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  1. Jack

    WTT 20 Walmart Holiday

    I picked up a mini box of Topps Walmart Holiday cards today if you are looking for base lmk got these for trade Metallic Snowflake #HW120 Tony Kemp Always looking for Tom Glavine-Jackie Robinson-Ted Williams-Ivan Rodriguez Jack
  2. Jack

    WTTF Ivan Rodriguez 2012-present

    I am looking to trade for Ivan Rodriguez base cards listed(would really like to get these) or if you have any inserts from 2012 to present will try to trade lmk what you are looking for in trade (no GUs or Autos) IVAN RODRIGUEZ needs 20 Topps T206 base + mini 20 Topps Allen & Ginter base + mini...
  3. Jack

    LF Glavine 20 T206 var

    Looking for the 2020 Topps T206 backs #23 Tom Glavine (not base) Piedmont-Sweet Corporal-Sovereign Polar Bear-Old Mill-Cycle /25- American Beauty /10 If you have one lmk what you are looking for in trade (don't have any T206) Jack
  4. Jack

    WTTF 20 A&G Glavines + TT

    Looking for 20 Allen & Ginter #1 Tom Glavine - I have base & mini looking for other cards in this set of Glavine have these 20 A&G to trade base #58 Yelich #97 Aquino #106 Stargell #111 Posey #135 Killebrew #185 Meadows #200 Abbott #266 Dregorius#283 Mazara SPs #309 Trammell #339 Wood Debut to...
  5. Jack

    WTTF Glavine 20 Archives + cards TT

    Looking to trade for 2020 Topps Archives Tom Glavine #83 (finally got amini box) the mini card & full body and colored parallels Red & Blue (I have the base) lmk what you are looking for also interested in Ted or Jackie cards I don't have 20 Archives to trade Oversized #640-CRJ Cal Ripken...
  6. Jack

    WTTF 20 T2 Decades Braves/Red Sox +TT

    Looking for 2020 Topps2 Decades Best Red Sox and Braves Have these inserts to trade Topps2 Turkey Red #3 Votto #10 rc Thaiss #26 Ryne Sandburg #47 Koufax Topps1 Turkey Red #Tr-13 Betts #Tr -33 Boyd #Tr-43 Kershaw #Tr-75 Machado MLB Sticker Preview Card #SP-10 Bryce Harper If interested and...
  7. Jack

    WTTF Topps2 Glavine #469sp

    Looking for 2020 Topps2 #469sp Tom Glavine sliding Jack
  8. Jack

    WTTF GLAVINE needs 1988 to 1997

    I have 3054 Glavine cards including every single base card -I'm looking for the cards below to complete each year or if you some ODDBALL or if you have even ONE of the cards,etc. below I'm willing to trade especially in your favor I know what trouble it is to look up any of his cards however I...
  9. Jack

    WTTF 20 Topps Decades Best GREEN Glavine

    Looking for the 20 Topps Decades Best #DC-77 Glavine GREEN version lmk what you are looking for in trade Jack
  10. Jack

    WTTF 83 Donruss Puzzle Mantle

    Looking for a 1983 Donruss Puzzle UNPUNCHED Mickey Mantle if you have one for trade lmk what you are looking for in trade Jack
  11. Jack

    WTTF Glavine 2019 GOLD Topps

    Looking for these 2019 Tom Glavine Topps GOLD Cards #/50 Topps 150 yrs of Pro BB #150-56 Topps 1984 Topps BB 35th Ann #T84-62 Topps Update Greatest Seasons #150-82 If you have one for trade lmk and what you are looking for to trade Jack
  12. Jack

    WTTF Atlantic Journal Constitution Glavine + BIG TT

    Looking to trade for Atlantic Journal Constitution Braves Tom Glavine 8x10 cards for the years 1993 - 1995 - 1999 - 2000 lmk what you are looking for in return THANK YOU here are some oversized cards if you are interested BIG CARDS, etc (approximate sizes) 97 Donruss Studio Portraits (8x10)...
  13. Jack

    WTTF 20 O D mascots Need #11 + OD TT

    If you have any 2020 Topps Opening Day Mascots you would like to trade please lmk and what you are looking for in trade Have all but #11 NEED: #11 Have these 20 Opening Day to trade Mascots #9 Raymond #10 Rosie #15 Orbit #18 Swing Friar #24 A's Opening Day OD #1 Cincy #15 Nats Spring has...
  14. Jack

    WTTF 2020 Glavines + with 20 TT

    Looking for Tom Glavine Topps 2020 cards [especially looking for 77 BLUE-RED- GOLD or Chrome) have these cards to trade (would entertain that is trade for Jackie or Ted 20 cards too) Here’s my hanger break cards to trade 35 Anniversary #85-19 Boggs #85-21 Betts Turkey Red #Tr 13 Betts #33...
  15. Jack

    81 TCMA & Topps BKB FT

    I have these 1981 TCMA cards for trade Rick Barry Bill Bradley Carl Braun Wilt Chamberlain Billy Cunningham Dave DeBusschere Leroy Ellis Ray Felix Clyde Frasier Alex Hannum Red Kerr Slick Leonard Clyde Lovellette Jerry Lucas Ed Macauley Dugie Martin Willis Reed Oscar Robinson Nate Thurman Jack...
  16. Jack

    WTTF Dustin Pedroia Auto/GU + TT

    Looking for a friend for a Dustin Pedroia GU or Auto & GU lmk what you need in trade Anyone got one have these if you can find enough for trade AUTOS+ 15 UD 25th Anniversary AUTO #147 Jacob May(22/25) 14 RACKRS Signature Legends Series Wade Boggs (293595) withCOA 07 Topps Co-Signers...
  17. Jack

    WTTF Dereck Rodriguez

    Looking for cards of Dereck Rodriguez plays for Giants lmk what you want in trade Jack
  18. Jack

    2018/19 Topps Stickers+Holiday+TT

    Always looking for in trade Tom Glavine(not base) and Ted -Jackie cards I don't have FOR TRADE 2019 Topps Stickers (full card sticker on back) #25 Benintendi/Y. Alonso #36 Beaz/Stewart #38 Kershaw/Fulmer #45 Eaton/Trout AS #48 Mikolas/Sale AS #55 G. Sanchez/Stanton HRD #72 DeGrom/Judge #74...
  19. Jack

    WTTF Roy Sievers

    A friend of mine needs a Roy Sievers card lmk what you need in return Jack
  20. Jack

    WTTF Bowman 2019 Turkey-Elf

    Looking to trade for the 2019 Topps Bowman Turkey and Elf If you have even ONE let me know what you are looking for in trade THANKS Jack