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    1994 UpperDeck SP Football

    Yes I do, 157 Eric Turner, 170 Rodney Hampton, 172 Tim Brown, 220 Season Highlights Emmitt Smith....sitting on my desk, post it up and tell me where to send them. Thanks again.
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    1994 UpperDeck SP Football

    I am almost positive I have all 4 you need, I will check in the morning and let you know. Sorry I missed this reply.
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    1994 UpperDeck SP Football

    Looking to fill this set, have some extras to trade. Not looking for die cuts specifically but would take them if them come up. Also looking for the inserts. 1994 UD SP -...
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    WTT 2015 Topps Football (base set complete)

    I have your last 3 20,335,342 if you are interested, new to this board but active on the others. Will send PM