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  1. bluewatertrader

    Hey all concerning Larry bluewatertrader

    Hi all this is dragonslayer913(David) haven't been on the site in a years I am logged on to bluewatertraders acct as Larry is my Father-in-Law Earlier this afternoon Larry was taken by ambulance to the hospital from what the family has been told his Liver condition has gotten worse and he may...
  2. bluewatertrader

    Looking for 16 Topps Series II base cards

    Here is the deal I am building 5 complete sets of 2016 Topps Series II so I need a ton of base cards Since pricing hasn't come out I am trading @ 50¢ per card regardless of player so if you offer 50 cards (multiples of same number welcomed) you would receive $25 in trade *Everything on...
  3. bluewatertrader

    2015 Onyx Authenticated Platinum Elite FT/FS

    Title mentions it all what I have available FT/FS is listed below Looking for wantlist help or anything else mentioned in my sig can also look at tradelists sites and well organized buckets Pls let me know what your interested in Thanks, Larry PE15 AA ANGEL AGUILAR,YANKEES PE15 AM...
  4. bluewatertrader

    (2) 15 topps throwback variations kris bryant fs/ft

    Title mentions it all pics posted below bv on each card is $50.00 looking to sell one for $20.00 dlvd and looking to trade one as per trading I am looking for RC's with at least a $25-$50 bv prefer baseball and prefer "true" RC's not looking for parallel or insert RC's and no prospects...
  5. bluewatertrader

    Looking to complete (3) 16 Topps Series-1 sets Updated wantlists inside

    Title above mentions it all wantlists are posted below pls let me know what you have and what your looking for in return Thanks, Larry CARDS IN YELLOW ARE PENDING 2016 TOPPS SERIES I SET C 85 2016 TOPPS SERIES I SET D 85 97 178 188 238 297 325 2016 TOPPS SERIES I SET E 1 70 85 97 105...
  6. bluewatertrader

    2015 topps heritage '51 collection ft

    The above title mentions it all what I have is listed below pls let me know what your interested in Looking for wantlist help in return link located in sig 2015 TOPPS HERITAGE '51 COLLECTION BLACK 55 A RIZZO,CUBS 2015 TOPPS HERITAGE '51 COLLECTION BLACK 68 A RENDON,NATIONALS 2015 TOPPS...
  7. bluewatertrader

    Need 2 15 Topps A/G Mini inserts to complete 2 sets

    Title mentions it all wantlist is posted below pls let me know if you can help and what your looking for in return Thanks, Larry Need these final 2 A WORLD BENEATH OUR FEET 2 MAGNATES/BARONS/TYCOONS 8
  8. bluewatertrader

    2015 topps chrome lindor sp correa sp buxton sp

    I have the above mentioned for sale pic is below below 2015 TOPPS CHROME SP RC 202 F LINDOR,INDIANS $20.00/$8.00 2015 TOPPS CHROME SP RC 203 B BUXTON,TWINS $12.00/$4.00 2015 TOPPS CHROME SP RC 205 C CORREA,ASTROS $100.00/$45.00 Shipping is included in the sale price buy all 3 for $50...
  9. bluewatertrader

    Looking to complete a 5th 16 Topps series 1 set

    Wantlist is posted below pls let me know what your looking for in return Larry YELLOW-PENDING 2016 TOPPS SET E 19 50 74 85 103 133 141 146 178 232 243 265 325 333 351
  10. bluewatertrader

    2016 topps opening day toys r us purple foil FS

    I have the below mention 16 Topps Opening Day Toys R US Purple Foils available for sale Larry Shipping is included 16 TOPPS OPENING DAY TOYS R US PURPLE FOIL OD-15 B CRAWFORD,GIANTS...
  11. bluewatertrader

    Looking for 15 PANINI NFL STICKERS

    Looking to complete 2 sets wantlists posted below followed by what I have FT from the set links to all other tradebait is located in sig Larry 2015 PANINI NFL STICKERS SET A 14 24 39 54 77 145 147 150 162 198 202 210 211 224 227 235 237 239 241 266 305 358 448 2015 PANINI NFL STICKERS SET...
  12. bluewatertrader

    1 Box of 15 TOPPS HERITAGE '51

    Opened a box guaranteed 104 card set yippee also received all for trade or sale basically looking over tradelists or sites Larry Green Back Auto /10 Jake Lamb,D'Backs Auto Redemption 1951 Autograph H51A-CR Carlos Rodon,Whitesox Black Mini Parallels 55-Anthony Rizzo,Cubs 68-Anthony...
  13. bluewatertrader

    A Strange auto in this week

    Curtis Strange-147 S. Spooners St. Morehead City, NC 28557 signed 01 Upper Deck in blue sharpie send 10.14.15 received 10.26.15 ..and for your viewing pleasure
  14. bluewatertrader

    15 Topps Update FT/FS w/wantlist included

    After breaking a 15 Topps Update jumbo box and some Wal Mart Hanger Boxes I have these for trade my wantlist follows afterward~pls let me know what your interested and what you have to FT Thanks, Larry 15 TOPPS UPDATE FT/FS *Pending BASE 1 2 6 7 9 9 9 10 10 15 15 20 20 20 24 26 28 29 34 34...
  15. bluewatertrader

    Looking for 15 Topps A/G non-sport mini's

    Tried to help a few people with there sets but trades just never were finalized so decided on just completing the sets below is what I need~links to all my tradebait is located in my sig Thanks, Larry SETS ARE FINISHED
  16. bluewatertrader

    Usps postal semi truck accident

    Just found out about this Sunshine Skyway Bridge: Tornado Hits US Postal Service Semi Truck on Bridge Near Tampa, Fla.Mail and packages were scattered by the small tornado, which was caused by a rain shower nearby, So if you sent a package/mail to the Tampa Fl area or are expecting mail from...
  17. bluewatertrader

    Looking for 15 Topps

    Looking to complete my 15 Topps Football set wantlist is posted below followed by what 15 Topps Football I have for trade~Links to my other tradebait is located in sig Thanks, Larry 2015 TOPPS FB WANTLIST 3 14 17 29 80 101 111 150 151 152 174 193 224 228 229 320 492 BASE PLS PROVIDE...
  18. bluewatertrader

    11-12 Upper Deck Hockey Series II Wally World Discounted Blaster

    Wife went to Wal Mart and came home with a Hockey Blaster problem is don't know anything about Hockey don't follow it Here is what I got Pack 1 R Fedotenko,Rangers S Gagne,Kings A A Kopitar,Kings C Sneep,Penguins (Young Guns) T Vokoun,Capitals (MVP Gold Facsimile Auto) Pack 2 M...
  19. bluewatertrader


    Got a good deal on the case -Each box contains 4 cards with 1 or 2 cards being autographed -Features todays top prospects Here is what I got Base cards of Angel Aguilar,Yankees(2) Greg Bird,Yankees(4) Carlos Correa,Astros(5) Rafael Devers,Redsox(7) Derek Fisher,Astros(5) Teoscar...