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  1. katester44

    1976 Topps Baseball WTTF/WTTB

    Another set done! Which means just 7 more sets left on my quest.
  2. katester44

    WTTF/WTB 1975 Topps

    Down to the final 8 for my 1975 set.
  3. katester44

    1977 Topps Baseball wantlist

    Finally completed this one. Thank you to everyone who contributed to knocking it out.
  4. katester44

    2023 Topps Chrome Needed

    Not a lot, but have 29 85 106 133 188.
  5. katester44

    Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

    Didn't know it was Clemens day.....Will see if I can find a nice one for tomorrow!! Until than, one of the finds from todays trip to The Philly Show. Needed 4 cards to finish up my 1976 set - this one was the big boy. Not perfect, but decent centering, decent corners, decent color - 1976 Eck.
  6. katester44

    The Philly Show - December 1-3, 2023

    I need to get down to the Chantilly show at some point, have heard good things. The Philly Show today was incredible. I got a late start on the day due to morning errands taking longer than anticipated, but got to spend 3+ hours in the exhibit hall. I was only able to get to about 2/3'rds of...
  7. katester44

    2023 Topps Chrome Needed

    If you still need anything after everyone else, let me know. Have plenty to trade.
  8. katester44

    WTT/WTTF/WTS 2023 Allen & Ginter

    If you have save room for desserts minis, need 4 of them to wrap up that set. Also working on 2017 Topps Walmart Holiday. After that -- bohm/bichette/lindor/kershaw/judge/harper/ichiro/puckett & decent condition vintage
  9. katester44

    The Philly Show - December 1-3, 2023

    Probably not until 2pm or so. I don't go for the autographs, I am going strictly to pick up vintage that I need.
  10. katester44

    The Philly Show - December 1-3, 2023

    Baseball/Football/Basketball/William Shatner You can click on the link and than drop down autograph guests.
  11. katester44

    The Philly Show - December 1-3, 2023

    Anybody heading to the Philly Show this weekend? It looks like I will actually be able to make it there on Saturday afternoon. Not a short drive, but worth it if I can pick up some vintage to fill in gaps!!
  12. katester44

    WTT/WTTF 2022 Topps Chrome Update

    Cards from Ebay finally arrived. Went back through and made sure I wasn't missing anything additional, and fortunately I wasn't. Finally able to get this one off the desk and stored away. Always a nice feeling when a set gets wrapped up.
  13. katester44

    Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

    Mantle in at .245.
  14. katester44

    WTT/WTS 2023 Topps Update

    that works - if you can post, I will confirm and should be able to get to the PO on Thursday. Thanks.
  15. katester44

    WTT/WTS Topps Opening Day

    The great organizational undertaking continues... Here is everything that I have available for trade/sale from Topps Opening Day. TOPPS OPENING DAY 2017 Topps Opening Day: BASE: 77 123 139 175 179 180 184 190 SUPERSTAR CELEBRATIONS (sc-xx): 4 2021 TOPPS OPENING DAY: BASE: 2 2 2 3 4 5 7 8 8...
  16. katester44

    Show a pic of a random card you own thread..

    That is just a pretty card!!
  17. katester44

    New to The Bench

    Welcome to The Bench!
  18. katester44

    2010/2011 topps original back reprints

    I know I have a small handful of the original backs - will try to take a look when I have a moment.
  19. katester44

    WTT/WTS 2023 Topps Walmart Holiday

    PM sent. Thanks.
  20. katester44

    WTT/WTS 2023 Topps Update

    If possible, would like to get a nice vintage card or kirby puckett card that I need.