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  1. ChristopherZero

    Former Trader Says hello!

    Hello gang of old...I use to be a former active trader but having kids and starting a life usually changes that just wanted to say hello and how has everyone been?
  2. ChristopherZero

    1967 Mickey Mantle,FT

    Would like to trade this towards an nice Hank Aaron,Jackie etc... thank u
  3. ChristopherZero

    I'm back, well kinda But let's play an game!

    Ok, around two years ago I basically, had to trade my collection....so I'm back! But here's the catch! I brought into an. Break and only hit 3 Evan longoria Bowmans Best Base, card :( but!! Here's the fun Let's do an PWE trade, I trade one Evan longoria base card towards An Insert of any...
  4. ChristopherZero

    P.Manning RC n others Quick Sale

    You'll be receiving a manning rookie. 1969 star. And 1963 Johnny Unitas Only for 20 Shipped thanks. Need the cash quick. The manning has a small dimple. On the bottom right. But barely noticeable
  5. ChristopherZero

    Joe Greene Rookie (14 shipped)

    Corners are rounded but still a nice collection piece
  6. ChristopherZero

    I Want a joe Namath auto

    Looking for a Joe Namath auto, I have 47 bucks in PayPal, N Ft Triple threads booklet /13 (Brady manning Palmer Big Ben Anderson n cutler) Cam Newton Hit Auto /100 Deandre Hopkins topps base auto, Rich Gannon fleer auto, Tim Tebow, First 100 yard game jumbo game used, Andrew Luck Topps...
  7. ChristopherZero

    Evan Longoria,base cards, ft

    I'm looking to get rid of all my "Longoria base card ' I have roughly around 100 or more different type of cards inserts and others. So LMK what ur looking for, I am looking for just MIKE trout or Longoria Numbered game used or autos, LMK if ur interested n I could get a list or whatever
  8. ChristopherZero

    Derek Jeter SP Foil Rc.Ft

    Yeah the holy grail of jeters there's a scan in my bucket theres a small ding on the bottom but other then that the card is pretty great I am looking for Mike trout or a yankee hofer stuff thanks
  9. ChristopherZero

    Mike Trout Bowman Platinum BGs9.5

    I have a scan in my bucket, It's pretty sweet I don't collect, graded stuff but im looking for other trout stuff raw for this for trade or a brady rookie
  10. ChristopherZero

    Need wiggs or J.Wall stuff

    I don't have any basketball. But I have a bunch of baseball n football, LMK thanks
  11. ChristopherZero

    Cam Newton Sage Auto. FT

    I have this cam newton. Auto I liked it but I'm kinda bored of looking at it lol I love to have a nice Peyton manning piece in my PC. But I wouldn't mind offers Lookin. For mainly QB's. Anyone but Matt Ryan I hate him lol
  12. ChristopherZero

    Any Peyton Manning Inserts/Base ft. ?

    Im looking for basically any Numberd insert or base card. I like to have a lot lol
  13. ChristopherZero

    Jermaine Dye Auto FT

    It's jermaine dye he was awesome. Back in the day, He's in the "A's uni' I would like just something from 2012/2014. For this it will be very easy trade!
  14. ChristopherZero

    1962 Topps Stamps

    I went to a flea market. N guy had these graded from 8's to 4s. Only five a piece. Cuz he knows me. But wondering if there worth it, there was no big names (maris aaron mays...ect..). But wondering if I should go back n buy the high grades. Few names I remember was Stu miller Hayward...
  15. ChristopherZero

    Andrew wiggins rc

    I need two of them help a brother out
  16. ChristopherZero

    I wanna trade I wanna trade so bad!

    Yeah it's pretty addicting lol but yeah let's trade Im looking for Mike Trout Rc base inserts almost everything, aswell as whatever catches my eye I do check buckets!
  17. ChristopherZero

    Need 2014 PRIZM Evan Longoria.

    Big thanks to Melissa (Brettfan) I got a very nice Gold n the sweet Orange diecut. But I like to get the rainbow, so let me know witch ones you have Also like the UsA insert need one of those n the colors as well. Will usually trade in ur favor
  18. ChristopherZero

    Booklet One touch,FT

    It's pretty beat up to be honest, but if ur Interested just pay for the postage. N it's yours! Brand new there like 9.95 so I'm sure it's worth 5 bucks for ur booklet, or just trade me something peyton manning
  19. ChristopherZero

    Want Guess Who Mike Trout

    Never made a real mike trout thread. I'm looking to trade almost anything towards him even PC, for stuff I like to have a Topps rookie, n a bowman. Chrome but also inserts n everything
  20. ChristopherZero

    Trading my longoria extras.

    Wanna trade these towards mike trout / evan longoria inserts numbered autos game used Will trade in ur favor Evan Longoria 2007 Bowman Draft Base Rc #BDPP99 - 3x Evan Longoria 2007 Bowman Draft Gold Parallel Rc #BDPP99 2008 Bowman Draft #BDP27 Evan Longoria RC - 2x 2008 Topps Update Evan...