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  1. NySam

    Please help RIPAHL

    Thanks... I was told to use [email protected] I will tell him also to potentially do the direct email, you provided.
  2. NySam

    Please help RIPAHL

    How and when was it fixed. RIPAHL is have similar issues.
  3. NySam

    Please help RIPAHL

    since no emails are generated, you also cannot register a new account. This means this site cannot take on any new users either Is there a POC info we can pass on to those unsuspecting users we hate to lose
  4. NySam

    Please help RIPAHL

    Bump.... perhaps there is a direct email to the owners. Seems like his issue has exposed the email issue. This means no new users can register either. All is asked is someone get the site to send email conformation to complete the email change or just turn him back on. The site lacks emails...
  5. NySam

    2nd Jan Contest for Alex Rodriguez Auto serial 16/25! Winner is seawolf17! Contest is over!

    #39 for Arod. Appreciate the opportunity.
  6. NySam

    2022 Finest

    @Shepherd Interested in the gooden as a Mets fan Are you interested in trading it? I think this could be a 12-15 BV card. I don't see your Needs list. I only see your traders from your footer. Do you have specific www page. I am new so I am not sure if I can see profiles or where to...
  7. NySam

    2022 Capstone

    hello. ripahl is my dad. Its embarrassing to say he is locked out. I am visiting so he is over my shoulder :). He did not want to leave you hanging while someone of this site helps him. Apparently, the site is struggling to send emails out and unforuntetely, he tried to change his email and...
  8. NySam

    Please help RIPAHL

    All... I will relayed these messages to him via email. @ripahl stated that he continues to have locked himself out with no way of posting or confirming a changed email but will await contact.
  9. NySam

    Please help RIPAHL

    his email is [email protected] He says he seems to have locked himself out. He tried to change his password but cannot get any emails to confirm the email. He changed it back to the original and still no confirmation emails. So can someone help him get back in?
  10. NySam

    21 Topps Clearly Authentic Carl Yastrzemski Auto 25/25

    I have a 1983 Topps Ryne Sandberg IP Auto RC #83, and a 2013 Inception Patrick Wisdom Prospect Auto and a 2016 Topps Strata Anthony Rizzo Auto #SA-AR
  11. NySam

    2021 Want Lists

    I have these 2021 Bowman Chrome #2 Joey Votto 2021 Bowman Chrome #4 Jose Abreu 2021 Bowman Chrome #15 Charlie Blackmon 2021 Bowman Chrome #22 Christian Yelich 2021 Bowman Chrome #38 William Contreras 2021 Bowman Chrome #41 Pete Alonso 2021 Bowman Chrome #46 Paul...
  12. NySam

    2021 Mosaic for trade.

    I have the following I have the following Orioles in Mosaic 2, 25, 39, 71, 90, 239, 245 2 (pink swirl /10) Scripts 4 (gold) Center stage 4 debuts 17 (base), 17 (green) field vision 9 plus base 130, 145, 158, 173, 177, 187, 200, 217, 218, 220, 227, 230, 234, 244, 261, 262, 263
  13. NySam

    2021 Bowman Chrome Prospect wantlist! Also have duplicates for trade!

    ok, let me know... I can do for the two cards. They carry a lot of BV so take a look if the cards are avail and you still need them 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP36 Ismael Mena 1 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP40 Yolbert Sanchez 1.25 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP57 Wander Franco 6...
  14. NySam

    2021 Bowman Chrome Prospect wantlist! Also have duplicates for trade!

    I have these 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP135 Jarren Duran 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP119 Tyler Freeman 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP137 Michael Toglia 2021 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP136 Kristian Robinson for futurist Jordan?
  15. NySam

    2021 Bowman Chrome Prospect wantlist! Also have duplicates for trade!

    I am interested in the Futurist Jordan $8 BV. What are you looking for that I can provide?
  16. NySam

    FT/FS 2021 Topps Chrome 70 Years of Topps Baseball #70YTC

    I am looking to trade these for 70YTC (listed below). If you dont have any to trade, you can make a sale offer (OBO) by PM me. There is no BV on these so I put a bogey price out there. add $4 for combo ship 2021 Topps Chrome 70 Years of Topps Baseball 70YTC-8 Paul Goldschmidt $5...
  17. NySam

    2020 Topps Update insert A Numbers Game wantlist! Okay for Moderator to lock this thread.

    card pulled, the ripken will work, post if good... thanks
  18. NySam

    WTTF: 2020 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini 9 Ways to First Base...3 to go

    I have the 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini 9 Ways to First Base #M9WF-3 Base On Balls for the 2020 Topps Gallery Hall of Fame #HOFG3 Ted Williams Both Book at $3.

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