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    tons of autos, gu for trade

    in this ebay listing i have a bunch of autos and GU, if interested in any let me know thanks would only be interested in autos in return of football/basketball players
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    help me get rid of these jersey booklets!!!

    i dont collet baseball. values on booklet range from i would say 10-20 on all of them except the pujols which the last 2 went for around 30 on ebay. would be interested in football or basketball autos in return of relevant players all are #/99 except the boston dual which is the "gold" version #/49
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    looking to get rid of my baseball

    looking for football or basketball autos in return baseball bucket:
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    anyway have a kobe or durant for trade?

    looking only for AUTOS ill give a nice deal on one
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    Lots of new autos / patches ft (scans in thread)

    looking for football or basketball autos in return...... TONS OF NEW STUFF IN BUCKET /135 /150 /199 /25 /25 /25 /150 /99 /999 /99 /99 /25 /75 #/15 #/15 #/190 2 color patch #/15 cam newton 1/1 #/25 #/50 #/44 #/5 #/25 #/99 1/1 #/10 #/77 #/10...
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    i want to buy your auto and patch cards

    title says it all. looking to drop about 100.
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    i want to buy your auto and patch cards

    title says it all. looking for RELEVANT players only. looking to spend around 100
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    want to buy a lillard or kobe auto

    looking for lower end of each. lmk what you have. thanks
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    autos for trade. westbrook, melo, beal, harden, walker, waiters etc

    looking for a kobe. want to trade up. CMB and let me know what you like. hopefully we can make a deal.
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    just made a photobcuket, check it out

    about 60 basketball autos. looking to make deals will give a lot for a kobe or durant auto coming soon is my jersey cards
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    just made a photobcuket, check it out

    looking to make some deals
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    huge trade list.

    everything available. will trade a lot for a lebron or kobe auto. pm me if interested in anything. alshon jeffery topps finest rookie autograph 2 color patch card #/250 deandre hopkins absolute rookie premiere materials autograph 2 color patch #/49 TY Hilton leaf draft on card auto Doug Martin...
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    Carmelo Anthony Auto dual jersey FS

    #/199 trade value 50 bucks
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    does anybody want a gary carter cooperstown collection jersey (XL)

    i would want a nice auto cards(s) in return.... from any sports (basketball, baseball, football). PM me if interested
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    looking for a Kobe Bryant Auto card

    please message me if you have one. would love to trade for one.
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    detroit pistons fan

    i have a lot of 9 auto / jersey cards.... i would like to trade this entire lot for 1 or 2 nice auto card if your a pistons fan PM me and lets try and trade!
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    basketball prizm

    got a lot of prizms i have some red white blue mosics red, green, blue refractor and got all the stars base cards if you collect prizm cards PM me and ill let u know specifically what i have
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    does anyone have a hanley Rameriez Auto

    if you have one to trade message me
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    just got a Bobby Doeer2004 call to the hall auto

    message me if interested, would want a different auto in return
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    looking for some auto cards in exchange for my gary carter cooperstown collection jer

    the jersey is new, never worn. size is XL pics available upon request. will take autos from basketball baseball or football