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  1. redsox34242

    Came back from trip to find 4 successes

    From the past 6 days... Mark grace 1/1 c/o home 2 months Millito navarro 1/1 c/o home (10$ donation) 1 week Steve Lyons 1/1 c/o home (wrote psycho under his sig) 1 week Joey chestnut 2/1 c/o home totally forgot about this one and he included a signed IC Nice to get some returns. Merry...
  2. redsox34242

    College Baseball/ High School BAseball custom card question:

    I always like to collect autos from the up and coming stars in college baseball and sometimes high school (Aflac all-americans) TTM. But i was getting kind of tired of sending custom index cards and was interested in getting custom cards signed with the same size and shape of a normal baseball...
  3. redsox34242

    Great success from ST, and a couple trades

    Was pumped to see this TTM in the mail, Josh Hamilton 1/1 c/o ST sent out in February on an 08 Topps Also got these autos from trades: Adrian Gonzalez-from mikecancelliere Mike Fontenot -from Dugout Blues Brian Barten-from Dugout Blues Thanks every1!
  4. redsox34242

    One in today...

    Just got one thing today. Lee Smith 2/1 c.o home, he threw in another signed card It is up for trade!
  5. redsox34242

    Could someone make me a custom?

    I dont know if this is the right thread but I am looking for a custom card of Dustin Ackley with North Carolina theme and it would need to be the size of a normal card. Thanks and LMK!