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  1. billy-d

    Prizm/Optic/Select claim sale, all holo/silver/color, over 400 cards, $0.25-$12

    I will take: 54 Broncos 2018 Optic Royce Freeman Blue RC /149 $1.00 55 Broncos 2018 Optic Royce Freeman Holo RC $0.50 56 Broncos 2018 Optic Troy Fumagalli Holo RC $0.25 57 Broncos 2018 Optic Troy Fumagalli Red RC /99 $1.00 58 Broncos 2018 Optic Troy Fumagalli Red Yellow RC $0.25 64 Broncos 2018...
  2. billy-d

    Updated 5/3/22 Topps Chrome claim sale, 1400+ cards, RC/refractor/color, sortable $0.25+

    I will take these...gonna combine with your Panini thread... 108 Bears 2015 Jeremy Langford Camo Refractor RC /499 $0.75 142 Bengals 2014 Darqueze Dennard Camo Refractor RC /499 $0.75 201 Broncos 2003 Cecil Sapp RC $0.25...
  3. billy-d

    $25.00 eBay Code!

    Thanks for sharing! Worked for me this morning!!
  4. billy-d

    WTTF your Red Wings for my football in bulk...especially Abdelkader!

    I am a Red Wings fan, but I do not buy hockey cards. I am a football card collector and would be willing to make bulk trades of my football cards for your Red Wings cards. For most teams, I will have 100-300 cards and should have serial numbered, relics, and autos for most teams. Given that...
  5. billy-d

    WTTF Broncos and Spartans!

    I am looking to make some bulk trades for Broncos or Michigan State Spartans. If you have 100 - 300 Broncos or Spartans laying around, let me know what team, players, or other cards you're looking for and let's see if we can make a trade. I am willing to do smaller, more specific trades where...
  6. billy-d

    Football Trade List

    sending PM
  7. billy-d

    WTB / WTTF any Bennie Fowler cards - 2014 Select and 2018 Score

    Bennie Fowler doesn't have many cards, but I'm looking to add more to my collection. His only RC was found in 2014 Select (card #194). He is also in 2018 Score (card #102) this year so I need any and all parallels. Will even consider doubles. He was also in the 2016 Black Friday football...
  8. billy-d

    2017 Prizm Set Needs

    I posted a trade. Let me know.
  9. billy-d

    2017 Prizm Set Needs

    i need all of those Broncos. anything else you need in addition to the 2017 prizm?
  10. billy-d

    2017 Prizm Set Needs

    I only have 6 for you: Let me know what you have for Broncos from 2017 Prizm.
  11. billy-d

    Larry Fitzgerald Wanted

    I have these: 2016 Clear Vision #2 blue parallel #ed /99 2016 Clear Vision #2 2016 Absolute #88 2016 Certified #76 2016 Classics Record Breakers 29 2016 Elite #16 2016 Prestige Stars of the NFL #15 2015 Clear Vision #14 2015 Donruss throwback insert #14 2015 Finest #78 2015 Topps Topp 60 #389...
  12. billy-d

    2015 Prestige, Clear Vision, and Topps Set Needs

    List updated! I'm almost there, please let me know if you can help...
  13. billy-d

    2016 Unparalleled, Clear Vision, Classic, Elite (and more) to Trade

    I'm looking for Broncos or former Spartans.
  14. billy-d

    2015 Prestige, Clear Vision, and Topps Set Needs

    Lists updated! Thanks for the help so far!
  15. billy-d

    WTTF 2015 Clear Vision Needs

    List updated...
  16. billy-d

    2015 Prestige, Clear Vision, and Topps Set Needs

    Just tried sending PM, says your mailbox is full...
  17. billy-d

    2015 Prestige, Clear Vision, and Topps Set Needs

    Let me know what you're looking for in return... (** = incoming / pending trade) 2015 Clear Vision Rookies 101 Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 103 Amari Cooper - Oakland Raiders 106 Ameer Abdullah - Detroit Lions 112 DeVante Parker - Miami Dolphins 114 Sammie Coates - Pittsburgh...
  18. billy-d

    Looking for base cards of these player's

    I recently traded away all of my Packers and Vikings, but should have a lot of Lions from 2015 and 2016. I can work to get you a more detailed list, but what do you have for Broncos and / or Spartans?
  19. billy-d

    Set finished. Thanks!!

    Even though I'm a Spartan fan, I will give you these two cards. Just post as free cards and I will send them to you.