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    AROD Mariners!

    I’m looking to purchase or trade for Arod Mariner cards numbered under #/250 or rarer inserts. My trading options for other players are primary 97-01 years. Please message me if you have any cards available.
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    White Whale!!!!

    My white whale card is the: 1998 Leaf (50th) Alex Rodriguez Fractal Matrix Diamond Axis! #/50 There is a high priced promo on eBay but I’m looking for the real deal. Any leads would be appreciated. Second on this list is the 1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Y-Axis die-cut. There a few out there...
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    WTTF: Anything of GREG MADDUX i don't have

    I have a 1998 UD Amazing Greats Die-Cut #/250, need?