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  1. Yankeeswin

    Topps Now

    Have all of these to trade for Yankees that I need. I don't look at Flickr's or buckets. Prefer trades over $20 book 2017 Topps Now #55 Bryce Harper/690* Near Mint/Mint $10.00 2 2017 Topps Now #62 Addison Russell/752* Near Mint/Mint $12.00 1 2017 Topps Now #63 Ichiro Suzuki/824* Near...
  2. Yankeeswin

    2018 Topps Yankees box break

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLjHlFM2qsc Probably not what you're thinking from the thread title...
  3. Yankeeswin

    the Last Negro League stadium still standing

    ...May be in Paterson, New Jersey http://www.messynessychic.com/2018/02/07/ghosts-of-the-abandoned-ny-black-yankees-stadium/
  4. Yankeeswin

    1973 Topps to trade

    Need Yankees of many years including modern. I already have all Topps base of Yankees from 1965-2017, but need many other things and I'll look at lists. Conditions below take centering into account. 1973 Topps #2 Rich Hebner Very Good/Excellent $0.45 1 1973 Topps #2 Rich Hebner Excellent...
  5. Yankeeswin

    Vintage Football to trade Pre 75

    Will look at lists of Yankees to trade. I don't subscribe to Football beckett but I have an annual guide that should give us an idea of value. 1955 Topps All American #72 Chub Peabody RC Very Good+ Buy Pricing 1 1958 Topps #11 Darrel Brewster Very Good/Excellent Buy Pricing 1 1958 Topps #74...
  6. Yankeeswin

    Vintage to trade-

    Looking for Yankees on my wantlists, will consider new stuff. My vintage Yankees wantlist is at the end, all should be EX or better. My conditions consider centering so choose with confidence. 1953 Topps #208 Jim Wilson Very Good $7.50 2 1953 Topps #208 Jim Wilson Excellent $15.00 1 1957...
  7. Yankeeswin

    Topps/Bowman Throwback cards to trade

    Looking to trade these for Yankees, especially Yankees throwback cards. These aren't listed in Beckett so I am looking for $1 each in trade unless otherwise noted. Prefer trades over $20 because of postage, but I have plenty of other stuff when I get an idea of your needs. Especially like...
  8. Yankeeswin

    Topps Gold, Red Foil, Topps Chrome Pink, Sepia, Orange, Purple, Refractors to trade

    Looking for Yankees on my wantlist. My wantlist isn't posted anywhere (it's a 4,500 line spreadsheet) so best chance of hits is Yankee Stadium Legacy, parallels, and new 2017. Prefer trades for $20 plus because of postage- I have lots of other stuff that I can offer when I get the sense of...
  9. Yankeeswin

    2016 Topps All Star Fanfest sets to trade

    I broke down a set of 2016 Topps All Star Fanfest. This set is the regular Topps set overstamped with the 2016 All Star logo. It was available at Fanfest and Topps.com Examples are pictured below...
  10. Yankeeswin

    1970's lot off condition FS

    I have a nice box of 200+ 1970's baseball with commons, high numbers, semi-highs, stars and even Hall of Famers. They range throughout the 70's, probably about 1/2 pre-1975 and 1/2 75-79. Here's the thing, they are lower grade, ranging from P-VG. Most have creases and there are things like...
  11. Yankeeswin

    Football Vintage to trade for Yankees

    Trading for Yankees that I need- inserts, parallels, GU, AU, and shortprints are best. 1955 Bowman #42 John Henry Johnson RC Poor 1 1955 Topps All American #72 Chub Peabody RC Very Good+ 1 1957 Topps #96 Stan Jones Excellent 1 1958 Topps #11 Darrel Brewster Very Good/Excellent 1 1958 Topps...
  12. Yankeeswin

    Vintage for trade for Yankees

    Trading for Yankees new and old, need thousands but parallels, vintage (need lot pre-65), and inserts work best. Even YSL. Have lots of 1973-1980 too. 1952 Topps #83 Billy Johnson Excellent $24.00 1 1954 Bowman #22A Sam Mele/213/1661 Putouts Good $1.80 1 1956 Topps #55 Wally Moon Very...
  13. Yankeeswin

    Good Guy Mike Trout

    Nice story about Mike Trout and a family who lost everything this last week. https://snjtoday.com/video-mike-trout-lifts-south-jersey-familys-spirits-house-fire/
  14. Yankeeswin

    1961's for trade

    Just got these nice 1961's for trade, have 1000's of pre-1980 at my Beckett page http://www.beckett.com/users/yankee98 I need Yankees, don't have to be vintage but for these I want at least parallels or inserts. I'll look at lists with card numbers. I have >39,000 Yankees so super common...
  15. Yankeeswin

    My New Yankees Card Blog

    Forgive the blog whoring, but I bought a scanner so I could post the more interesting Yankees cards I've picked up over the years... Enjoy! http://nyyankeescards.blogspot.com/
  16. Yankeeswin

    Vintage Football for trade

    Have baseball too at my beckett page, looking for Yankees. Don't necessarily have to get vintage back, but should be better than common base. I have all Topps Yankees back through 1965 in my PC and don't need them. 1955 Topps All American #72 Chub Peabody RC Very Good+ Buy Pricing 1 1958...
  17. Yankeeswin

    How many Donruss Rated Rookies do you remember?

    Fun little game on Sporcle http://www.sporcle.com/games/smoggy14/ratedrookies
  18. Yankeeswin

    Need binders? Amazon add on combos are back

    http://amzn.to/120l5zT I took the one for $5.22 with a binder, a 2009 Topps Red Sox set, 5 9-pocket sheets, and 3 Topps packs. They also have 30% off one book (I took the Beckett football annual for $21) and 15% off any purchase over $50 Nice stocking stuffers! Can't beat $5 for a binder even...
  19. Yankeeswin

    Beckett "market data" now available

    Noticed this morning that Beckett has a "market data" button included on the listing for a card. When you click there it lists a variety of ebay and Beckett marketplace sale prices. A great step in the right direction- the flip side is that it kind of exposes how out of touch Beckett values...
  20. Yankeeswin

    $2.4 million collection burned in plane crash

    When that plane crashed into a Buffalo area house a few years ago. http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidseideman/2014/11/13/2-4-million-baseball-card-and-memorabilia-collection-destroyed-in-fiery-fatal-plane-crash/