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    Improving the "eye appeal" of those beaters

    I haven't really done anything beyond using a nylon to reduce the wax stain on a card. As far as beaters, I think the wear and tear is part of their history, so I don't mess with it.
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    Rollins to the Dodgers

    I have the Twins in 1987 and 1991, thankfully. Other than that, the Vikings, 0-4 in Super Bowl and that 1998 season where our only missed field Goal all season kept us from the Super Bowl, the Timberwolves, who not only struggle constantly (except for that Kevin Garnett in his prime run), but...
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    Most overrated card

    Overpriced? I'd be tempted to go with 2000 Topps Cabrera autograph, Ryan rookie type $ for a card you had a 1:80 chance of pulling each time you open a set, and there are still plenty of sets to open.
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    Rollins to the Dodgers

    The Patriots. They've won 1 in the last 10, the Giants have 2, but the Patriots won 2 of the last 3 before that. I'd rather have the chance every year, because sports are NOT hypothetical, so I'd rather have a chance of winning every year than no chance 90% of the time and a good chance the...
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    Rollins to the Dodgers

    Sure, but it's just as possible to win seven World Series as it is one in that time span. In the hypothetical world, any outcome is possible.
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    Most overrated card

    I'm honestly asking, what kind of criteria are you looking at in terms of a card being overrated? From your original post and the follow up all I can see is 'I think Nolan Ryan is overrated and his rookie card is the most expensive but it isn't as tough as some others, so it is overrated' You...
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    Rollins to the Dodgers

    and winning can't be guaranteed.
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    Most overrated card

    Again, I'm not sure how to define overrated. If all you are looking for is overpriced for how easy it is to find, pick any HOF rookie since about the beginning of sports cards, pick any current rookie who hasn't put up numbers at the major league level to justify the price tag, pick almost any...
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    Rollins to the Dodgers

    It's because at least you have the CHANCE, and in sports there are no guarantees. We've all seen the teams that limp into the playoffs and win it or go very deep. Repost your question as 'without knowing the end result, would you rather be a low seed in the playoffs every year for 10 years, or...
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    Most overrated card

    Tony, depends on demand. Do you know more people who collect HOF'ers and vintage cards, or more Neil Walker collectors? There is a LOT more demand for a T-206 Wagner than there is for a printing plate of Walker.
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    Most overrated card

    Define overrated. The price on the Ryan is simply demand, nothing to do with how hard it is to find. There are many more collectors of Nolan Ryan than there are Johnny Bench. Rule #1 in baseball cards is: Power sells. But it is power pitchers and power hitters that most people consider, not...
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    Brad Halsey

    Passed away way too young
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    Game used and auto lot prices

    I see a fair amount of dealers at our local shows selling for $1/per, so it's probably still in that area. I know that's about as much as I'd pay for most Gu and many autos
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    Giants.... winners of the Wild Card championship!

    It's a bunch of short series, with plenty of off days, anything can happen. How did the Twins win in '87, or the Cardinals in '06?
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    Trying to understand this whole thing about grading

    That works for most any card, even non graded. Here are some ungraded Eddie Murray rookies Anywhere from under $5 to...
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    looking for opinions on the "true bv" of a couple graded basketball cards

    Keep in mind, playing card type issues often grade higher due to the rounded 'corners' being less susceptible to wear. People may not be aware of how scarce they are in any form, thus demand may be more limited than a mainstream test issue.
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    Babe Ruth Autograph Question?

    Just look at the major auction houses. Many have Ruth autographs several times a year. Expensive, but not especially difficult. Compare that to Arky Vaughan, or King Kelly. Heck, compare him to Noe Munoz, Clancy Smyres, or Roy Castleton. There are autographs people have been searching for for...
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    Do you like your autographs authenticated or not?

    Depends who/what it is. For 95% of my items or so, it's a nice added bonus, but financially not very prudent. If I'm spending big money Clemente, Ruth, etc, yes, I want it authenticated, but at the prices they charge for certificates or slabbing cards, it's hard to justify most of them. I saw...
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    2014 Topps Heritage # 425

    Most of the human race does it, Youtube couldn't handle the load.
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    What Dodger Jerseys would you pick?

    I'd vote Alston over Lasorda, and agree with adding Scully, though I might make some kind of 'voice of the Dodgers' display vs a jersey for that. I think it'd be tough to leave out the longest reigning infield in the game, so I'd likely put Garvey and Cey in, and take out Mota and Gibson...