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  1. dbarbos1

    2 Arrivals - 9/12

    Nice ones!
  2. dbarbos1

    2 Arrivals - 9/15

    Nice successes!
  3. dbarbos1

    1 in today

    Great Success!
  4. dbarbos1

    Recent IP Successes and an in store find....

    That Bobby Orr photo may be one of the greatest I have ever seen!
  5. dbarbos1

    1 Arrival - 9/4

    Wow, nice wait! Solid success!
  6. dbarbos1

    New autos week of 8/25

    Great Successes!
  7. dbarbos1

    28-29 aug

    Nice successes!
  8. dbarbos1

    Hogs, 'Nuts and Old Rangers

    Great successes Chris!
  9. dbarbos1

    Hells Bells in Frisco

    Awesome Successes Chris! Thank's again!
  10. dbarbos1

    21 AUG Vernon and a DUAL

    Great successes!
  11. dbarbos1

    Shawn Chacon project hit

    Fantastic success!
  12. dbarbos1


    Great Successes!
  13. dbarbos1

    One and Only 2014 Ginter Box - Rippin' Good Time! WOW!!!

    Fantastic box! Great pulls!
  14. dbarbos1

    4 Arrivals - 8/16

    Nice successes!
  15. dbarbos1

    12 more 2008 Topps

    Really cool! You're almost to the 50% mark! Way to go!
  16. dbarbos1

    18 AUG finally some TTMs

    Nice successes! That was a good mailday!
  17. dbarbos1

    Frisco or Bust....with a little help from my friends

    Fantastic job Chris!
  18. dbarbos1

    Blue Wahoo autographs & Visiting Southern Leaguers

    Nice haul! I'll be back in Pensacola next week for the homestand vs the Biscuits. That picture of the Juans and Corcino cracks me up. They asked me to drive them to their apartment the night before I left Pensacola. I could not do it because me car was filled up with all my stuff so the 3 of...
  19. dbarbos1

    sharks vs. york

    Nice autographs. I really know why you only made it to the second half of the were too busy screaming your head off at the One Direction concert!:p
  20. dbarbos1

    Friday fun day followed by Saturday sun day IP...

    That is fantastic! Great job Chris!