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  1. uglyrad1

    Anybody use Twitter?

    I've had a Twitter account for almost 2 years now and figured I'd start using it more. The problem is that I don't have many followers. I figured Twitter would be much more fun with some Bench buddies. You can follow me @TheOtherCP3. I'll follow you in return. Hope to tweet with everyone soon...
  2. uglyrad1

    Graduated from High School Yesterday!

    Needless to say, it was emotional. 12 years in the Westlake City School District came to quite the finish yesterday at the CSU Wolstein Center. It was a long ceremony, but I knew it would be the last time I would see a lot of my friends. I would like to thank so many people here on the Bench...
  3. uglyrad1

    As shocking as it may seem, I actually got a return!

    This one may be my new favorite! But first, a little background.... This past January, I got to go to the Indians Media Days with my school's TV studio. While there, a buddy from the studio and I got to interview a few Indians players and personnel. Among the guys I interviewed, manager Manny...
  4. uglyrad1

    1 in last Tuesday

    Very good day! Not only was it a snow day, but I got a rare success!:D :D Former Capitals Goalie Olaf Kolzig! c/o Home Signed 2/1 2005/06 UD MVP #384 & an index card. Both turned out really well! At this rate, I'll get my next success in June!:p Christian
  5. uglyrad1

    Surreal day!

    Today was an absolutely amazing day! My TV class went on a field trip to WKNR which, for those of you who don't know, is ESPN Radio Cleveland. First of all, we got off from school which is enough of a win for me!:D Secondly, my friend who knows local sports talk show host Tony Rizzo got to...
  6. uglyrad1

    Got my 1st questionairre!

    It's official. Chris Gimenez is the classiest guy in the majors! I sent him a questionnaire last week and it already came back! There aren't enough people like him in the majors! How did it feel when you first got called up to the majors? -It was the best feeling I have ever had. I was so...
  7. uglyrad1

    Tidbits from the Broadcast Table!

    Being my senior year in high school, I decided to FINALLY be proactive! My school has one of the best TV stations in the area, and I've been a part for a few years, but never really got very involved, and that is my only regret. So, I started signing up to do color commentary for my school's...
  8. uglyrad1

    1 In Yesterday 9/14

    Another quick Indians success came in yesterday! Wasn't able to post because I was swamped at school!:mad: Anyway, I got my 2nd success with Chris Gimenez! c/o Indians Signed 1/1 Ticket from Aug. 27 game vs. Kansas City. Personalized it "1st 2010 HR!" like I asked! He even threw in the...
  9. uglyrad1

    Looking For College Advice

    Well, the time has come. Entering my Senior Year of high school this year, I've been putting off the college thing for too long, and I was wondering if anyone on the good ol' Bench could help me! I'm looking to go for a Communications major, and for the absolute longest time, Kent State has been...
  10. uglyrad1

    Woah! My Fastest Return Yet!

    I was shocked when this one showed up! Mr. Matt LaPorta of the Indians! c/o Cleveland Indians Signed 2/2- sent out on Monday! Not sure what card I sent but it looks amazing (I've been out of collecting for a while, cut me some slack!:p ) and a ticket stub from a game last season. The card is...
  11. uglyrad1

    Question about Checkoutmycards.com

    Hi everyone! I recently stumbled across this site and it looks pretty intriguing for both buying and selling cards. If anyone on the good ol' Bench uses this site, my question is this- how exactly does the site work? Also, what are the fees like? It looks like a site that could help my...
  12. uglyrad1

    Me? Posting a success!? Believe it!

    I know right!?:D After not sending out much of anything lately, I did get a pretty quick return back from a former Stanley Cup winning captain! Rod Brind'Amour c/o Home Signed 1/1 2005/06 UD MVP #77 (FINALLY! A new addition!) Thanks for looking! Christian
  13. uglyrad1

    I'm using the word "Construction" very loosely here!

    Hi guys! I just thought I'd throw a random thread to talk about my little "summer project." I drink a lot of Dr. Pepper. And I mean A LOT!:p One day, the brilliant idea came across my mind that I should save my empty cans and make a fort out of them. I hope to finish it by the time school...
  14. uglyrad1

    Anybody miss me?

    It's been a loooong time since any kind of return, but I got one last Saturday. Couldn't post, though, because the internet at my house is on the fritz. Billy Ripken sent back a signed card after quite a wait. Sent c/o Home I have no idea what I sent/got back Maybe it's a sign that summer will...
  15. uglyrad1

    First 2010 return! Family business!

    Today brought Carolina Hurricanes C Tuomo Ruutu! c/o Hurricanes Signed 2/1 2005/06 UD MVP #86 & Index card. It looks nice alongside the auto I got from his brother, Jarkko! Gotta love hockey graphs! Thanks for looking! Christian P.s. Scanner still missing its cord.:mad:
  16. uglyrad1

    1 in 12/3

    Another set hit for my 05/06 MVP set! Today brought Blue Jackets backup goalie Mathieu Garon! c/o Columbus Blue Jackets Signed 2/1 2005/06 UD MVP #179 & index card. 12 down, 388 to go! :p Christian
  17. uglyrad1

    1 in 11/14

    Talk about a wait! Today brought in Oakland Pitcher Justin Duchscherer! I sent this out in either April or May last year (2008). c/o Oakland Athletics Signed 1/1 2006 Upper Deck #732 Thanks for looking! Christian
  18. uglyrad1

    1 in 11/9

    As if I wasn't happy enough with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 out tomorrow, a set hit came in for me today! NHLer Steve Rucchin! c/o Home (Sent in early June I believe.) Signed 1/1 2005/06 UD MVP #260, Personalized too! Thanks for looking! I hate my scanner! Christian
  19. uglyrad1

    2 in 10/29!

    2 envelopes in the mailbox are great, especially for someone who has a TTM curse like me!:rolleyes: Here are the 2 returns- Carlos Baerga c/o Home well over a year ago! Signed 2/2 1993 Score Select Hits Leaders #8/90 & 1994 Topps #450. Jarkko Ruutu c/o Ottawa Senators in a little under a...
  20. uglyrad1

    1 in 10/24

    This one surprised me! Today brought Pitcher Carl Pavano. c/o Cleveland Indians Spring Training (!) Signed 1/1 2005 Fleer Tradition #201 Scan will come later assuming I find the cable to the scanner:rolleyes: Christian