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  1. gosox55

    How do you organize your collection??

    I keep my Sox collection by year alphabetically by brand in albums. Sets by no in albums and boxes. What few trade cards I have are in sleeves and toploaders (by team) in a shoebox. The rest are stacked unsorted in closets etc. The PC has a database by year, maker, no, player, date...
  2. gosox55

    Band of Brothers card set

    I'm not usually into non-baseball stuff but this sounds like a terrific set. I like the Band of Brothers series, excellent stuff. Also, If Major Winters isn't a hero then no one is. (He received the distinguished service cross) and his leadership saved many of his men which makes him one in...
  3. gosox55

    Topps has MLB Exclusive for 2010?

    "The league also believes that one cardmaker can end the confusion of competitors selling multiple card series in hobby shops and big-box stores." MLB I got a question for you. The resulting lowering of an already lower quality and rise in already high prices is good for the customer how exactly?
  4. gosox55

    Are There Any Online Places To Buy Singles I'm Missing?

    The oddball mall has a bunch of stuff, didn't see it on your list. It's one the first place on line I bought cards.
  5. gosox55

    09 Collecting Goals

    1. Add some to my White Sox collection (already reached the 12,000 different goal) 2. Rescan my White Sox collection (I'm on Album 25 out of 30). 3. Sort out my extra non sox cards (currently in boxes in the closet - it's full) 4. Adding to my 1955 Bowman Set as fortune and finances allow...
  6. gosox55

    unlicensed/Broder identification guide/catalog

    Hi again The 2002 Catalog shows a 1989 Rookie Fever Series 1 1 - jerome walton 2 - Steve Avery 3 - Greg Vaughn 4 - Dwight Smith 5 - Todd Zeille 6 - Ken Griffey Jr 7 - Craig Biggio 8 - Jim Abbott 9 - Roberto Kelly 10 - Ken Griffey Jr and the mentioned 'Rookie Superstars' as a 1989 issue with...
  7. gosox55

    unlicensed/Broder identification guide/catalog

    I have all the ones from 4th (1995) to now, it looks like they started listing the magazine cards etc in 1999. The catalog changed editors last year and the new guy seems to have eliminated a lot of stuff.