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  1. tigersfan12

    WTB: 2008-09 ITG Heroes and Prospects Justin Abdelkader

    Title says it all. I'm looking for this specific card only- the base set design looks like what is listed at the bottom of the post. Please PM me or email me if you have this card as I may not immediately answer this message. Let me know what you'd be asking for the card.
  2. tigersfan12

    Dallas Stars IP

    I was just looking for those two specifically for a friend's set. Thanks though.
  3. tigersfan12

    Dallas Stars IP

    Are the Barch BAP and the Raycroft All Goalies cards for trade?
  4. tigersfan12

    He's more of an Outfielder than a friendly ghost actually (TTM STUFF FOR 8.19)

    It's the type of photo paper you're using on the customs that makes them do that. You're using hard gloss when you need to use a softer gloss to avoid that happening. Also, Wells presses very hard when he signs, so it led to a bad combination.
  5. tigersfan12

    Opinion - Blyleven & Thomson

    Both are real. 100% sure.
  6. tigersfan12

    Amazing weekend with plenty of Tigers!!

    Told you that you should have had Santos sign them all, hahaha. I hope you remembered sunscreen after yesterday. Good seeing you again- hopefully will see you again either this summer or next Spring.
  7. tigersfan12

    Oh No I've Been "Flashed" twice today.

    Hate to tell you, but those are ghostsigned. Teemu hasnt actually done his own mail since the Ducks won the Cup a few years ago.
  8. tigersfan12

    Sarah Palin success

    Nice success, too bad it's an autopen.
  9. tigersfan12

    Horrible IP day

    They do it for attention. Period. My "warped sense of opinion" has been doing this for long enough to know when jerks like Griffey use stuff like this as an excuse to not sign at any other time. It's happened with enough of these guys over the years.
  10. tigersfan12

    Horrible IP day

    Personally, I think you were in the wrong for the way you acted just as much as Griffey was. By being rude to him, you've only made it that much more likely that a rough signer isnt going to sign at all for the rest of the season.
  11. tigersfan12

    6/23 - Where there is a WILL, there IS a way!

    Most Dontrelle Willis signed IP cards that I see available for sale go for between $2 and $4 each.
  12. tigersfan12

    November 2005 Site of the Month: dragonslayer913

    Nice Site and Congrats on the Award!
  13. tigersfan12

    March 2005 Site of the Month: tigersfan12

    Thanks Scott. :D John, I definitely will. :D