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  1. ragtop12

    eBay Sales Tax

    Some of you may remember me, some may not. Been out of the hobby for 2 years or so due to some personal issues. Regardless I am back. I Just sold some stuff on eBay and noticed that there was sales tax automatically added. How does this affect sellers? I know a couple years ago I didn't...
  2. ragtop12

    For Sale: (8) Unopened Packs of Magic: The Gathering UNGLUED! VERY RARE!!

    I have for sale (8) Unopened Packs of Magic: The Gathering UNGLUED! Very rare to find unopened! Looking to sell, for $20 per pack plus shipping. Or take all 8 for $150 dlvd. Paypal goods fees will be applied. Let me know! Thanks obed
  3. ragtop12

    Dan Uggla & Jake Peavy Insert Lot for Sale - $10 dlvd.

    Have the following Insert lot for sale, both for $10 dlvd. Dan Uggla, 40 different and Jake Peavy 35 different. Dan Uggla: 2006 Fleer Tradition (RC) #100 2006 Topps Turkey Red (RC) #629 2006 Topps Update Rookie Debut (RC) #RD6 2006 Upper Deck (RC) #925 2007 Finest Rookie Finest Moments #RFM-DU...
  4. ragtop12

    Huge Football Player Lots for Auction! Great Prices! Brady, Gronk, Favre, Elway, etc

    All: Have these ebay auctions ending this weekend! Some great prices for these player lots! Subscribe to this post if you wish to be notified of my new lots, or add my username (nutter025) on ebay to your favorites list...
  5. ragtop12

    4 Reds Team Sets for Sale, CHEAP! $10 Dlvd includes Regional set!

    have for sale 4 Reds Team sets... including one rare regional issue! 1990 Kahn's Reds Team Set (Sealed) 1989 Donruss Reds Team Set 1990 Upper Deck Reds Team Set (x2) All for $10 dlvd. cash :) Please let me know! Obed
  6. ragtop12

    Albert Belle Lot for Sale 169 Total (99 Diff) Only $10 dlvd!

    69 Total (99 Different) Albert Belle $10 dlvd. Cash or MO, Add $.60 Paypal 1989 Fleer Update (ROOKIE CARD) #U25 1990 Donruss ("Inc" on Back) (ROOKIE CARD) #390 (x3) 1990 Donruss ("Inc." on Back) (ROOKIE CARD) #390 (x3) 1990 Fleer ("Printed in U.S.A" on Back) (ROOKIE CARD) #485 1990 Fleer...
  7. ragtop12

    WTTF: 2017 Topps Pirates (Series 2) - Please help! NEED ONLY 4 CARDS!

    Does anyone have any 2017 Topps Pirates for Trade? I am trying to make 2 team sets for the Pirates for my son and my cousins son. My grandpap used to buy the team sets each year for them both for Christmas but he passed last year on Christmas Day so I am going to continue the tradition. I...
  8. ragtop12

    60 Different Pat Burrell Lot for sale, loaded, Tek, #ed, RC, $8 dlvd!

    This is a lot of 60 different Pat Burrell cards, only asking $8 dlvd. cash or paypal (OBO) 1999 Bowman (ROOKIE CARD) #175 1999 Stadium Club SP (ROOKIE CARD) #151 1999 Topps Draft Picks w/ Eric Valent (ROOKIE CARD) #444 1999 Upper Deck (ROOKIE CARD) #266 1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFX (ROOKIE CARD)...
  9. ragtop12

    28 Different Football GU and Autos for Sale... CHEAP!

    Have the below GU/Auto lot for sale. Prefer to move the entire lot together, for $23 dlvd. (cash, paypal goods additional fee) or will piece it out but will sell for 25% of BV plus shipping each. Let me know! Not Picture: 2010 Topps Chrome Zac Robinson Auto The rest can be seen here...
  10. ragtop12

    70 Different Barry Zito Lot for sale, loaded, $8 dlvd!

    This is a lot of 70 different Barry Zito cards, only asking $8 dlvd. cash or paypal. 2000 Topps Traded (ROOKIE CARD) #T67 2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Aces #A13 2001 Stadium Club #175 2001 Topps Reserve #93 2001 Upper Deck #4 2002 Donruss Elite #66 2002 E-X Behind the Numbers #29 of 35BN 2002...
  11. ragtop12

    Gift Card Swap? Have a UnderArmour $25 Gift Card I don't need...

