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    FREE Base Cards.....Just pay shipping costs

    Very kind of you to do this!
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    Vintage baseball/football wanted & for trade

    Hi, do you still have your 70 FB, and 59-62 BB to trade? Thanks, Steve
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    1964 Topps Giants (cards)

    Hi, I've got plenty of these in varying conditions. Would you PLMK if you believe you could hit some of my pre-1970 vintage wants: Please pay attention if you would to the condition desired for each set. Thanks!
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    New to site. Set wants 1973-2023 listed inside.

    Hi Brad, We have somewhat similar want lists and I could hit many of your pre-1990 wants. I have about 15,000 commons from 1973-1979 alone. Have made many trades on STP and Trading Bases. My want lists can be found at Feel free to check them out and let...
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    Looking for these set wants

    Hi, what minimum condition requirement do you have, if any, on the pre-1990 cards on your want list. Steve
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    Combined '60's and '70's Baseball Want/Buy and Trade/Sell Lists

    Hi, I can hit a good number of your want lists, primarily from the '70's. Would you please let me know if you can hit some of my wants ( and I'll begin pulling cards for you to match an approx value of what you think you may have for me...
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    Baseball & Football Wantlist 1950-1974

    Hi, I can hit a good number of your BB and FB wants. My want list is an assortment of both BB, FB and BK from 1958 to 1990 in various conditions. Would you please let me know if you can hit some of these on my want list ( and I'll begin pulling...
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    75 Topps Needs and FT

    Hi Brad, I've got thousands of 75's and also tons of 74s' and others on your want lists. Would it be possible to tell me if you might be able to knock off some of my vintage wants? Please check out my lists at Please note the condition I'm...
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    1971 TOPPS SUPERS f/t or f/s.....

    Hi, is the Yaz super still available? I have cards on your want list in your desired condition to trade back. Thanks, Steve
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    In search of limited Ben Crane and Duffy Waldorf golf cards

    Have over 300,000 cards to trade back! Thanks, Steve
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    2012 sp authentic golf - want list

    Hi, any Ben Crane to trade? Thanks
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    2012 sp authentic golf want & trade lists

    Hi, are any of these Ben Crane cards? Thanks
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    Mark Wing's Condition Guide

    Good effort, I like it. Pictures definitely help. My suggestions would be to add a Vg-Ex category since this is prevalent in 1950s-1960s cards and also to point out that Excellent condition cards may not have a crease at all! Thanks
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    Need 1969T-1979T; 1965T Embossed. Have over 300,000 to trade back, mostly 1966-1990.

    Need these. Please pay attention to condition. Cards shown with asterisks or carats (* or ^) Have traded a lot on SportsCardFun (srose007). Thanks! 1965 Topps Embossed ExMt-Nm Condition # Description HI ----------------------- 1 Carl Yastrzemski $7.00 2 Ron Fairly $1.25 26 Eddie Mathews...
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    Need 1 1971 Fleer World Series card...

    Hi, I may have this card. Do you happen to have a picture of it (or another similar one from the set)? Thanks, Steve
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    1972 Topps Wanted

    Hi Kevin, What condition did you need for these? And what kind of stuff did you have to trade back? I'm also looking to complete 1969-1979 sets. Thanks, Steve
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    Vintage for trade or sale

    Hi Jack, I could use 1973 #179 (Horscheit has left ear showing) and #237 (Burdette has right ear showing) - are they those variations? Also #338. Could also use the following 1974-1980 since you mentioned you have a lot in nicer condition. You can disregard those with asterisks/carats as those...
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    Vintage baseball for trade or sale

    Hi Jay, I have over 300,000 cards and I know I can hit some of your wantlists up to 1989. I noticed you have about 3 cards that I could use from 1969-1972 and I'm sure a bunch more from 1973 up. Was there a minimum condition you desired for your wantlist or any condition as long as the trade...
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    1969 Topps FT

    Hi Wayne, I could use 1969 #168 I have over 300,000 cards to trade, primarily baseball from 1970-1990, but tons of other stuff. Not too much of the newer stuff though. May I ask what might interest you besides the 1993-1997 items you've listed below? Thanks, Steve