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  1. mrmopar

    November 2020 Show off thread

    I got one of those, maybe it was from a Beckett. I thought it might have been a box topper or bonus in a box. Were there any Olbermann minis issued that way? It's been a long time and if i recall, not all that exciting for me at the time, so it was not given space in the memory bank.
  2. mrmopar

    Beckett #3

    I have a run of those through the first 100 at least. They changed the name later to Sports Cards. I am with you, the card/hobby magazines are not worth much to me, so i am not interested in spending much more than a buck or less an issue, unless there is something special about it.
  3. mrmopar

    Beckett #3

    You are an idiot for it, but not the only one!! :) I have a ton of them from back when I was a regular user and subscriber. I always kept them in top shape and even bought some lots of older issues from before when I started (my first Beckett purchase from the news stand was the Benito...
  4. mrmopar

    How Many Stadiums Have You been to?

    Sadly, considering the amount of time I have liked baseball, combined with my travels (mostly work and Navy, leaving me with little free time for myself), not a lot. I have personally visited and watched a game from: Kingdome (Many) Dodger Stadium (1 game) Jack Murphy Stadium (1, possible 2...
  5. mrmopar

    October 2020 - Show Off Thread

    I agree fully, but the weirdness of the collectible industry today can prove anyone wrong in a heartbeat and the cost for a "Wish I had..." moment can be embarrassingly high. I don't like it and would rather have the HOF sure thing personally. I have not bought new product or active players...
  6. mrmopar

    Crappy mail day for me today

    Unless the PWE in trade 1 was agreed upon, I say you out both of them to warn others of poor shipping practices. I recently received an ebay purchase, it was a GU card and it was somehow squeezed into a toploader that was too small. It took me several minutes to free the stupid thing. That...
  7. mrmopar

    Update Info for my auto for sell pages.

    Here is how I tried to sell some left over scrub autos. I didn't have a lot of success and I think it was a factor of these reasons: 1). The autos are junk players that most people don't want 2). The images are small, with 9 cards per, and I did not take the time to better describe them 3). I...
  8. mrmopar

    Update Info for my auto for sell pages.

    I should add that one of my personal peeves about online buying (outside of ebay/COMC) is the lack of images. Images are vital for card selling in my opinion. So many people care about specifics (centering, condition, etc), but also some people are visual buyers, myself included. Who doesn't...
  9. mrmopar

    Update Info for my auto for sell pages.

    If you are not completely organized, selling is going to be tough work. Even if you are organized, the sheer volume some people have can be overwhelming. That is where I sit. I would like to dip my toe into the waters, but have never quite finished the organization. Now, I am not selling...
  10. mrmopar

    MrMopar's REVIVED Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest

    Let's do an October bump. Still plenty of time to enter and 3 different categories, so ANYONE who is a member of The Bench can possibly win one of these prize packs, as long as your membership is in good standing. No trade requirements, no time as a member requirements, no exemptions for any...
  11. mrmopar

    How did you find THE BENCH???

    Just went back to see if I posted and I had...15 years ago! Looks like I joined in 2005. My trading buddy who directed me here and I are still friends. The trading has slowed to a crawl, but we still talk on the phone every couple of months or less. We finally met in person after 20 years of...
  12. mrmopar

    For all of my Bench buddies... some info

    It's like a movie w/o an ending. Did everything work out for you? Have not been following the news at all, since my wife decided that she needs CNN on at every waking hour of the day. I avoid news like it's Covid-laced now.
  13. mrmopar

    Update Info for my auto for sell pages.

    I checked out the Dodgers page and my thought is this. The prices seem in line with what I would expect. Some bargains, if you need/want the cards for sure. You only had about a dozen cards, so maybe a buyer finds 1-2 cards and if they really want them, they strike a deal. If you have lots...
  14. mrmopar

    USPS individual dropping off my mail.....

    Sometimes those show as postage due. I guess it depends on who is looking, checking or cares enough to bother. Nothing more irritating than having someone mail an item from their PO (they paid at the counter) and it arrives at your PO and they decide that there should be postage due. I fought...
  15. mrmopar

    1st Sept Contest for Tony Gwynn auto serial to only 20! Winner is mrmopar! Contest is over!

    That is a fair way to ensure more variety of winners. Thank you.
  16. mrmopar

    I need to check, but I think my only real "certified" Gwynn was the 1986 TCMA card, well and...

    I need to check, but I think my only real "certified" Gwynn was the 1986 TCMA card, well and maybe 1 of those 1992 Ultra cards. I was not necessarily looking to move it, but you are a Gwynn fan/collector and probably covet it more than I do. What are you proposing? Do you have a list of...
  17. mrmopar

    September 2020 - Show Off Thread

    They were perhaps too plain for many, but I like them as well. I remember mailing in for sets each year too and sometimes even winning certain series with instant win cards.
  18. mrmopar

    1st Sept Contest for Tony Gwynn auto serial to only 20! Winner is mrmopar! Contest is over!

    My sweet prize arrived today. Thanks again to David K, the king of Bench contests and generosity! 1/20 #1 no less. Some people really love those #1 cards.
  19. mrmopar

    September 2020 - Show Off Thread

    Great looking card!
  20. mrmopar

    September 2020 - Show Off Thread

    Yes, there a variety of Topps designs for this year, as always. Personally, I think this year is one of the worst with regard to set designs and checklist. Really falls short compared to previous years. Sets reused this year include 1986, 1977, 1990, 1971, 1989, 1960, 1955 and a few others I...