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    Wanted 2019 Topps Walgreens Yellow Yankees

    7-Torres 243-Loaisiga Will by or trade Thanks Steve
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    2000 MLB Showdown 1st edition WTT/WTB

    Need: 113-Sean Casey 126-Roberto Alomar 175-Luis Castillo 315-Jason Giambi 391-Ken Griffey Jr 447-Jeff Zimmerman Have to trade: 41-Greg Maddux 189-Craig Biggio 194-Carl Everett 220-Kevin Brown 290-Mike Piazza 297-David Cone 361-Trevor Hoffman
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    difference between MHR & MHRR

    I've recently been collecting Mickey Mantle Home Run History and in the chrome version there are MHR & MHRR cards is the 2nd R for refractor?
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    WTTF 2019 Topps UTZ Yankees

    Looking for these: 4-A Judge 9-J Loaisiga 37-C Adams 54-M Andujar have these to trade: 3-B Crawford 15-K Tucker 16-C Sihn-Soo 20-K Stewart 21-F Arcia 23-S Ohtani 24-R Zimmerman 25-N Arenado 27-J D Martinez 29-B Buxton 30-J Votto 41-A Hedges 49-M Cabrera 50-J T Realmuto 51-R Cano 58-T Mancini...
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    Topps 2006/07 Mickey Mantle Home Run History

    looking for...
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    Need 2019 National Hockey Day set card #13 Tom Barraso

    National Hockey Day Set need #13 Tom Barrasso have to trade 1 for 1 pwe trade #'s 3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,14
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    wanted 1995 Select Mirror Gold #96 Andy Petite

    wanted 1995 Select Mirror Gold #96 Andy Petite
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    2018 Topps Derek Jerter Highlights Black #18 needed

    no longer need please delete post
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    Trading 2018 Topps Derek Jeter Highlights for ones that I need

    I need the following: base 23,29 blue 2,3,14,21,30 black 2,3,12,16,18,25,26 I have the following to trade: base 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,15,16,17,19,20,21,22,24,25,26,27,28,30 blue 4,5,8,10,16,17,20,24,25,27,29 black 1,6,10,20,22,24,29 I will trade base/base blue/blue black/black also 3 base/1 black...
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    looking for 2017 Artifacts David Pastrnak & Ryan Spooner Ruby parallels

    looking for 2017-18 Artifacts David Pastrnak & Ryan Spooner Ruby parallels have 100's of base and some parallels to trade
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    Nice pull

    I bought a hobby box of UD Artifacts the other day, got a Jaromir Jagr dual relic #1/5 :)
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    2017-18 UD Artifacts base for base ft

    looking for 9,22,31,32,34,61,62,63,65,70,81,82,87,93,96 lmk what you need hoping to do several cards at a time thanks updated 11/8/17
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    2017-18 UD Artifacts Ruby parallel /299

    I have the following to trade looking for Bruins ruby parallels in return 26-Brayden Schenn Phil 61-Jack Echel Buff 76-Kyle Palmeri NJ 104-Tatlor Hall NJ 124-John Tavres NYI 127-Patrik Lane Winn 143-Teemu Selanne Ana
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    looking for Charlie McAvoy

    looking for Charlie McAvoy 2017-18 artifacts thanks
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    2017 Topps Chrome Yankees wantlist

    2017 Topps Chrome Yankees needed Dellin Betances-Green Refractor /99 Starlin Castro-Blue Refractor /150 Aroldis Chapman-Blue refractor /150,Blue Wave refractor /75,Green refractor/99,Gold refractor/50 Matt Holliday-Blue Wave Refractor /75 Jordan Montgomery-Blue Wave Refractor /75,Green Refractor...
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    uncut sheet frame

    I just bought some uncut sheets, looking to frame them. Not finding anything other than custom frames to fit them. Anyone that has does this already that can give info on an inexpensive frame that will work? Thanks Steve