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    Great return after a LONG wait

    Carney Lansford 43736 Pocahontas Rd. Baker, OR 97814 Good luck!
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    Great return after a LONG wait

    I guess that would be helpful. My list is in a word document, so anyone with interest in making a deal, please PM me and I'll send you a copy.
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    Great return after a LONG wait

    Haven't chimed in for a while but I got a great return today after a long wait. Former A's third baseman Carney Lansford, who hasn't had a success recorded on SCN since 2008, signed my 1987 Topps for my set after a mere 741 days. For anyone interested Carney's on the trading block since I gave...
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    3rd Sept Contest for Ernie Banks auto! Winner is GIANTS FAN! Contest is over!

    I apologize. I didn't realize I had only four. Sorry again.
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    3rd Sept Contest for Ernie Banks auto! Winner is GIANTS FAN! Contest is over!

    Ernie turns 80 this year so let's go with that. 80?
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    Steve Sax or his assistant??

    I've always thought Sax autos look different depending on which ones you're looking at. The same can be said about many signers but he's always been one that has stuck out, to me at least.
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    My year in review success 2010 scan heavy BB & FB

    Is the Ken-Wel advertisement authentic? If so how much did it run you, if you don't mind me asking?
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    2 in on nov 12

    Where did you send Sandberg?
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    Very Surprising TTM Return!

    Yes! Just got Boggs back myself yesterday. He signed an 8 X 10 of himself on the horse following the 96 World Series and a 1984 Topps card. I had written him off a long time ago, considering I sent it in Sept. of 09. Very excited and even more surprised.
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    2 in 7/6!!!

    Nice work, hopefully I see my own Butler show up soon.
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    Denied by Lark!

    That stinks. Looks like we waited too long. I sent to him way back in January so it was probably just the luck of the draw, or lack-there-of in our case.
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    Denied by Lark!

    I saw several successes from future HOFer Barry Larkin on here several weeks ago which gave me hope that my own request, sent to the MLB Network, would return as well. It did today, but it was unsigned in my SASE. Anyone else had this happen yet?
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    1 success/ 1 failure

    You probably received the slip stating that Smith now charges $15 per signature now? I did, sent him the fee and got my card back about a month later.
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    LaRussa, Dawson and Yount

    Got the same stuff back from Yount today, as well. Did he send back your card?
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    Finally some 1987 Topps successes

    Since the only thing I do TTM is the 1987 set, I really don't have much to offer in the way of trades. That's an FYI for everybody that's willing to help me fill in some of the holes. Let me know a price if you're willing to go that route. I know Harper is tough. You're right about Fernando, he...
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    Finally some 1987 Topps successes

    Harper and Fernando definitely. PM me, let me know what you have in mind.
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    Finally some 1987 Topps successes

    All- Had some pretty decent returns over the past two weeks, including a few toughies. The story is below and as always thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone this week.
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    Future HOFer for my 88 Topps

    Was that sent C/O MLB Network? I hope he gets back to me soon, too.
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    Latest 1987 Topps successes

    I saw a string of those on SCN. I saw the same thing about John Kruk. The incedents seem to be isolated, but you never know.
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    Latest 1987 Topps successes

    Everyone- Some pretty good successes arrived the last couple weeks, the best of which was a surprise return from Will Clark. Thanks again to you all for reading and best of luck to everyone this week...