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  1. flcardtrader

    WTTF: 2012 Topps Chrome, 1984 Topps, 2014 Topps, 2014 Topps Opening Day

    Hello! Looking for the following to complete a few sets: 2012 Topps Chrome 50 Joe Mauer 83 Mark Trumbo 93a Justin Verlander 206 Adam Dunne 1984 Topps 64 Mike Scioscia 294 UL Washington 324 Pena 375 Dennis Leonard 511 Bystrom 664 Dave Stegman 2014 Topps Series 1 6,7,19,36,91,100,132,241...
  2. flcardtrader

    WTTF - 2012 Topps Chrome

    My wantlist for 2012 Topps Chrome: 50 Joe Mauer 83 Mark Trumbo 93a Justin Verlander *133 David Price * 167 Dellin Betances RC 206 Adam Dunne * Denotes trade in progress I have other wantlists listed on my site below...
  3. flcardtrader

    Forum Post Summaries on a User's Profile Page

    Is there any way to delete, or not track, posts made in the forum on a user's profile page? I ask because there are some threads which I am tracking and waiting for a response from another user while there are other threads that I have made trades with an no longer need to track the thread. As...
  4. flcardtrader

    Log-out Timer - Why so Short?

    I find myself going through the posts and often I have to do some research before I submit a response to a wantlist or question being posed. More times than not, my user/pass will time out before I can get my response typed. When I hit the submit button, I am told I do not have privilege to do...
  5. flcardtrader

    Oddball Item FT: 1981 Topps Super Cincinnati Reds Team Set - Unopened Packs!

    A few years ago, I bought an unopened box of 1981 Topps Super Team Cincinnati Reds cards. The box had 36 packs with 1 card in each pack. The collation was incredible! I was able to get 2 complete sets + another one which is missing the Griffey but comes with an additional Driessen. The best...
  6. flcardtrader

    WTT/WTTF: 2010 Topps Chrome

    I opened a bunch of boxes and have base, X-Fractors, Refractors, and Purple Refractors to trade. For my base set, I am looking for these: 39 Vladimir Guerrero 76 Edwin Jackson 88 Scott Kazmir 112 Justin Morneau 116 Jimmy Rollins 171 Eric Young Jr. 177 Austin Jackson RC 181 Tyler Colvin...
  7. flcardtrader

    Trading/Trading-For: 2013 Spring Fever

    I need these: 3 Trout, 35 Griffey Jr I have many to trade. Please post your wantlists. My wantlist is located Thanks Mike
  8. flcardtrader

    FT: 2012 Topps Historical Stitches - Juan Marichal - San Francisco Giants

    I have an extra Juan Marichal Historical stitches (HS-JM) from last year and would like to trade for something similar - preferably Red Sox but I am flexible and open to offers.
  9. flcardtrader

    FT: 1956 Aaron - Solid Ex Condition

    I have a nice 56 Aaron for trade. No creasing or significant issues. I would like to get some equivalent hits to my 56 BB wantlist, 59 Fleer Ted Williams, or 59 FB wantlist - but I am open to all offers. My wantlists are on my website. The scan of the 56 Aaron is...