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  1. Scobes

    2021 NFL Postseason CONTEST

    Hey Everyone - The NFL Postseason is upon us! I'm running a really simple contest - pick the winner of the Super Bowl! That's it - nothing else, just which of these 14 teams will win it all in the 2021 Super Bowl!! AFC 1. Kansas City Cheifs 2. Buffalo Bills 3. Pittsburgh Steelers 4. Tennessee...
  2. Scobes

    WTT/WTS: Hockey Tradelist - GU/AU/#ed/RC/Inserts - TONS of stuff!!

    Hey Everyone - I know there isn't a ton of interest in Hockey cards on this site, but I recently completely updated my Hockey tradelists and I have TONS of stuff available. I am very flexible with trading these. I would also consider selling for 15% to 25% of BV, depending on the cards...
  3. Scobes

    WTT/WTS: Basketball Tradelist - Only 15% of BV! - 85% off!! Variety!

    Hey Everyone - I have these Basketball cards that I would like to move. Sale price is only 15% of the listed BV. A card with $1 BV will be $0.15. Shipping and Paypal fees extra. If trading, I'd swap BV for BV for anything usable in any of the 4 sports (PC or tradebait). I'm just trying to...
  4. Scobes

    1992/93/94 Topps Traded Starter Sets for Cost of Shipping!

    Hey Everyone - I have these 3 starter sets for 1992, 1993, and 1994 Topps Traded available. They are stripped of anything notable and only contain commons and minor stars. 1992 Topps Traded - 78 cards These are available only for the cost of shipping and paypal fees. Ask for singles, take a...
  5. Scobes

    WTTF: 2020 Topps Update (Phillies & Set/Starter)

    Hey Everyone - I need these Phillies from 2020 Topps Update for my Phillies team sets: 2020 Topps Update #U45 Zack Wheeler ($0.50) 2020 Topps Update #U59 Ryan Howard HRD ($0.50) 2020 Topps Update #U74 Bryce Harper/Jean Segura ($1) 2020 Topps Update #U86 Josh Harrison ($0.40) 2020 Topps Update...
  6. Scobes

    WTT: 2020 Panini Mosiac Parallels & Inserts - $125 Lamar Jackson!!!

    Hey Everyone - I managed to find a hangar box of 2020 Panini Mosiac at Target and evidently hit it big! A $125 BV Lamar Jackson! Wow! I will trade down on the Lamar! Just let me know what you might have for me. Willing to make any trades on these and will look over any tradelist. LMK...
  7. Scobes

    WTTF: The last 2020 Topps Series 2 Base Card I Need - #467

    Hey Everyone - I am down to my last 2020 Topps Series Two Base Card Needed: 2020 Topps #467 Andrew McCutchen ($0.60) Let me know if you have it and what kind of deal we can work out. Thanks!! Scobes
  8. Scobes

    BASEBALL - 1000s of Rookies, Inserts, HOFers - TRADE 2x IN YOUR FAVOR - 1980s to 2020

    Hey Everyone I'm trying a different tactic with these cards. These used to be my 11/$1 cards, but I am suspending sales on them and hoping to make some easy trades on these IN YOUR FAVOR! The "in your favor deal" is ONLY for these cards at these links, not my main tradelist!!! I want to trade...
  9. Scobes

    2020 NHL Postseason Contest

    Hey Everyone - Despite being in a pandemic, the NHL Postseason is upon us! I'm running a really simple contest - pick the winner of the Stanley Cup Finals! That's it - nothing else, just which of these 24 teams (that's right, expanded playoffs this year!!) will win it all! Eastern Conference 1...
  10. Scobes

    WTTF: 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Starter Set

    Hey Everyone - I am looking for starter sets of the following set: -1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars I only have a few starter sets to trade in return, or stuff from my tradelist. LMK. Thanks!! Scobes
  11. Scobes

