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  1. mrnag

    FS: Auto/GU starting at $1.00, 550+ listed (Updated 11/15)

    Works for me, thanks! Please post it and I will confirm and send asap. (concealed cash) Mike
  2. mrnag

    FS: Auto/GU starting at $1.00, 550+ listed (Updated 11/15)

    Hi, Sorry for the delayed response- family stuff. But thanks for the reply! So would that be $5.50 paypal for the Martin GU (inc shipping)? Or do you prefer concealed cash?- At my risk and I'll send first. LMK, thanks! Mike
  3. mrnag

    FS: Auto/GU starting at $1.00, 550+ listed (Updated 11/15)

    Hi, I'm interested in this one: GU: 2012 Topps Golden Moments Relics Russell Martin RMA $10.00 1 Jsy S2 NYY but I'd also like to see a list of any other Yankees GU that are available and not on the list in your post. Thanks! Mike
  4. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Bump- still looking :)
  5. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Ouch. My highest BV card is a 1950 Bowman Enos Slaughter but the BV is between $85-$110 I believe, so we're not close. Cool card though! I appreciate the chance to try for it :) Mike
  6. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Hi Butch, I LOVE the Ruth. He is one of my white whales (Gehrig & Mantle are the others) I don't have any GU of a player approaching that stature or the BV. I might have a vintage card or 2 though. Do you know the BV or what you might be interested in for a return? Thanks! Mike
  7. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Thanks, I know it's a tough list :-)- 95% of my Yankees GU were acquired through trades right her on the Bench :-). I'm missing some of the newer guys over the last 3 years or so and some of the old timers from the "Legendary" series. Sorry to say that I do not collect autos, but the Thames is...
  8. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Hi Dave, I actually have a Joba (I mssed it when I made the list-sorry). But I have no Maddux GU anyway. Thanks for the reply though. Mike
  9. mrnag

    Back after 2yrs, looking for Yankees GU

    Hi All, It's been quite a while since I was active here on the Bench, my wants seemed to dry up. But I'm back to see what I can shake out :) I'm looking for Yankees GU of players NOT on the following list. Player should be pictured and listed as a Yankee and any uni swatch should be Yankees...
  10. mrnag

    10,000 down and a few trades to go

    Way to go Jeff! I don't know how you big number guys keep it going for soooo long to make that many trades/posts. I haven't been able to sniff out a trade in over a month. Great job! :) Mike
  11. mrnag

    Birthday wishes

    Hey Jeff! Happy birthday! :) Mike
  12. mrnag

    Very Sad News

    Very sad, I am seeing this just now for the first time and I'm at a loss for words. We never traded but I dealt or conversed with him a few times. He was always a pleasure to speak to. Everyone felt his presence here on the Bench and was better for it. He will be greatly missed. My...
  13. mrnag

    My 5 Year Bench Anniversary!

    Congrats on the big milestone! Thanks for being a great member of the Bench and for your duties as a MOD! We had one trade in '07, and the card I got is still in my PC :) Mike
  14. mrnag

    The Bench has lost one of its best

    The Bench is the lesser for his passing. I never traded with him, but his reputation was well known to anyone who has been around the forums here. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Mike
  15. mrnag

    I am back for good and it feels good.

    Wow, welcome back! Thanks for your service and congrats on your re-entry into civilian life! :) Mike
  16. mrnag

    Review Top 60 Topps Cards

    mrmopar- What does CTNW stand for? I've never seen that one before:) Mike
  17. mrnag

    Check out the new site

    Ed, Your main page is SHARP. The lists are easy to access and download way faster than Freewebs. I like it alot, good job. :) Mike
  18. mrnag

    Baseball/sports movie

    Kind of obscure, but there was one called "Pastime" back in 1991. Kind of a tear jerker but I really enjoyed it back then. It starred the guy who played the father in the sitcom "Boy Meets World." Glad to see that people seem to be enjoying the thread :) Mike
  19. mrnag

    Baseball/sports movie

    I know this has been done a million times, but I find myself sitting here watching "The Rookie" with Dennis Quaid as Jimmy Morris and smiling .... a lot. I have seen most of the baseball movies and read lots of books (including the one that goes with this movie) and this one just makes me...
  20. mrnag

    Hit the 1,000 trade mark today

    Congrats on the milestone! 1000 trades is awesome! Lots of new milestones lately here on the Bench, just goes to show that this is the best site in the web! :) Mike