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    TRADING $$$ AUTOS : Ryan Maddux Acuna Ripken Trout Koufax Pujols Aaron Jeter Yaz Ichiro HOF +++

    Thanks for explaining that as I was like jmintz (confused). Don
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    Updated Trade-Site...Looking for New Show Inventory

    What show do you set up at? Trade sites are great for picking up new inventory. Don
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    Christmas Special Contest for Carl Yastrezemski auto /gu serial 9/10! Winner is topaz 77! Contest is over!

    Happy Holidays to you and kudo's to you for giving out such a sweet card. DON
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    No longer receiving Email notifications

    Mike, Will reality the message. Thanks!! Don
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    15th Annual Benchies

    I totally can relate as I handle a lot on another site. It a thanks less job but when members ask about stuff I always ask them to step up to help make the site run smoother. Totally, understand where you are coming from. Don
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    15th Annual Benchies

    As, I told you in the past and Kate via chat if you want anything done lmk. I still work 7 days a week and only check on here from time to time. Just saying as I told ya that via phone conversation ask me and I will make it happen LOL. Glad to see you are still around. Don
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    Lol must be nice to have a busy season as that mean you will have funds for the hobby. Look forward to what you and Katester44 work up by following the discussion. DON
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    Unfortunately, not a single card company felt it necessary to send us a free box of cards. Kate, If you want a box of card from any company the major thing is you need a social media following. Example, Panini gives a lot of their product to the bigger blogs and breakers out there. Does the...
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    15th Annual Benchies

    Why cannot a staff member do this? Trying to count on Shaggy to do this while someone like Kate would be a better alternative. Of course that is if she was given the perms to cash the checks. Don
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    How to safely ship cards

    "Another way of sending large lots is to place the cards into a plastic case. Everyone should be familiar with these cases. Tape the case shut and place it into a bubble mailer and off they go. Pretty easy to do, but unless you have a stockpile of old cases it can get expensive." Just a note on...
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    Selling Bulk Out of my .25/.50/$1/$2 Boxes - Nice Deals!

    Any feedback from any of the members who have bought any of these?
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    More activity is good as that cannot be disputed but that is only half the story. If you are getting views that is interaction as that mean people are viewing the thread. Half the battle of getting is getting folks to view the thread first. In today world there is so much social media stuff...
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    would It not be feasible to keep it in one thread but have the First post updated with hyperlinks to all the posts from asmembers post thrm. So no matter how old the thread came if a moderator updates it say weekly all the posts would be in post 1. Not sure if that too much to ask of a...
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    I do deals for PWE's all the time especially low sales. I offer them the option of this price or that as it cost of a big time savings but if it gets lost no recourse from them. On a trade I understand but even if it only happens once in a blue moon your going to save so much money in the long...
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    This is prevalent everywhere. I always send a person a message and ask them if they are still working on the set. I even then ask them to not accept any help on the set while I look. As I do not want to pull them in say a few days or a week then when I reply they say "OH I ALREADY GOT THEM."...
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    Understand where your coming from now as this is for only one card to complete various sets (white whales for any set collector) though some might be easy but still it puts a set to rest which is nice. Thanks, but will see if any moderators have any thoughts besides Kate.
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    I do not have the leisure of a cardsharp but I do have shows and can pick things up so cheaply especially if it base compared to working on sets. The biggest thing I think and you can tell me if I am right. Just think if you had a group of solid collectors that you know honored their word and...
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    The Bench - what can we do to ramp up the activity?

    I concur with everything you said above. As with all things whoever in charge here should be putting out the application for mod applications as you say. It not that hard to do I assume once you are accustomed to the site. Of course, I could be totally wrong. As you said sportlots is a...