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    Brad Halsey

    Passed away way too young
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    Chat issue

    When I try to access the chat rooms, I get a VBulletin message stating "Flashchat does not appear to be correctly installed"
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    Hats off to Wladimir Balentien

    Tied the Japanese season HR record of 55 with around 20 games left! Set by Sadaharu Oh, tied by Tuffy Rhodes and Alex Cabrera, they are actually booing pitchers who walk him this time! Good luck Wladimir.
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    Hey you Allen & Ginter collectors...

    I just saw this on Sports Collectors Daily, figured I'd mention it in caser some of you weren't aware. hidden 1/1's
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    Homer Bailey at it again

    Congrats on the newest no hitter!
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    Spring Cleaning finds

    Rearranging some boxes and found a small box of numbered cards from back when those were the flavor of the day. It was kind of fun to dig through those and see some familiar names and others who have long since been forgotten. (Richard Hidalgo, Joe Randa, etc) I think my biggest hit was a 1999...
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    Tim Carroll at it again

    I was flipping through a friends June Beckett, and it happened to be the art issue, low and behold an article on the Bench's own Tim Carroll! Congratulations Tim! Keep up the creativity!
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    a tip of the hat to Pete!

    ...and any other members involved in adding features to this site. I just got an email that a member was trying to PM me and my inbox was full. I never knew I was even close, I went through and deleted a ton of old messages. Thank you for the feature of emailing me to let me know! Very helpful!
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    1986 Topps PSA 10 Ryne Sandberg

    Anyone else see the snippet on Sports Collectors Daily about the PSA 10 1986 Topps Ryne Sandberg passing the $1000 mark? Talk about having to fight the urge to buy some unopened rack/cello cases, or at least a box or two!
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    Twinsfest 2013 experience

    A very mixed show experience for me. I'm guessing part of it is me getting older. It is by far the biggest show of the year, so I always make a point to go. The autograph lineup, pricing, and setup weren't quite my cup of tea. Last year or the year before, in order to combat the insane lines...
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    Who remembers former Red Sox/Mariner Rey Quinones

    good for a chuckle
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    A trip down Memory Lane

    I picked up some older boxes from Loyalty32 (thanks again Craig). Nothing huge, just a fun lot of a 1986 Fleer cello box, 1986 Topps Rack box and a 1987 Topps rack box. (There was also a 1991 Stadium Club Series 1 box, but I left that wrapped) I decided to look for star packs instead of...
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    Mike Redmond new Marlins manager

    3 year deal It should be interesting, he seemed like a good baseball guy and just a good guy when he was with the Twins. I hope he does well for them.
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    In the latest 'Hof'ers are human too...

    Carlton Fisk found in corn field I'm glad no one was hurt.
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    Nice article on a small business with a Bench connection

    If i'm not mistaken, this is the son of our own YankeeBob
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    2 Blaster 2012 Bowman

    Bowman's Best: BB21 Ryan Braun, BBP8 Billy Hamilton International 23 Colby Rasmus Blue /500 Jhonny Peralta Silver Ice BP102 Oscar Taveras Bowman Prospect autograph BPA-KW Kolten Wong I think the first box was supposed to get to St Louis, Wong, Taveras, and Rasmus were all in there. Even though...
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    First Mets No hitter!

    Congratulations Johan!
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    This might get a few bids

    Don Larsen perfect game jersey to hit the auction block
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    Playoff and active roster questions

    I picked up a Rule 5 player in the draft. Not my best move, he wasn't even close to ML ready, so I pretty much relegated him to mop up man #2, where he killed me the least. Can I remove him from the playoff roster and replace him with another eligible pitcher, and can the active roster (not the...
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    Anyone watching the Texas Rangers game?

    Hamilton a perfect 5-5 4HR, 2B, 8RBI one man wrecking crew tonight