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  1. BucCollector

    Home Page content refresh

    Can I suggest we get some new content on the home page? It's likely the first page that prospective members land on. The top post is 2.5 years old and just a little further down the page is a post that says "the site's activity is way down" (not criticizing the post itself, just its...
  2. BucCollector

    1979-80 Topps Hockey Needs

    These are my 1979-80 Topps needs; will take OPC as well. Thanks, David 6 GAA Ldrs 8A SO Ldrs ERR 8B SO Ldrs COR 10 Middleton 11 Smith 12 Robert 13 Risebrough 14 Kelly 16 Marks 17 Huber 19 Sedlbauer 20 Resch 22 Zanussi 23 Park 24 Lambert 25 Savard 26 Watson 27 Philipoff 28 Bouchard 29 Sirois...
  3. BucCollector

    1979-80 Topps and OPC wanted

    Building these sets and have a lot of needs! Let me know what you have. My tradelist of 11,000 cards is searchable and sortable, check it out here: Thanks, David
  4. BucCollector

    Trading for 1979-80 Topps / OPC Hockey

    Hi, I am working on a 1979-80 Topps OPC hockey set built through trading only. (Where a player is in both sets, I need only one). I already have the Gretzky rookie, so starting from a good place, but have many more needs - currently at 36/396. Any help appreciated, no trade too small or big...
  5. BucCollector

    Steelers books for trade

    Dan Rooney: My 75 Years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, by Dan Rooney, first edition, with dust jacket, light shelf wear Terry Bradshaw: Man of Steel, by Terry Bradshaw with David Diles, 1979, crisp, dust jacket has 1.5" tear on the front The Chief: Art Rooney and his Pittsburgh...
  6. BucCollector

    Father's Day IP Success - Manny Sanguillen custom

    Went to Pittsburgh over Fathers' Day weekend and took the wife and kids to PNC Park for Gerrit Cole v. Yasiel Puig. We took the riverboat to the stadium, the kids and dad got free alternate Sunday caps, the Bucs won of course, ran the bases afterward with my son and daughter, and also stopped...
  7. BucCollector

    New tradebait from Chantilly show!

    Went to the Chantilly Collectors Show this past weekend and found some deals I just couldn't walk away from but that don't fit in my collection. Up for trade: 1994 MCI Ambassadors #5 Fergie Jenkins AUTO (fading) 1981 Fleer #574 Rickey Henderson (EX) 1989 ProCards Tacoma Tigers #1536 Jose...
  8. BucCollector

    FT: 1992 93 Wild Card Premier Edition Collegiate Basketball Cards Unopened Box

    Sealed box contains 36 packs, 15 cards per pack. Players in the set include Larry Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Pete Myers, Dale Davis, Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo, Antonio Davis, Mark Macon, Kenny Anderson, Walter Berry, Adrian Dantley, Chris Gatling, Andrew Gaze, Rick Mahorn, Doug Overton...
  9. BucCollector

    1977-78 opc wha ft

    Looking to trade the following; wants and link to my full tradelist are in my sig. Thanks! 1977-78 OPC WHA 6 Blaine Stoughton NM Stingers 1977-78 OPC WHA 7 Claude St. Sauveur NM Racers 1977-78 OPC WHA 8 Real Cloutier NM Nordiques 1977-78 OPC WHA 9 Joe Daley NM Jets 1977-78 OPC WHA 12 Mark...
  10. BucCollector

    Custom 2008 Topps Manny Sanguillen

    I created this at and have some extras to trade - lmk if interested. Thanks! <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  11. BucCollector

    Wicked cool Japanese baseball set - 2013 BBM Strongest Legendary Alien (Foreigners)

    The Japanese card company BBM has put out a 2013 set of the all-time greatest foreigners to play in Japan. A gorgeous 81 card set that includes Cecil Fielder, Julio Franco, Davey Johnson, Charlie Manuel, Randy Bass, Bob Horner, Larry Parrish, Warren Cromartie, Tuffy Rhodes and many more. I'm...
  12. BucCollector

    FT: Weird 1976 MSA pinbacks

    I picked up a group of these in a transaction and am looking to swap those that don't fit my collection. They are homemade (?) pinbacks created from 1976 MSA discs and from the looks of them were made at around the time the cards were new. Metal backs, good condition. Players are Randy Jones...
  13. BucCollector

    1994 MCI Ambassadors (baseball) FT

    Just picked up a small collection of 1994 MCI Ambassadors and would like to trade those I don't need: Tug McGraw, John Stearns, Jimmy Wynn, Paul Blair and Ron LeFlore. These cards were distributed at in-person signings for military personnel. 1994 are generally thought to be one of the...
  14. BucCollector

    2010 Topps Heritage 1961 buybacks FT

    Just picked up a lot of these and am trading those I cannot use. They are: #26 Wes Stock Orioles #58 Joe Schaeffernoth Cubs #78 Lee Walls Phillies #84 Lee Maye Milwaukee Braves #139 Solly Hemus Cardinals Manager <a...
  15. BucCollector

    WTTF: Lansing Lugnuts items

    My son just started tee ball and is playing for the Lugnuts. Looking to pick up some t-shirts, caps, etc. for his mom and sister to wear to the games. Stadium giveaway stuff would be perfect - don't want to pay $22 + shipping for a shirt from the team website.
  16. BucCollector

    WTTF: Harry and the Hendersons

    Wanted: Any Harry and the Hendersons trading card picturing Harry (only). Needed for my collection of Pittsburgh-area natives who played pro or college basketball (Kevin Peter Hall played at George Washington U and professionally in Venezuela). Let me know your interests and I'll try to...
  17. BucCollector

    WTTF: 1989 Score insert - 1975 A Year to Remember

    Looking for this total oddball item - the 1975 Magic Motion trivia insert from the 1989 Score set. BV is probably .0000002 but will trade something worth many times that so post a link to your trade list or let me know your interests... thanks!
  18. BucCollector

    '70s Chicago White Sox FT

    Looking to trade any or all of the following for Pirates of similar vintage: Jay's Publishing - Ed Stanky, Tommy Davis, Bob Locker, Ken Berry, Tom McCraw, Duane Josephson, Joe Horlen, Russ Snyder, Pete Ward B&W photo postcards, facsimile autos: Wilbur Wood, Bill Melton 1969 Topps Deckle #6...
  19. BucCollector

    '70s Cincinnati Reds oddball FT

    Trading for Pittsburgh Pirates items of similar vintage...