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    Trade/Sale List

    I'm gradually going through my collection to sell or trade most of it. It'll be listed on Google Sheets and I'll be updating it as much as possible. Everything is sorted right now by year, set, etc. PM me if you are interested in anything. I'd really like to sell off as much as possible, and...
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    Cardinals I Need

    I'm collecting players who played on the Cardinals in my life time (1979-current). Here are the ones I need: Player Pos Final Year w/ Cardinals Acevedo, Juan P 1999 Adduci, Jim 1983 Agosto, Juan P 1992 Alba, Gibson P 1988 Allen, Neil P 1985 Anderson, Marlon OF 2004 Andujar, Joaquin P...
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    Collectors And The Autographed Cards They Collect

    I'm working on players who were on the Cardinals from 1979 to current. They don't have to be in a Cardinals uniform. I'll have a list of what I need up shortly.
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    Looking for help Minor and Major League coaching auto's

    I'm going down to Busch on Sunday and can try to get Honeycutt for you. I'll let you know if I'm successful.
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    Looking to sell/trade the following autos

    I'm interested in quite a few. Let me know what you are looking for in return.
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    50/50 Opportunity

    I can take them all but Oberkfell. PM me with amounts.
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    50/50 Opportunity

    FYI - I've learned that Parnell will personalize. I won't be taking any of him now.
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    50/50 Opportunity

    Customs are fine. Send me a PM and we'll work out the details.
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    50/50 Opportunity

    Send me a pm when you have a definite list.
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    50/50 Opportunity

    I can take Cintron and Jacobs. Kata is only 1 per, so I won't be taking him now.
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    50/50 Opportunity

    I'll be seeing Buffalo/Columbus and Round Rock/Nashville in 2 weeks and am excepting 50/50 for most players. The only one I'm full on right now is Jordan Danks. You must prep the cards, label them, and send a SASE and list of what has been sent. Here are the Rosters: Acosta, Manny P Buffalo...
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    Cards for FT

    I'm interested in these: Edwin Bellorin 2007 Topps 52 #159 Wilson Betemit 2008 Topps Update #UH314 Lenny DiNardo 2008 Topps Heritage #470 Tim Hamulack 2006 Upper Deck #939 Rich Hill 2008 Allen & Ginter #226 JR House 2004 Bowman #BDP3 Tug Hulett 2009 Topps Kila Ka’aihue 2009 Bowman #204 Heath...
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    Old Retired Player Address Request Thread

    Anything for Mike Rose? He was just released from the Atlantic League.
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    Old Retired Player Address Request Thread

    I've seen his name throughout the season, but I just learned he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My nephew is a huge baseball fan and also has it, so I thought it would be a nice little gift. I'll see if I can search for his address elsewhere.
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    Old Retired Player Address Request Thread

    Anyone have Brandon Morrow's home address (P, Mariners)? Edit: I know it says not to ask for current players, but I'm getting it for my nephew for a gift. Any help is appreciated.