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  1. CharlieBrown

    2020 Topps T206

    Decided to buy some packs of this from Topps online. Need 4 base cards to complete my set. Gerrit Cole Charlie Morton Pete Alonso Tony Gwynn Have a bunch of the base to trade as well as some Piedmont, Sweet Caporal, Sovereign and a Polar Bear back. My other things on my trade list are iffy...
  2. CharlieBrown

    2018 Topps Archives WTTF

    Here are my needs. I have many base to trade as well as some inserts and parallels. 312,317 Coming Attracrions 1,2,4,6,11,13,16,19 Rookie History 123 Koufax,128 Aaron,164 Clemente,,24T Piazza,333 Jones,557 Martinez,661 Harper,726 Ichiro Thanks, Bill
  3. CharlieBrown

    2018 Topps Chrome Update wanted

    Been away for a while and getting back at it with 2018 Topps Chrome Update. Here are my needs: 5,12,23,62 incoming 7,14,37,46,49,50,57,64,69,75,78,80,83,90 Have a lot to trade including the International Affair inserts. Thanks, Bill
  4. CharlieBrown

    WTTF 2011 Topps Update Altuve

    Looking for mainly parallels, but am also interested in some base as well. LMK what you are looking for in return or check out my site. Thanks, Bill
  5. CharlieBrown

    FT 2012 Topps Update Harper for 2008 Topps Update Kershaw

    Title says it all. Will exchange pics of the card before trading. I have an extra Harper and Need a Kershaw. Thanks, Bill
  6. CharlieBrown

    Last two 2013 Spring Fever needs

    Need these 2013 Spring Fever to complete my set. 31 Don Mattingly $2.50 34 Will Clark $0.75 Have these available 5 Orlando Cepeda $0.50 7 Jason Heyward $1.25 8 Nick Markakis $1.25 12 Will Middlebrooks $1.50 13 Josh Vitters $0.75 14 Anthony Rizzo $1.25 15 Andre Dawson $0.75 16 Jake Peavy $0.50...
  7. CharlieBrown

    2011 Bowman Platinum lots

    I am going to eventually put these to ebay, but figured I'd offer them up here. Only looking to move them as a lot as I don't want to mess with filing away a few odd cards. Looking primarily to sell, but will consider trades for things off my wants and I will entertain offers as prices can be...
  8. CharlieBrown

    RIP Alex Karras

    http://www.wbtv.com/story/19774228/actor-nfl-all-pro-alex-karras-dies Great FB player and a pretty good actor.
  9. CharlieBrown

    2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary

    Down to only these for the set. Need these Series 2 340 Evan Longoria $6 592 Dayan Viciedao $2 605 Brandon Belt $8 Need these Update US23 Chance Ruffin $1.50 US47 Paul Goldschmidt $5 US48 Scott Hairston $1.50 US75 Gio Gonzalez $1.50 US85 Roy Halladay $4 US128 Mariano Rivera $4 US155 Eric Hosmer...
  10. CharlieBrown

    2012 Topps Kickoff Needed

    Looking for the following 2012 Topps Kickoff cards. These are the ones you get from the 5 card packs you could redeem the insert from boxes at your local shops. 1,4,5,6,8,11,12,14,16,19,20,23,27,28,29,30,38,43,46,50 Incoming 7,13,15,18,26,29,31,32,35,37,47 I don't have any of these available...
  11. CharlieBrown

    2012 topps mini online version

    Need these 2012 Topps minis to finish my set. These are the ones available only from Topps online, not the 1987 style from the packs. 94,105,120,246,255,264,267,381,495,506,509,520,612,623,638 Have a lot to trade as well as many other things on my site. LMK what you need in return. Thanks, bill
  12. CharlieBrown

    2012 Bowman base, Gold & International

    Here are my needs: Base 27*,85,87* Gold 27,59,63*,80,83*,142,145*,149,169*,191*,200*,209 International Base 1,4,12,24,36,38,56,72,76,78,89,90,92,98,104,105,108,109,110,115,119,120,122,124,135,136,140,146*,151,152,153,167,171,175,183,187,191,192,196,200,205,214 International Prospects...
  13. CharlieBrown

    2012 Topps Archives

    Need these for my set: 201,203,204,205,207,209,210,212,215,216,217,218,219,220,223,224,225,227,229,230,232,233,235,237,238,239,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,250 Only SP I have available is #206 Kingman. I have a lot of base and other sets available to trade from Thanks, Bill
  14. CharlieBrown

    Jeffrey Soptik

    He was the #3 pick of the White Sox in 2011. Saw him pitch here the other night. Hit 101 on the gun. He's only 21 and has impressive stuff. Needs to work on holding runners (slow to the plate) and some fine tuning. If he makes the adjustments he could be a future star in the bigs.
  15. CharlieBrown

    Popcorn sales for Scouts

    Hey gang, My son is selling Popcorn for Cub Scouts. If anyone is interested in purchasing you can sign up here: Cub Scout Popcorn Thanks, Bill
  16. CharlieBrown

    Any card shops around Long Branch, NJ ???

    I am in NJ for a wedding this weekend and was wondering if there are any shops in the area. I don't know the area so if you have a street address that would be best. Thanks, Bill