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  1. Steelers8873

    LTT 2020 Topps Chrome for Football

    Hello everyone, I opened a box of Topps Chrome and I would like to trade them for football. The list is below. Thanks BASE Pete Alonso Rhys Hopkins Shohei Ohtani Yoan Moncada Paul DeJong Jonathan Villar Francisco Lindor Patrick Corbin Victor Reyes Dansby Swanson Chris Archer Adalberto Mondesi...
  2. Steelers8873

    For Trade: $40 worth of trash!👍

    Hello, I have 2 hobby packs worth of 2020 score that I would never have purchased myself but without getting into that I ended up with 2 hobby packs. Needless to say,as predicted, it's a bunch of trash so if anyone wants this stuff I will trade for a few non-base cards/inserts or something.Link...
  3. Steelers8873

    NEED HELP 1997 Score board Football 1 Card

    Hello, I am looking for a RC of one of my friends I grew up with and went to school with.He only has one NFL card and it's his RC. 1997 Score Board Rookies #79 Nathan Davis.If you have this card I will gladly take it off of your hands my flickr link is in my sig. Thanks
  4. Steelers8873

    Sales thread! have a look!

    Hello, I am not sure how well this thread will do so instead of putting in a bunch of time making a huge thread I will just start with a few and add as they sell. below is a list of cards telling you what year/brand/etc.. and the price I'm asking.Below each lot of cards will be a link to photos...
  5. Steelers8873

    FT Denver Broncos Lot

    Hello, I have these bronco cards I would like to trade. I can add more Broncos cards if you want to make a bigger trade. Let me Know I can build it to your liking. Thank you https://thebenchtrading.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5663&d=1592460307 2018 Donruss Legends Series John Lynch 2019...
  6. Steelers8873

    Food for Thought...Any collectors important read!

    Hello Everyone, I just stumbled across this article and I feel it's an important read especially for those stuck in "Collector's Limbo"... Check it out! https://waxpackhero.com/blog/quit-collecting-sports-cards
  7. Steelers8873

    Flickr Trading

    Hello, I have a bunch of cards on my flickr if anyone would like to have a look and see if there's stuff you may want let me know I will trade for Star refractors/non-base legends/HOF inserts or anything that may catch my interest Flickr link is in my sig. PM works best for me.Thank You
  8. Steelers8873

    Fs mike evans lot

    Hello, I have this small Mike Evans lot I would like to sell for $12 dlvd.$32 BV Thank You 2014 Bowman Chrome RC 2014 Topps Chrome Xfractor RC 2014 Topps Finest Die-Cut Atomic Refractor RC 2015 Prizm Green Cracked Ice /75 2015 Topps Chrome 60th Anniversary 2015 Topps Chrome Refractor 2016 &...
  9. Steelers8873

    1WTTF/WTB 1976 Topps Steelers Commons

    Hello, I'm looking for the rest of the 1976 Topps Steelers that I need. Below is a list of the 1976 Steelers Ivam looking for the cards WITHOUT an asterisk next to the card. The link ito my Flickr is in my sig if you are wanting to sell them let me know what you have and how much you're looking...
  10. Steelers8873

    Lf bryan reynolds non base rc's

    Hello I'm looking to trade for some non-base RC's of Pittsburgh Pirates Bryan Reynolds. Link is below.Thank You https://www.flickr.com/photos/steelers73/albums/72157713708220627
  11. Steelers8873

    Trading baseball for football

    Hello, I have some odds and ends baseball I would like to trade for HOF & Legends Non-base inserts or for my 2019 Optic and/or Prizm set needs. Below is a link to what baseball cards I have available for trade and I also have a short stack of 2020 RC's,base and inserts not pictured. If you have...
  12. Steelers8873

    FT 1970 & 1971 Topps Roberto Clemente Cards

    Hello, I have these 1970 & 71 Topps Roberto Clemente Cards and first order of business is to point out that these cards have issues there's some creasing,soft corners etc. but it is Roberto Clemente and I see worse copies than these selling on eBay so I know there is still SOME value there.I...
  13. Steelers8873

    LTT 2019 Panini National Next Day SSP Benny Snell Jr. RC Auto

    Hello, I have this 2019 Panini National Next Day SSP Benny Snell Jr Auto that I would like to trade if you're interested leave me a link or list. Thank you https://www.flickr.com/photos/steelers73/49318642546/in/dateposted-public/
  14. Steelers8873

    Wtt 1974 topps baseball

    Cards traded thread closed
  15. Steelers8873

    LTTF/LTB 1984 Topps

    Hello I am building the 1984 Topps set and need a good deal of help(I have less than 100)building this set and I'm hoping to trade for a few lots. I already have most of the money cards but there's still a few I need(Dickerson,Montana).What I really need help on are the commons/minor stars so...
  16. Steelers8873

    2018 Prizm Help

    Hello everyone I am down to the last card I need for this set it's #250 Leighton Vander Esch. I would gladly trade a Red/white/blue Vander Esch for just the base version or other Prizm set needs/wants you may have. Thanks
  17. Steelers8873

    Lf jarvis landry

    Hello I am looking for any non base Jarvis Landry that I don't have yet. I am not looking for auto's or relics as much I am looking more for #'d cards,inserts and parallels. I am looking to trade or buy if it's a fair price so let me know what you have,whether you are selling or willing to...
  18. Steelers8873

    Football for trade

    Thread closed
  19. Steelers8873

    LTS/LTT 1986 Topps Football partial set 298/396 cards.

    Hello, I am wanting to sell or trade (preferably sell) this partial 1986 Topps Football set. It doesn't have the "big Guns" in the lot but by no means is it just a box of commons. Included in the lot are 27 cards featuring HOFer's like Largent, Payton RB,Marcus Allen RB,Rickey Jackson, Morten...
  20. Steelers8873

    Fs/ft 2018-19 optic luca doncic rated rookie shock parallel

    Hello I am interested in selling this 2018-19 Optic Luca Doncic Rated Rookie Shock Parallel for$25 DLVD or would trade for a comparable Vintage football star or RC. If you're interested please let me know. Thanks https://photos.app.goo.gl/crW4CKgQC15etF25A