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  1. PitofSteel

    NFL Schedule Release

    Chief yes we do have the toughest stretch at the end of the schedule however when it's tough we go to the Super Bowl!!!! Go Steelers Go!!!!!!!
  2. PitofSteel

    BSL Poll: Owners Please Respond

    Pirates have voted:)
  3. PitofSteel

    BSL Domain Renewal Drive - All Owners Read

    Ya had to cover the old mans part of it LOL
  4. PitofSteel

    BSL Modifications for 2022 Season (FINAL VERSION)

    Pirates understand. Thanks
  5. PitofSteel

    BSL Update: 2020#21: World Series over, Offseason time

    Congrats to the Rockies and the old man lol. You must have put your glasses on for once to win the Series!!!
  6. PitofSteel

    BSL Update: 2020#19 - Divisional Series complete

    Placards I'm coming to get you old man!!!! :p let's go Bucs!!
  7. PitofSteel

    All BSL Owners Please Read

    Maybe the other ones are on a boat with Nick drinking some good ole scotch:P
  8. PitofSteel

    All BSL Owners Please Read

    Da Buccos voted for #2. Thanks!!
  9. PitofSteel

    BSL Update: 2018 Tiebreaker Sim Complete, Playoffs Ready

    RATS! So close yet so far away:(
  10. PitofSteel

    BSL Update: End Of Reg Season 2018

    Pirates exported! Let's go Bucs!!!
  11. PitofSteel

    2018 NL East Predictions

    Ya. New job man its crazy busy and the boys are in so many sports that that I dont even know how i juggle it LOL. How are the kids??
  12. PitofSteel

    2018 NL East Predictions

    This is our YEAR!! GO BUCS!!!
  13. PitofSteel

    BSL Update: 2017 #8 Trade Deadline soon

    Go BUCS GO!!!
  14. PitofSteel

    BSL Major Change: All Owners read and check in!

    Man I saw your little ones well not so little LOL. They grow up way to fast man which means we are getting.......oooollllddderrrrr.......
  15. PitofSteel

    BSL Major Change: All Owners read and check in!

    Pirates have read and understood:)
  16. PitofSteel

    Trade Cards/Pirates BLOCK BUSTER

    Pirates agree. Thanks Heath!
  17. PitofSteel

    BSL trade Pirates / Rockies

    Pirates agree. Thanks!
  18. PitofSteel

    Pirates / Rockies BSL trade

    Pirates agree. And good luck with the bum!!
  19. PitofSteel

    Draft on schedule for tonight

    So is that 8:30pm Est?:)
  20. PitofSteel

    Jeter, Morneau, Kemp Game used and Autos For Trade

    Thanks but didnt see anything at this time. Thanks Chris