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  1. buck1982

    Drew's blog (hounding reports)

    Sorry about that. Enjoyed checking out your blog.
  2. buck1982

    Drew's blog (hounding reports)

    cool. was just checking as I know he screwed over a ton of people. I cleared out my mailbox somewhat. Thanks!
  3. buck1982

    Drew's blog (hounding reports)

    You aren't the An(Drew) that ripped me and a bunch of others off on SCN on a Profar signing are you? Knew he used to be on here and ran around with CW and disappeared soon after that went down.
  4. buck1982

    Tried an autograph store site - IT SUCKS! Want to share my experience...

    There is a lot of very questionable stuff on there too imo
  5. buck1982

    5 in, including a wrong card back

    I got Dirk back on his Chrome Topps rc earlier this season as well as a regular Topps rc last year
  6. buck1982

    TTM Question

    I have sent 2 jerseys using bubble mailers and received both back signed nicely.
  7. buck1982

    Super Fly and Baez IP

    Intersted in one of the Baez prefer the Bowman. Let me know what you are looking for. Still have some Tigers stuff set aside.
  8. buck1982

    Free Autos

    Interested in Aron Eisenberg
  9. buck1982

    a few for trade

    Interested in the Plunkett. What card is it on? Thnks
  10. buck1982

    TTM to Canada

    The USPS site I know at one time recommended not using forever stamps for international postage because people thought that using one stamp would be enough instead of calculating the cost of mailing and dividing it out by the current cost of stamps.
  11. buck1982

    Danica Patrick auto

    Ha I was downtown at a hotel one day graphing a football team and Danice was in a meeting room with her manager with mail lining tables and she walked along signing everything with her manager behind stuffing envelopes
  12. buck1982

    Andy Pettitte address?

    he has been helping at Yankees ST so that might be worth a shot
  13. buck1982

    Super Bowl XXI successes...

    I'll go through my Simms IP graphs I have gotten over the years and see if I have gotten the card from this set done. Know I have had it but not sure if it is signed.
  14. buck1982

    Mr. Baseball and Magnum PI in one package!

    Take a look again at the scrub Yankee on the card...not a scrub, but the Big Hurt who played 1st base for the Yankees in Mr. Baseball who took the job from Selleck's character causing him to go to Japan.
  15. buck1982

    Recent milesone in my Mariners collection

    I will see Ryan Jackson as a coach next year if you want to send something for me to get. Let me know
  16. buck1982

    SET BUILDERS do u need tony gwynn autograph???

    I could use him on a Topps RC card to go in my signed rookie collection. Let me know... Thanks
  17. buck1982

    3 More!

    Not a problem...just taking a break from everything with the addition of a kiddo to the house and wanted to wrap up loose ends since I had your stuff as well. Thanks again!
  18. buck1982

    3 More!

    Hey Arron- Any chance you could send back my stuff from this past season? Thanks! Ryan
  19. buck1982

    peyton manning real or fake

    Both are good