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  1. David Campos

    Older Bowman Chrome Refractors for trade

    Interested in the tony gwynn and the vlad blue. Anything specific you're looking for or just what is in your sig?
  2. David Campos

    WTTF - 2020 AG - Mini - Where Monsters Live

    I should have a complete set available. PM sent.
  3. David Campos

    1998 Topps Tek #61 Pattern 90 Diffractors Troy Glaus (Sold)

    Next in line if it falls through.
  4. David Campos

    About 300 A&G minis I got in today Portnoy mini

    I could use this one and the urias no number possibly. I might need a few others including 2018 black # 161. 2018 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini A and G Back #145 Genie Bouchard $1.25 Let me check my wants to see what other minis I could use.
  5. David Campos

    WTTF Allen & Ginter

    I should have a large majority of your minis. I'd have to check the equipment and fields of yore cards as I mainly buy minis in lots but have a few of the base cards and inserts too. I'll look at your tradelist shortly and see if you have any minis I need. Looks like I have these minis: 2018...
  6. David Campos

    WTTF: 2011 Gypsy Queen Minis (Regular back, Variations, and Red Gypsy Queen Backs)

    Thought I would post this to see if anyone might have some of these laying around. It is an older mini set that I am slowly starting to put together. I need a bunch of the Red Gypsy Queen backs and I will trade for any variation mini, even if I don't need it. For the regular minis, I need about...
  7. David Campos

    wttf wtb hall of fame autos

    I'm interested in the Guerrero century legends also as well. Do you have a scan?
  8. David Campos

    WTTF Reggie Sanders Cards I Need

    2007 Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Black #267 If you have the black No Number card, you don't need this one. The ginter blacks either have the number or they don't, not both.
  9. David Campos

    WTTF: Brian Dawkins cards

    I have a few finest Dawkins rookies already including a PSA 10. Are your finest cards centered with the coating still on them? I would be interested in more if they are. I could actually use the 18 prizm card if it is centered and has no scratches. The second link in my signature shows some of...
  10. David Campos

    Looking To Trade For Different Rookie Cards I need From 1999-2005 (List Provided)

    I see that you are from Philly. Do you have any Brian Dawkins stuff? I have this card available. 2002 Fleer Platinum Finish Billy Cundiff #278 [/100] RC
  11. David Campos

    Football Trade List

    Can you tell me what the serial # on this card is? 2010 Topps Prime Blue #85 Brian Dawkins $5.00
  12. David Campos

    WTTF: Brian Dawkins cards

    Anyone have any Brian Dawkins stuff to trade or sell?
  13. David Campos

    A few low end Roberto Clemente inserts--FT

    Sorry for the delay. Go ahead and post trade #1. Thanks.
  14. David Campos

    A few low end Roberto Clemente inserts--FT

    I spent the morning updating my Musial cards and have these for trade. Prefer to trade similar valued cards for the same. Some are harder to get than others. Here is what I have. 1980-87 SSPC HOF #114 Stan Musial $0.75 1982 TCMA Greatest Hitters #2 Stan Musial $2.50 1983 Donruss HOF Heroes...
  15. David Campos

    A few low end Roberto Clemente inserts--FT

    I could use these: 2019 Topps Chrome 150 Refractor Roberto Clemente #150C-15 $2.50 2019 Gypsy Queen SP Roberto Clemente #307 $8 2019 Allen & Ginter Baseball Star Signs Roberto Clemente #BSS-41 $2.50 2018 Topps Variation Roberto Clemente #US9 $10 2005 Diamond Kings HOF Sluggers Roberto Clemente...
  16. David Campos

    Sold- please remove

    I will pass. Thanks.
  17. David Campos

    Sold- please remove

    Would you take $15 dlvd?
  18. David Campos

    2nd May contest for Mark McGwire auto! Winner is 89Giants! Contest is over!

    I'll try # 27. Thanks for the contest.
  19. David Campos

    Anyone have any Robin Ventura Autos, game used, short prints

    I have a 98 topps tek diffractor of Ventura. Have any other 98 tek diffractors to trade?
  20. David Campos

    2nd March Contest for Frank Thomas auto! Winner is DaSoxFan! Contest is closed!

    I'll take #27 please. Thanks for the contest.