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  1. Rabs

    WTTF Shane Bieber

    Hey everyone looking to pick up some Shane Bieber cards. Preferably 2016 and 2018 ones. LMK what you have thanks!
  2. Rabs

    New Layout?

    So logging in today the background of the site is white and no longer the typical wood grain like it has always been for me. Sorry if I missed a communication about this but I looked and didn't see one. Is there a way to change it back? Thanks.
  3. Rabs

    FT Will Clark 18 Topps Triple Threads Sapphire Patch AUTO 3/3!

    I have this nice Will Clark I'm looking to trade. Card has no BV and one recently sold for over $100 on eBay. I'm looking to add something nice to my PC, preferably Acuna/Albies/Trout or something else that catches my eye. Not really looking to trade down. Thanks for looking. 2018 Topps Triple...
  4. Rabs

    Rabs Trade Manager Thread

    Taking a page from millo67 and creating my own trade manager thread due to the real one being down still. I will post all agreed trades on here and both sides will confirm and update tracking (if available) as well as letting each other know when the cards are received. Looking forward to...
  5. Rabs

    WTTF: Ozzie Albies

    Hey everyone. Looking to add to my Ozzie Albies PC for my Braves collection. Please let me know what you have. I am more focusing on 2018 RC stuff but may be interested in others as well depending on what it is. Topps/Bowman is preferred over Panini. Thanks!
  6. Rabs

    2019 Topps Chrome Update

    Busted some 19 Topps Chrome Update today and here is what I have available. This product just came out and is a Target exclusive. Pinks are only found in the hanger packs and not the blasters. I'm looking for things in my signature. 150 Professional Years of Baseball: 3 - Ichiro 4 - Rickey...
  7. Rabs

    FT: 2017 Luke Voit Topps Update RC and 2018 Mike Tauchman Topps Update RC

    I have multiple copies of the following two RCs for trade: 2017 Luke Voit Topps Update RC US281 BV $12 2018 Mike Tauchman Topps Update RC US61 BV $3 Let me know if you are interested in either or both of these current Yankees players. Here are what the cards look like:
  8. Rabs

    Collecting Ronald Acuna

    Hey everyone. I PC Ronald Acuna and am looking to add more cards to my collection. I currently have about 150 different cards of his thus far and am looking to grow that number. Let me know what you have and let's made some trades. Thank you.
  9. Rabs

    Mike Tauchan 2018 RCs

    Looking to add some Mike Tauchman 2018 RCs. He is is Topps Heritage and Topps Update. Base cards are fine but parallels are better. Please let me know what you have. He is a low end guy so looking for PWE trades if possible. Thanks!
  10. Rabs

    Custom Avatars?

    Hey I was wondering if there was a way us members could use custom avatars instead of having to choose one. All other forums I'm on give members the ability to use basically any picture for an avatar (obviously keeping it clean). A lot of us on here end up using the exact same avatar and I know...
  11. Rabs

    Craig Kimbrel Collection

    I figured since he just signed with the Cubs I would create this running thread to show off my Craig Kimbrel collection. I currently have over 1200 unique cards of him and am always looking for more! I will post pics of new cards as they come in as well as some of my current collection...
  12. Rabs

    WTTF: Luis Castillo 2017 Topps Update and Topps Chrome Update

    Looking for Luis Castillo, pitcher for the Reds. Want 2017 Topps Update and Topps Chrome Update all base/parallels/AUs/ etc. Let me know what you have thanks.
  13. Rabs

    Looking for Austin Riley

    Hey everyone. Looking to add to my Braves PC and would like some more Austin Riley cards. He has cards from 2015 to now I believe. Let me know what you have of him! If you have numbered cards even better! Ryan
  14. Rabs

    Pinned Want List?

    I was wondering if we have on here any post(s) that show what each member collects or is looking for? I know there is a Want section for each sport, but I'm referring to a pinned post that would give all members easy access to what everyone collects. It could be updated easily if people add/drop...
  15. Rabs

    PM Space Increase?

    Did I miss a memo on this? I noticed my total PM count went from 100 total to 250 total! I'm not complaining as this is great! So thanks!
  16. Rabs

    LF 2019 Brandon Lowe

    I am looking for Brandon Lowe cards of the Tampa Bay Rays, preferably 2019 RCs. Looking for any inserts/parallels/jersey/auto whatever! Let me know what you get thanks! Ryan
  17. Rabs

    Show Off Threads?

    Is there a specific place to post show off threads or mail days? Myself and I would think others would like to be able to show off stuff they receive via trades, eBay, COMC, etc. If not maybe we can create a subforum like that? I think it could be useful, thanks.
  18. Rabs

    Want Matt Chapman 2017 Topps Update/Chrome RCs

    Looking for any Topps Update or Topps Chrome Update cards of Matt Chapman (2017) including parallels. Thanks! Ryan
  19. Rabs

    For Trade: 2015 Topps High Tek

    I recently purchased a large lot of 2015 Topps High Tek Football. If you are in need of any cards from teams, players, or sets please let me know and I can more than likely help out. I have many of the variations/parallels as well including spirals, dots, circuit board, pipes, etc. Thanks!
  20. Rabs

    Want Jake Cave

    Anyone have some Jake Cave cards? He is a Twins OF and grew up in the same area I did. My dad actually umpired some of his high school games. Thanks. Ryan