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    7 Blaster boxes of Panini MLB Prizms 43 repeats

    43 repeat cards out of 168 cards that seems pretty damn high to me so I total of 125 so basically almost 2 whole boxes of the 7 were repeat cards. It pisses me off bc I’m trying to complete a set and it’s not like $35 a box is cheap either
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    2021 Panini NFL prestige

    Yeah the row with the most cards are all numbered from 200 to 300 how is it possible to be missing 8 of the base cards that are numbered between 200 -300! There just ain't no way with that many cards to be missing 8 base cards with some fishy BS going where Panini is the reason and serious...
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    2021 Panini NFL prestige

    Everyone of these cards in this stack are numbered 200 to 300 and somehow I wasn't able to find a single 1 of those 8 cards! That just astronomical impossible with out some fishy BS going on. I've got at least 10 duplicates of some cards and still I wasn't able to get 1 of those 8 cards! It...
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    2021 Panini NFL prestige

    What gives? I open box after box after box and every single card that is over #200 which are RC’s I just keep getting repeats after repeats so I can't complete the base set its driving me bonkers. I may already have it done if I take the Parallels into consideration but that wouldn’t be base...