    WTT/WTS: TTM/IP Autographs - BB, BK, HK, FB - HOFers too! - $1 to $5

    Hey Everyone - I've finally had time to catalogue my extra TTM/IP autos. I have them separated into sports and then types. All pertinent information is provided for each. Pics of any all can be provided. SELL: Price is listed. Shipping and fees will be added. PWE, SASE, or Bubble mailer -...
  12. Scobes

    WTT: 2015 Topps Rainbow Foil #616 Kris Bryant ROOKIE - BV $80

    Hey Everyone - I have this card up for trade: 2015 Topps Rainbow Foil #616 Kris Bryant - $80.00 This card was personally pulled by me less than a year ago and went directly from pack to plastic. In return, ideally I'd be able to trade for Vintage HOFers or maybe really nice PC cards, or...
  13. Scobes

    WTT/WTS: Lot of (34) Philadelphia Phillies TTM Questionnaires Autos - Some Deceased

    Hey Everyone - As I'm cleaning up this summer, I came across these TTM questionnaires that I sent out with my TTMs a while back. I stopped doing it after just a short time and they really don't fit in with my current collection. I'm hoping to sell or trade as a lot. 13 have the questions...
  14. Scobes

    WTT: Baseball AUTOGRAPH Tradelist

    Hey Everyone - I have these Autographs that I'd like to swap out for other things I can use. I am looking for: -Mark McGwire -Roger Clemens -Mark Sobolewski -Philadelphia Phillies Autographs -Philadelphia Phillies Game Used -Philadelphia Phillies Serially Numbered -Wants from 1970s -...
  15. Scobes

    WTTF: Scobes' Complete Football WANTLIST

    Hey Everyone - Below is everything that I am looking for in FOOTBALL. I will trade anything from my FB, BK, and HK tradelists for these wants, but I will be a little pickier when it comes to trading Baseball. Baseball is still my #1 collecting sport, while the other sports are still...
  16. Scobes

    WTT: 2020 Donruss HOT Rookies - Lux, Bichette, Yordan, L.Robert

    Hey Everyone - I recently had some luck with some 2020 Donruss packs and pulled some of these "Hot" rookies. I really want to trade them for vintage needs or HOF Rookies, but I will also consider decent ones from my normal needs (McGwire, Clemens, Phillies). LMK. Thanks!! Scobes 2020...
  17. Scobes

    FREE: 1993 Ultra, 1994 Stadium Club, & 1999 Topps Base Cards - Just Pay Shipping!

    Hey Everyone - I broke up a few sets, took out the HOFers and any other decent card. I have the commons, minor stars, and some semistars available for FREE. About 90% of each set is available. - 1993 Ultra (Series I and II) - 1994 Stadium Club (Series I, II, and III) - 1999 Topps (Series I...
  18. Scobes

    WTB: 1955 Bowman Mantle & 1959 Topps Mantle

    Hey Everyone - My 40th Birthday is 2 weeks away and my family wants to buy me some nice cards as a present. I've been working on these 2 sets and, well, Mantle is the biggest fish in the set. I've been checking out Ebay, COMC, and other places for the best prices, but I figured I'd see if...
  19. Scobes

    WTT: Lot of (2) 1980s Jiffy Pop Cards - Clemens & Mattingly

    Hey Everyone - I have these two Jiffy Pop Oddball Food Issues from the 1980s up for trade as a lot. I'd love to swap the pair for any PC needs, if not I'd consider decent tradebait or any HOF RCs. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!! Scobes 1987 MSA Jiffy Pop Discs #6 Don...
  20. Scobes

    GONE!!!: Lot of 8 Flawed TTM/IP Autos! BB & BK & HK! Just cover PWE shipping!

    Hey Everyone - I have these 8 TTM/IP Autos that have imperfections. I just want to give them away to someone who wants the whole lot - just cover shipping! Either $1 via Paypal friends or a double-stamped long envelope SASE! Pic is below! LMK. Thanks!! Scobes List of Autos: Baseball - 1990...