    I have a UnderArmour $25 Gift Card I don't need that I got for Christmas last year. I am looking for a $25 iTunes gift card in exchange if possible. Please let me know. Obed
  12. ragtop12

    Anyone Ship To Canada?? need Help!

    How much does it usually cost to ship to canada? Trying to check online and it appears a package weighing 8 ounces costs $24.95! and One that ways 28 ounces is the same! There has to be a cheaper way! Any help would be appreciated. I typically do not ship to canada. Thanks! Obed
  13. ragtop12

    Auto/GU Lots for sale. $10 each dlvd.

    Have the below auto and GU lots for sale. Each picture is a lot (9 cards). Each lot is $10 dlvd. cash or money order. Or take 2 lots for $17.50 dlvd. or take all 3 for $24 dlvd. If paying with paypal, additional fees added. Let me know! Thanks Obed Lot #1 SOLD Lot #2 SOLD Lot #3 Lot...
  14. ragtop12

    (23) Topps Heritage Short Print for Sale (All years) CHEAP LOT!

    Have the following Topps Heritage SP for sale. Will sell for 25% of BV or will sell them all for $20 dlvd (will entertain offers, but less than $1 a piece is cheap!). These are just what I got in lately and are on my desk and not listed on my site yet. 2002 Topps Heritage #414 Milton Bradley...
  15. ragtop12

    Large Lot! Baseball Star and Insert Lot for Sale - CHEAP!

    So a guy won 5 lots from me on ebay, and never paid, sigh... they are already packaged up in a padded flat rate mailer. He got a GREAT deal on them too. Regardless, what I am looking for is less than what he would have paid... $20 dlvd. cash or Money order (paypal add fees). Here are the...
  16. ragtop12

    FS: Giancarlo Stanton 2011 Topps Lineage 1952 Autograph

    Selling the following auto of super hot Mike Giancarlo Stanton: Giancarlo Stanton 2011 Topps Lineage 1952 Autograph Been going for crazy money, one recent as high as $77 dlvd! I am only looking for $52 dlvd. cash, MO. Paypal goods add fees. Let me know! Thanks Obed
  17. ragtop12

    FS: 11 Aaron Judge Rookies!!! $66 dlvd.

    I have the following Aaron Judge rookies for sale. Looking to move these as a lot for $67 dlvd. I will break it apart if needed, but this is a great deal for the lot... Aaron Judge 2013 Bowman Draft Dual Draftee w/ Eric Jagielo #DD-JJ (x2) 2013 Bowman Draft Dual Draftee w/ Ian Clarkin #DD-JC...
  18. ragtop12

    Lot #5: Nolan Ryan 1991 Pacific Ryan Texas Express I Complete Set $8 dlvd.

    Have a Nolan Ryan 1991 Pacific Ryan Texas Express I set of 110 diff. cards for sale for $8 dlvd cash ($8.55 paypal). Will be posting more of these types of lots throughout the summer - as 1 sells, I will put another together - time permitting. Let me know! Thanks! Obed
  19. ragtop12

    Selling: 2016 Topps Series 2 Insert Sets (THE BENCH SPECIALS!)

    I am looking to sell the below insert sets from 2016 Topps Series 2. Shipping will begin at $2.75. I do have multiples of most sets so ask if you want more than 1. Ken Griffey Jr. Tribute to the Kid Series 2 Set (30 Cards) $25 Berger's Best Series 2 Set (65 Cards) $35 Berger's Best Series 2...
  20. ragtop12

    Andrew McCutchen Lot (70 Diff) for Sale, $10 dlvd.

    Have the below lot for sale for $10 cash ($10.61 Paypal) 2010 Bowman Platinum #39 2010 Topps 206 #275 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage w/ Honus Wagner #LL58 2010 Topps Update Attax Code Cards 2011 Bowman #59 2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #16 2011 Playoff Contenders #7 2011 Topps #60 2011 Topps...