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  1. Fatboycards

    Summer Road trip! II

    After having such a wonderful time on last years trip to Pittsburgh and getting to meeting "Mr Pittsburgh" himself Tom Fullen. I have been thinking of where to go this summer. Well with gas prices going through the roof, Im planning on toning down my trip this year. Im looking at either going to...
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    1 of my favorite traders turns 27 today!

    One of my very favorite traders and internet friends turns a young 27 today Cory Kugelman aka Kugelmanco . Cory I wish the very best for you today my friend and hope you get every thing you richly deserve. If any of you Benchies havent had the pleasure of dealing with Cory I would highly...
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    Meliah is another year older.

    Our very own King of Mayhem, Meliah aka Matt is turning another year older today. Matt I hope you have a great great day my friend and hope that you get alot of goodies and maybe even add something to your Negro League Collection. You deserve all the good that life has to offer ,oh and make sure...
  4. Fatboycards

    Knee replacement on the horizon.

    Well after dealing with a bum right knee for 23 years ,it appears I am on the short track for a full right knee replacement. I went to the doc on Monday and for the last 8 years he has been quite hesitant to do anything because of my age. Well this past weekend at work I tweeked it and its in...
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    Slavlite turns another year older.

    Our very own Slavlite is tuning another year older today. Buddy your getting close to that downhill drive . But it looks like you might have a few more good years lol. Man I hope you have a great great day you deserve it. And thanks so much for you continued support of our site. And all you do...
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    And the 2010 Bench Buddy of the Year is....

    After tallying all the votes ,it is my honor to announce the 2010 Bench Buddy of The Year Award goes to Greatdadx2. Congrats Robert on a most deserving win, you along with our past winners are what this award is all about. Also congrats to all those who were nominated ,this years group was very...
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    2010 Bench Buddy of the Year Voting

    To all our Bench traders let me state how sorry I am for dropping the ball on this and not getting it posted up until now. I was somewhat disappointed with the number of nominations this year, but the quality of the members nominated is as always very high. Voting begins now and will last until...
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    Iprimus is another year older.

    Jason Hope you have a great day my friend . And keep that 8th degree orange belt away from me . He will kick my big butt.Enjoy you day you really deserve it. Randy
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    The Boss Is starting to side down hill lol

    The Boss ,no not Bruce Springsteen, but our one and only Champs has turned another year older. Peter buddy your starting down that slippery side of mid life .lol But kids do keep you young indeed .I wish nothing but the best for you today. You are a true ambassador for our hobby. Have a...
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    Too dang cold!

    Im use to it getting cool around here this time of year,but the weather and bitter cold we are having now is like late Jan. early Feb . cold . I heard on our local weather that we are well head of pace to have the coldest December on record.Man it make these old bones hurt. ITS 17 Degrees...
  11. Fatboycards

    JamesNevans come on down!

    James turns a year older today. I hope you have a outstanding day my friend. Hope you get a elusive parallel or 2 today. Your one of the really good guys out there. And thank you for all the help over the years . You never ever fail me with called upon. Randy
  12. Fatboycards

    pitofsteel is over the hill!!

    Chris Hope you have a great day my friend, and hope the old man breaks out the wallet and gets you something good. (oh what in the world I thinking). Make sure to not eat all the Little Debbies you get in one sitting. Randy
  13. Fatboycards

    2010 Benchie of the Year!

    Its hard to believe another year has flown by us and we are knocking on the door of 2011. Now is the time to get your nominations in for the 2010 Benchie of The Year. This is our 6th year of doing this and have had some very deserving winners in the past. Last years winner was Chieftazmisty aka...
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    Another Benchie turns a Year Older!

    Wow their coming fast a furious. Today Henry aka DaSoxFan turns another year older. For those of you who havent had the grand pleasure to deal with Henry all I can say is your missing out on a great Bench experience. Henry is one of my very favorite trading partner for sure. He has sent me some...
  15. Fatboycards

    Mr Anglin come on down

    Congrats My friend on another year. Hope you have a great day my friend and get a bunch of great stuff. Anglinomics needs to take it a little easy on me in our fantasy league though you beat me senseless everytime. lol
  16. Fatboycards

    Happy Labor Day to all The Bench Family

    As we pause for one last fling and the unoffical end to summer..make sure today you think of and thank some one whos hard work has made your life a little easier . Of course my thanks go out to my beautiful and wonderful wife for all the hard work she put in to making my family great as well as...
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    Some Pic from my Pittsburgh Trip!

    Well finally got a few pic downloaded to my bucket. Just so everyone can see the Chief and Fat boy together~~~
  18. Fatboycards

    Yankeebob is another year older.

    Our very own YankeeBob turns another year older. Bob I hope you have a wonderful day my friend, you deserve al the good things in life . And Im not very far behind you I will turn 47 in a few short months. I guess we are aging will ...just like a fine wine , lol . You sir are without a doubt one...
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    Happy #7!!

    Today makes 7 years for me here at my second home The Bench, thanks to all who have put up with me for 7 long years, To all my mod brothers and sister ,you guys are the best . And to the many members who I have the honor of calling friends ,You are the best. Heres to alot more years on simply...
  20. Fatboycards

    Help from any of our Vegas members!~

    Need a little help from someone in the Las Vegas area and if you dont have time or dont want to help it really not a big deal. My son is a huge fan of the History Channels Pawn Stars and I was hoping to get a auto pic of his favorite dim wit Chumlee... lmk if you can hel p and I will send...