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  1. buck1982

    Week of 8/29-9/5

    Gonna probably be doing weekly updates instead of when I get stuff due to being back in school. Here is the haul from the past week. Scans to follow... Trades: Dickie Thon 88 Score, Mark Eichorn 87 Topps, Tom Niedenfuer 87 Topps-mr.js-great traded...My end took awhile to get there for some...
  2. buck1982


    Had Louisville and Toledo in during the Bench's downtime. Did pretty well with Louisville, especially with the tough bunch of guys they have. Louisville: Rick Sweet 4/4 for CW Aroldis Chapman 1/2, 1/1 on WBC card and 2010 Bowman rc...actually pitched really well. Signed as he walked after...
  3. buck1982

    Past weeks Successes

    First up the IP from the last week... Syracuse Chiefs were in town and were overall good about signing...was able to get: Jerry Browne 14 cards(50/50 for metrotheme) Greg Booker 3 cards(50/50 for metrotheme) Erik Arneson 1 card Collin Balester 1 card Jason Bergmann 1 card Joe Bisenius 4...
  4. buck1982

    Past 2 weeks...tons of stuff

    Had a bountiful 2 weeks and just now getting around to posting. First up the IP stuff...and then the mail and some scans of the favorites Lehigh Valley Pigs: Domonic Brown 2 cards, 8x10 John Mayberry Jr. 3 cards Scott Mathieson 4 cards JA Happ 1 card Ozzie Chavez 2 cards Oscar Villareal 3...
  5. buck1982

    Huge mailday 7/6

    Had 5 envelopes in the mail with 4 successes and an RTS. I had sent Barry Larkin and 87 Topps once a year since he joined MLB Network and had finally gotten 1 back signed earlier this year. I got back one the 3 I'd sent RTS Refused today so glad to have gotten the one I got earlier. The...
  6. buck1982

    Clean up work with the Bats

    Went down and finished up my Louisville stuff. Finally got my nemesis who signed for 4/7 people there after pulling up in his Lambo. Also added a scanner to my setup so will include scans. Chris Valaika 1 card Daniel Ray Herrera 1 card Yonder Alonso 1 card Juan Francisco 1 set card Drew...
  7. buck1982

    Few in the mail and some IP work

    Had 2 in the mail yesterday. Mugsey Bogues signed 2 cards c/o home and included form letter about his website Solomon Torres signed 3 cards c/o home and included letter about Jehovah Witness and apologizing if it was not the cards I sent IP: Went and did the Pacer's Rookie Camp and got the 2...
  8. buck1982

    Future Tigers Part 2

    Went back for round 2 of the Tigers. Was able to get: Larry Parrish signed 6 cards Leon Durham signed 2 cards Ryan Perry signed 1 card Rick Porcello signed 1 card Jay Sborz signed 2 cards Scott Sizemore signed 1 card Mark Schlereth signed 1 card(09 Topps Update I had gotten signed by Daniel...
  9. buck1982

    One in the mail and several IP

    In the mail today came new football hall of famer Bruce Smith who signed 1 card in 18 days. IP: Went down and got one of favorite bands to sign a photo and a few CD covers. Ween signed a photo and The Mollusk and Chocolate and Cheese covers Toledo Mudhens: Most of the team came out at once...
  10. buck1982

    Durham Bulls IP

    Went down today after the game and did pretty well. Picked up... Jeremy Hellickson 2 cards Aneury Rodriguez 2 cards Dale Thayer 1 card Jose Lobotan 2 cards Alvin Colina 2 cards Matt Joyce 1 card Fernando Perez 2 cards Justin Ruggiano 1 card Desmond Jennings 1 card
  11. buck1982

    1 in the mail 6/16

    Had one in the mail from Georgia. Javy Lopez signed my 04 Heritage set card c/o home address posted a few weeks ago by someone on here. Thanks for posting! R
  12. buck1982

    1 in the mail and some Sox IP

    In the mail came the usual index card from Joe Morgan c/o baseball hall of fame. Did Pawtuckett Red Sox after one game and got 1 guy and it started pouring down rain. Went back last night to the game and after and did better. Only dissapointment was not getting Gerald Perry who said no before...
  13. buck1982

    Former Pacer in today

    Had a return today I sent a while back and not sure where to. Reggie Miller came back in the mail in signed in silver paint. Signed 2, but the 2nd was stuck to the back of the other and the auto is pretty much gone.
  14. buck1982

    Clippers and Colts IP Success

    Went to a charity event with some Colts players in a attendance. Was able to get Robert Mathis on a card and Peyton Manning on an 11x14 photo. Also hit up the Clippers and Indians and was able to get Pedro Alvarez photo Jose Tabata photo Carlos Santana baseball Charles Nagy 4 cards(3 for...
  15. buck1982

    Recent IP pick-ups w/ PICs

    Had a long weekend of graphing which turned out to be a great one. Got the following on index cards as didnt expect to see them: Tim Daly-actor from Wings and Private Practice Amaury Nolasco-actor from Prison Break Kim Kardashian-had photos of her but she said she was ugly in them and wouldn't...
  16. buck1982

    NFL HOFer in today

    Got back a good one today... YA Tittle signed my card and included a Topp Heritage Then and Now card of him and Brees. Will try to get Brees on it at some point since he is in Indy for something about once a year. Sent c/o company about a year ago
  17. buck1982

    Several IP and a few ttm

    First the mail... LeeRoy Selmon signed 1 card c/o home w/ HOF Rickey Jackson signed 1 card c/o home Matt LaPorta signed 1 card with note of thanks c/o Indians Music In Person Sharon Jones signed photo The Heavy signed photo-band featured on the Kia commercials Indy 500: Danica Patrick signed...
  18. buck1982

    Future Yankees

    Went before the game between Scranton and Indy. Watched 3 innings before heading to my softball game. Saw Montero get one at bat and was walked. Would like to see him hit and catch(was DHing) but looked awkward on the base path. Was able to get a good chunk of the roster and will be going...
  19. buck1982

    2 in the mail today

    Had 2 long returns in the mail today... Barry Larkin signed 87 Topps set card in 300+ days c/o MLB Network Steve Bartkowski signed 3 cards c/o home in 300+ days
  20. buck1982

    HOF baseballs from purchase

    Got a pretty good deal on a few Certified signed baseballs. The Ripken ball is from Ironclad and the Berra ball is from JSA.