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  1. pltcards

    help with authenticating a Connor McDavid autograph

    Anyone have an idea where I might get a Connor McDavid autographed replica jersey from the Erie Otters authenticated? A guy who works with my son in law got McDavid to sign one for him when he played here in Erie and he would like to get it authenticated and framed for his son. I don’t know of...
  2. pltcards

    A J Burnett ?

    Does any one have a good address for AJ? My daughter and son in law met him and his wife when they were on their honeymoon and had a picture taken with him. I would love to get it to him to sign for them. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Pat
  3. pltcards

    BSL Rockies traders adding Bobby Ryan

    Anyone use 1b Steven Joyce ? Probably only hit 50 or so this year. He is 20 mil, this year and 21 next, the third is a team option. also could move C Carlos Hernandez, 2.5 this season and 9 next with team option. Won gold glove last season. Possibly CF Michael Hooper, hit 37 HR last...
  4. pltcards

    BSL trade, Mariners / Rockies

    Mariners trade #1 ML MR Roberto Alcaron 5 mil, 6 mil, 6 mil ML MR Michael Crosby minor league deal Rockies trade #2 ML Lf George Barnes 680 k then arb ML Mr Kevin Spencer 432 k 4 yrs, then arb thanks for the trade Chis.
  5. pltcards

    BSL Rockies post season trade list, need to shed some $$ and get younger

    The only guys on the ML not for trade are Patrick, Espinosa, and Ryan. Icaza and a few others would be tough. Looking to shed some money and get younger in some spots without gutting a very good, but not good enough, team. Let me know who you would trade if that is possible before we get...
  6. pltcards

    2 500 HR guys in the same Sim

    pretty awesome, Dominick Brown and Steve Joyce in the same sim. gotta be long odds on that.
  7. pltcards

    Thats right, the Rockies got Henry Aaron

    what could be better than that? I think I am going to change his position to the OF. LOL
  8. pltcards

    Steven Joyce is a freeking beast man

    Year TB Rank 2018 408 1 2019 370 3 2020 402 1 2021 384 2 2022 466 1 2023 422 2 Year HR Rank 2018 67 1 2019 65 1 2020 68 1 2021 65 1 2022 81 1 2023 72 1 Year RBI Rank 2018 182 1 2019 138 3 2020 165 1 2021 153 1 2022 184 1 2023 155 2 ranks for Steven Joyce the last 6...
  9. pltcards

    Random Thoughts

    I have been thinking of ways to get some new blood in the league. I put a thread up and was contacted by a former owner who had some good thoughts about the league. He brought up that the Hardcore owners make it not as much fun for the more casual owners who are looking more for a diversion and...
  10. pltcards

    Need some new owners in the BSL Sim fantasy baseball league

    The best fantasy type league I have ever played. It is addicting and fun to play. Some great long term owners keep it competitive but we have lost a few and need some new blood to come in. Play is continuous so we dont get 6 months off between seasons to get bored. Think about it and ask...
  11. pltcards

    What can we do to get some new owners involved?

    It looks like without Nick we have @ 20-22 active managers. What can we do to get a full complement of involved owners? Should we go to other boards where there are active fantasy players ? Just trying to think of some ideas. Soon we will have every owner with 2 teams the way it is going...
  12. pltcards

    who is running the Rangers now

    I am not sure , thanks
  13. pltcards

    brand New Ipad Mini 16gb silver for sale, never opened

    My wife got this Ipad mini for Christmas and does not want it. It is the 16gb silver and never opened. The original receipt for $319 including tax is with it. She would like to sell it and I thought I would offer it here first. She is looking to get $270 shipped with insurance. I am not...
  14. pltcards

    Every one took Dayton right ?

    LOL. Love the upsets.
  15. pltcards

    So sick of winter man. I think Erie went over 130 inches of snow this morning

    which means where I live, 20 miles away we probably have 40 inches more this winter. I have shoveled my driveway 4 times today already (with my gimpy knee) and have about a foot drift across it again. I was thinking now that March is here and Lake Erie is frozen over we might be done with big...
  16. pltcards

    Bench Sim keague openings , Need 2 new owners

    The Bench Sim League baseball league is looking for a few new owners. This is a simulation league that gives the owner much more control over all phases of running a franchise. Simulated seasons are run all year so there is something to do even in the winter. Initial start up is $19.95 for the...
  17. pltcards

    Back to work after 6 months off after knee surgery

    I hit a step wrong this weekend and ruptured the quad tendon going to my knee cap. Have to have surgery tomorrow to repair it . Should only be a one night stay but I am not sure how much I will be on for a while. Probably be off work for 4 to 6 months, so I will have all kinds of time after a...
  18. pltcards

    BSL needs a couple of new owners

    The Bench Sim League needs a couple of new owners. I know a lot of guys and girls on here play fantasy sports and enjoy them very much. I used to be in about 5 or 6 fantasy leages all the time, but since we have the BSL league going I have dropped out of all the rest. Honestly I love playing...
  19. pltcards

    BSL trade Cardinals / Rockies

    Cardinals trade; ML SP John Ely 432k for 3 yrs, then arb. ML 3B Brandon Wood 432k 2 yrs. then arb ML LF Arnie Wright 5mil then FA ML MR Ernrico Santana 648k then arb Rockies trade; ML MR Edgar Mitchell 432 k 3 yrs then arb ML SP armando Lopez 5.4 mil, then 6.2 mil w/team option ML 3b Pedro...
  20. pltcards

    BSL trade Colorado and St. Louis

    The Cardinals trade; AA CL Antonio Icaza Minor league deal ML SP Thomas Delamare 1.6, 1.6, 2.6 team option ML 1B Ron O'Hanraghan 1.8 mil. then FA The Rockies trade; ML CL Bartolo Ramos 7.6 mil. then FA AAA SP Pat Clark Minor League deal thanks Heath.