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  1. DaClyde

    Player Collectors opinions on 1993 Topps/R&N China?

    It has been ages since I posted here, so for anyone who was interested and doesn't frequent any other sites, in the 9 years since my last update about this, I have now identified 145 different porcelain cards from the 1993 Topps/R&N China set. General consensus is still that the entire set does...
  2. DaClyde

    2016 Beckett Almanac of Baseball cards or 2016 Beckett Baseball Price Guide?

    The Standard Catalog no longer issues a book covering modern cards. I think 2013 might have been the last of those. Now they only issue the Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards.
  3. DaClyde

    Anyone know about this set?

    If it was a Tuff Stuff card show promo, Beckett probably wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.
  4. DaClyde

    My New Yankees Card Blog

    I would still be interested to hear from a Mexican collector to determine if the 1990s Donuss, Topps and Pacific Spanish sets ever actually made it any farther south than San Diego.
  5. DaClyde

    Collection Size

    My "collection", by which I mean cards I actually collect and want to keep, is probably somewhere in the 3000-4000 card range. Then there's the other 80K+ cards I have accumulated along the way that I just can't seem to move fast enough.
  6. DaClyde

    How many Donruss Rated Rookies do you remember?

    Cool game. There is at least one typo in the answers. Possibly two as I can't get Juan Gonzalez to register. -------Update--------- I got a very disappointing 49/134. I expected to do much better among the 1987-1990 cards, and just kept blanking on all those guys who just didn't pan out...
  7. DaClyde

    1988/89 Topps Doubleheaders Yankees/Mets

    Wow, I didn't even see that come up. Must have scrolled right past it since eBay took all the titles off the front page of the feed.
  8. DaClyde

    Beckett "market data" now available

    Something that would really help is if they included other sales data, like Sportlots, JustCommons and COMC (not likely to happen any time soon). That 1987 Topps McGwire (along with everything else in every Topps base set from 1986-1992) is basically a common that can be had for $0.18 +...
  9. DaClyde

    Any Send in Specials?

    The only "special" part is that for 50 cents, you get faster processing. Basically if you hit the submission deadline, they guarantee to have the cards up in time for Black Friday. Not really much of a special, but I don't blame them. They really need to give their processing team a break on...
  10. DaClyde

    Need Help Identifying Oddball Chipper Jones Cards - Venezuelan?

    This is where it is doubly frustrating that Beckett doesn't care and Sports Collectors Digest failed to comprehend the Internet. Whenever I can work out checklists for non-American sets, I post them to the Inventory Manager, but it's really only designed as a collection...
  11. DaClyde

    Happy to say, that I accepted a Job offer to work for COMC. I start Tuesday!!!!

    I noticed several of my cards have finally had their edits accepted. Keep up the great work! I won't hold my breath on the Japanese stuff.
  12. DaClyde

    Need Help Identifying Oddball Chipper Jones Cards - Venezuelan?

    There is/was a Mexican baseball magazine called "Solo Beisbol", so it is possible the first one was clipped out of an issue of that. If that is the case, I'd love to track them down. I'll ask r2d2 (the Mexican card collector, not the droid) if he is familiar with it. Also, I found that...
  13. DaClyde <--- Former MLB player site founded by Ellis Valentine

    Interesting that they would choose not to make that information public. I suspect some people would be more willing to plunk down the $10 if they knew the money was going to charity. Great looking site! There are a couple of Don DeMola cards listed on Willie Aikens page.
  14. DaClyde

    Need Help Identifying Oddball Chipper Jones Cards - Venezuelan?

    I've done a lot of digging and never seen any of those designs before. Where did you find them?
  15. DaClyde

    Community Project: help validate the 1985 MSA Subway Discs checklist

    1985 saw the release of two nearly identical sets of MSA discs (which unfortunately looked almost exactly like most of the previous years MSA discs sets). There was the Thom McAn/JOX set, issued as a promotion for Thom McAn's JOX tennis shoes, and the completely anonymous Subway set, that looked...
  16. DaClyde

    Topps Team Card Question

    Topps did team photo cards from 1956-1968, 1970-1981 2001-2007. Topps Heritage 2008
  17. DaClyde

    Player Checklists

    Check the Inventory Manager at
  18. DaClyde

    Happy to say, that I accepted a Job offer to work for COMC. I start Tuesday!!!!

    Until the cards are posted, they aren't priced, so there would be no way to buy them.
  19. DaClyde

    What do YOU use Beckett for?

    I check it occasionally to see if they've added any new (old) cards to their database for the players I collect and to see if they have yet corrected known errors in their data (none, yet). I have no interest in their "beckett values" and don't see the value in paying them for the privilege of...
  20. DaClyde

    Perhaps more news/visuals on the homepage?

    I like the layout, but I agree about the front page. There is nothing less than a year old on the front page. That makes the site look a lot deader than it really is, and doesn't exactly encourage further exploration.