE unless you state otherwise 2020 Bowman FOR TRADE 2020 Bowman Base Set...
  19. ripahl

    2020 Bowman Traders

    I was going to put this on a thread in here, but I am having a rough time as it is maintaining one thread, much less two. 2020 BOWMAN FOR TRADE (AND NEEDS)
  20. ripahl

    Looking for the NAP-15 Bichette Heritage New Age Performers

    Anyone have one to trade... I trade a Queen SP or heritage SP or Decades Chrome or Turkey Chrome for it.