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  1. abothebear

    Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

    I love the inadvertent red goatee on this one. This two-color version is much rarer than the all-red version. Still, it was surprisingly cheap for a nearly 100-year-old HOFer card.
  2. abothebear

    Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

    Yes, they are 33rpm records containing an interview with the pictured player. This is from the 1964 Auravision set of 16. It is not too difficult to find them with the center hole still intact. They were originally premiums that went with different products. Milk Duds is the main one, I think. I...
  3. abothebear

    Ultra Pro Memorial Day Sale

    Hey y'all, I just checked out Ultr Pro's website and found out they are having a huge sale on many of their products. NOT the 9-pocket pages though. I got boxes of 4-pocket, 8-pocket and the 2 pockets for 5x7 at 50% off plus free shipping, plus an additional 5% off for signing up for the...
  4. abothebear

    Adult Cards - what to do with them?

    Just throw them out. they aren't worth more than the trouble. And if anyone wanted them, there are plenty out there. It is like 1987 Topps. You could throw a thousand full sets in a bonfire and it wouldn't make a difference.
  5. abothebear

    What was your most satisfying or difficult set to complete?

    1934 Gold Medal Foods World Series This is a set I accidentally discovered when I won the Ducky Medwick for under $15. My card budget is extremely low, but the idea that I could chase a pre-war set in my price range was planted (until then I had very little knowledge of pre-war collecting). And...
  6. abothebear

    Trying to finish my 1978 Topps Baseball set ('78 BKs too)

    I have done some updates to my trade and want lists and am ready to try to finish off my 1978 Topps Baseball set. I think I have less than 100 to go (I also still need the Rangers, Astros, and Yankees Burger King sets). I also have a bunch of 78 doubles not listed that I would be happy to talk...
  7. abothebear

    Limited 1991 Topps Stadium Club Charter and Members Only - How Limited?

    When Topps Stadium Club began, there was a club (I don't know if there still is). Club members received limited edition sets. The initial deal was for a multi-sport set of 50 cards (primarily baseball) with "charter member" stamped in gold foil on the card. They followed it with a series of...
  8. abothebear

    95 Scott Rolen bowman “blue” RC PSA 9

    No, not only baseball. But there isn’t much in the way of football that I’m looking for apart from RCs of the big stars from the 80s, an Emmitt Smith SS RC, and maybe some Barry Sanders GU or AUs. My main interests are pre-1989 baseball, 80s Hockey, 86 and 87 fleer basketball (and some 80 and...
  9. abothebear

    95 Scott Rolen bowman “blue” RC PSA 9

    The PSA 9s are going for around $105 right now. So I'd like to get the equivalent in trade or partial trade/sale.
  10. abothebear

    95 Scott Rolen bowman “blue” RC PSA 9

    Yes, it is still available.
  11. abothebear

    WTTF 2020 Bowman Draft Chrome Jordan Walker SN AU

    Anyone got an autographed Jordan Walker 2020 Chrome serial-numbered card for trade? Shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  12. abothebear

    95 Scott Rolen bowman “blue” RC PSA 9

    It’s the bowman’s best one, often referred to as “blue”, being part of the blue bar group (and not the red). I may be willing to trade for something else, it depends on what it is, of course. I’d like to still have a Rolen, but if I got something else that I wanted pretty bad, perhaps...
  13. abothebear

    95 Scott Rolen bowman “blue” RC PSA 9

    I don’t collect graded cards but picked up this PSA 9 Rolen a few years back. Maybe this is a weird trade request, but I don’t want the slab but can’t bring myself to crack it. I’d like to trade it for a comparable ungraded one, plus whatever the slab and it’s grade assurance is worth.
  14. abothebear

    Determining value

    Unless they are in absolutely pristine condition, commons and semi-stars from 77 and 85 are only worth other commons and semi-stars. If you have a good chunk of cards to trade as a lot, check out the lots on eBay to get an idea of what they are going for. Generally though, from what I have seen...