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  1. casket

    Vintage to trade for Vintage

    Looking for Al Kaline slabs I need for my PC...have some vintage baseball There are more in my photos in the link in my signature
  2. casket

    WTTF: Justin Jefferson RCs

    Have these available: 2020 Panini Mosaic #209 Justin Jefferson RC 2020 Panini Prizm #398A Justin Jefferson RC 2020 Donruss Optic Rookie Phenoms Jerseys #13 Justin Jefferson 2020 Panini Mosaic Mosaic #270 Justin Jefferson DEB
  3. casket

    Basketball Slabs For Trade

    Checked my wife's list(she is the MJ collector), she has those already graded by PSA
  4. casket

    Basketball Slabs For Trade

    What is AGS or ASG?
  5. casket

    Football Slabs For Trade

    I would be looking for graded yes unless it is a comparable card. I have all of those Bradys, thanks.
  6. casket

    Basketball Slabs For Trade

    Link to my Basketball Graded Cards here:[email protected]/albums/72177720302013127 Looking For Michael Jordan or Steph Curry slabs.
  7. casket

    Football Slabs For Trade

    I have quite a few slabs available for trade here in this link: Looking mainly for Favre or Vintage Packers that I may need or Mr. TB12 Will also trade for star slabs of 70s football
  8. casket

    Baseball Slabs For Trade

    Link to my Baseball slabs: Looking to trade for Al Kaline Slabs I need or any of the 70's stars slabs that I need.
  9. casket

    '78Topps #315 Tony Dorsett for sale

    Pics and price on him?
  10. casket

    Numbered football FT/FS - NFC teams

    where are those Packers? :D:D:D
  11. casket

    Football Trade List

    accepted, thank you. Goes out in the morning
  12. casket

    Football Trade List

    pm sent with trade proposal, ty
  13. casket

    Football Trade List

    I will look but I do not have the Seymour, sorry